Is this a cuddle site or a dating site

Is this a cuddling site or a dating site? Seems more like people are looking for dates. How is everyone else’s experience?



  • This is intended to be a platonic cuddle site. I wouldn't come here looking for a date. There's lots of dating sites.

  • Cuddle site. Those looking for dates get banned or run out of town pretty fast.

  • Getting together to cuddle IS a date. To me at least

  • @AceCuddlerMike do you mean you think the cuddles people from the site meet up for are something more, or that the term date has a more flexible meaning to you?

  • The difference is you're not pursuing a romantic relationship. Married men/women cuddle.

  • @Zundar I make an appointment with another person. It's a date. No flexibility needed.
    date noun (2)
    Definition of date (Entry 2 of 3)
    1a: the time at which an event occurs
    the date of his birth
    on this date in history
    b: a statement of the time of execution (see EXECUTION sense 1) or making
    the date on the letter
    the short date of all things sweet
    — Rebecca P. Parkin
    3: the period of time to which something belongs
    a style from a later date
    4a: an appointment to meet at a specified time
    set up a date with her lawyer
    especially : a social engagement (see ENGAGEMENT sense 1a) between two persons that often has a romantic character
    asked her out on a date
    b: a person with whom one has a usually romantic date
    bringing a date to the dance
    5: an engagement for a professional performance (as of a dance band)
    concert dates
    to date
    up to the present moment
    her best album to dat
  • It's not my doing that people choose to refer to F'ing sites as dating sites. : )

  • I booked an appointment with my barber today and had a chat and a haircut. If that was a date, then CC is a dating site.

  • Steven Wright
    "What hair color do they put on the driver's license's of bald men?"

  • @AceCuddlerMike

    They put bald on the license for hair color. At least that's what is on mine lol

  • @cuddlestogive :) Well there you go, now we know! Heck Steven might even know by now

  • I've used it strictly for platonic (i.e. non-sexual and non-romantic) cuddling, but I think there's always going to be a few people who just come here and use it more like a dating site.

  • This is a cuddling site. That is its purpose.

    However, I often say: “Just because it’s a screwdriver that doesn’t stop someone from using it as a chisel.“

  • Supposed to be a cuddling site

  • It's a cuddling site but there are some who will use the same qualifiers they use to find someone they date in finding a cuddle partner they trust. And as @MrPaul said with the screwdriver/chisel analogy Im sure it's not impossible to stumble onto one when you find the other even if you're not looking.
    Facebook , Twitter , Instagram aren't dating sites either I'm sure we all know couples who have met there. CC is a social media site like those just geared towards cuddlers.

  • It’s definitely supposed to be a strictly platonic cuddling site. Of course there are some men who use it as a dating site and women who use it as an escort site but I feel like the CC community is pretty damn good at finding and reporting these people.

  • @SweetCamiXO I wanted to add on that both men and women tend to wanna use it as a date site as I have gotten that from time to time from women on here . And the escort thing too is unfortunately a thing , especially since the closing of sites like Bsckosge and closing of some of the advertising sections on Crsigslist . I agree that the admin is usually pretty good about banning them . Some are pretty persistent though,

  • @MrPaul I suppose if you froze a screwdriver it could be used as a chisel for a short time. Wait... you mean the tool, not the drink. Never mind then.

  • It's so frustrating having to fight off all the women wanting a date when all I need is a cuddle.

  • ^lol. It's so frustrating for me(and most men) to even get women to talk to me.

  • Why does it matter? Why does anyone care what this site is?

    What the site is billed as and what people use it as will always be different. So what?

    In these difficult and challenging times it should be considered a blessing that people are still even interacting with one another.

    Who knows what sites like these will look like 10 or 20 years from now?

    If they will even exist or exist in the way we know them today?

    Who knows?

    Who cares?

  • @Bles, in the good old days, we used to interact with people by going outside.

  • @Mike403 you're absolutely right about that, sir. Absolutely.

    And it's okay either way. Electronic or in person interaction.

    There was indeed a time when stepping outside was the only way to interact. So true.

    Was it the good old days?

    That's a whole different question.

    Every experience has it's pros and cons. It's very individual.

  • Do people usually pay their date? I know a date usually costs money...but not directly to the person involved in the date.

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    @rds68 , a proper first date with a woman is a walk in the park to get to know each other. If she insists a restaurant, she's just looking for a bite to eat on your dime.

  • They probably haven't tried dates. It's everywhere in supermarkets.

  • @UKGuy... throwing themselves at you, huh?!

  • This is definitely a cuddle site. Just longer conversations will prove what kind of experience they are hoping for.

  • @MemberofLDS
    I once tried cuddling a sultana, that got me kicked out of Brunei.

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