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 Just thought about starting this thread, even if I´m a newbie on this site.

 If someone from Europe is looking for someone, he/she may post here I guess : )

 Speaking of which, cuddle buddy (although female only) in Czech republic?


  • This cuddle buddy concept must be pretty much new to european people... It will take time for us to have some "critical mass". But hey, we're starting things going!... ;-)
  • True that:) 
     I can only hope that they will find this place when they decide to dig into this:)
  • Yea, you are right, I found this place by luck, though I cope with the same problem, there seem to be pretty much noone in reasonable distance.
  • [Deleted User]curly_beast (deleted user)
    Yeah, thing is very slow indeed.
  • I feel lonely here in Madrid.. even if it's a capital there is no one to cuddle with (but my boyfriend, he's not exactly a cuddle buddy, though...)
  • [Deleted User]almost_relevant (deleted user)
    I'll be travelling around Europe in June, would be nice to make friends or cuddle buddies in advance. Feel free to message if you see this :)
  • I live in the UK, but will be in Amsterdam in April. If anyone wants a cuddle please send me a message.
  • UK cuddlers might need another decade or so to catch up lol, has anyone gone into the commercial realms i.e. stressfull occupations etc 
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    London, UK here.
  • Oslo, Norway here.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands. Happy to offer my attention, hear your story or give a hug!
  • London, UK. In for comfort cuddling while slow music is played. And talks are also appreciated.
  • just signed up, London UK
  • Milan (Italy) here.
  • GLASGOW (Scotland) here 0xo
  • [Deleted User]itsbenedictt (deleted user)
    Wales here :3 
  • Take me back to Europe and I will cuddle with you all day and night no sex 
  • Finland here :)
  • I'm from Gdańsk, Poland. Would love to drink tea, watch movies or cuddle with You
  • if anyone passes by Stockholm, I'd be happy to show you around the city and cuddle :)
  • Hi, South West UK here.. come cuddle!!
  • [Deleted User]tobster50 (deleted user)

    Leeds UK, send me a message

  • [Deleted User]PattySpaghetti (deleted user)

    I'm from Rotterdam. If anyone wants to cuddle.. let me know :)

  • Paris here!!

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    Ipswich UK, although travel the UK a fair amount and odd trips into Europe

    And cuddlybear... You have awesome choice in films

  • Liverpool, UK. Travelling in Brussels and Paris next few days!

  • Hey guys, I am originally from the Czech Republic, but currently living in London, UK :-)

  • I will be in the Czech Republic, Prague for 3 weeks in October 2017, any Cuddler she there??

  • I am going to make a trip to Czech Republic, the folk there are into Cuddles and they are my kind of people.
    Love peace and friendship, John Auckland NZ.

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