Snuggle Buddies review: The WORST cuddle company



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    @RScarf1 You seem to generalize though, in your statements. If something doesn't pan out for you its not fair to lash out and say its somehow a gender thing. Like the comment you made above, saying you think they cancel on you or make something up because they are women and feel they are able to get away with it, and then how it is something you see where you work. Maybe part of the issue is you, or perhaps its not you or them, and has nothing at all to do with gender. Maybe its just a negative experience. I can tell you though, it does seem you have a small chip on your shoulder, which could be sending out the wrong energy to someone you are wanting to cuddle.
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    I did not say they cancel the appointment because they are women.  I am mentioning a couple of my experiences.  I said that women frequently lie about men because they can get away with it which is a true statement.  If a woman is the victim of men lying, then people would be understanding and show sympathy.  When it is the other way around, men are not believed.  I dealt with this at work many times in different jobs where women are most of the employees.  I am speaking from experience.  The guy from TSB was very frustrated with the business and he was even thinking of getting out of the business.  Can you imagine running a business and you hire someone and then the new snuggler says no to the first customer because she did not realize that she would not be able to devote any time to it?  The other woman who did not come to a scheduled appointment who was in another county then lied to the owner of TSB in Florida and said that I was the one who cancelled.  By the way, this woman told me that she was abducted by aliens and that they are currently stalking her.  After she told me this, I did not want to make any further appointments with her.  Maybe I do have a chip on my shoulder, but it is because I have been the victim of women lying about me in the workplace and in my personal life.  I live in Florida which does not have a good reputation.  I look at women from other states and read their bios and I wish I lived there.  Then another snuggler sent me a message while I was driving to her and told me that she was sick, so I had to turn around and drive back home.  A few days later when I wanted to talk to her for a few minutes on the phone and she agreed to this, she then sends me a message that she can't talk because she was busy cleaning her home.  Most of the snugglers are good employees, but there are a few that are not and obviously if the owner of the business is not happy about it and is considering leaving the business because of it, then it's a problem and it's not my fault and I'm not sending out bad/wrong energy (whatever that means).  
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    @RScarf1 I don't doubt that you have been burned in your life and this can lead to resentment. Where I find fault is that you seem to be making it a gender issue. You have brought up gender, and that you feel wronged and somehow discriminated against and not believed because you are a man and that they can get away with things you aren't able to because they are women. A legitimate gripe against TSB service, or of a particular cuddler or a bad experience, ends up seeming like an issue about women treating you badly instead. Unprofessionalism is just that, why bring gender into it?
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    It is a gender issue.  There is such a thing as a gender based hostile work environment just as there is racism in the workplace. 
  • Dear Friends, Can we get back on thread this post is about TSB and how it functions.
    Love and friendship John Auckland NZ.
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    I was mentioning my experiences with TSB as a customer and communicating with the owner (Florida) and then people are criticizing me.  I'm done with the thread. Happy chatting!
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    @PinkLipstick22 Though you have every right to no longer wish to post in this thread, I feel compelled to respond to one statement that you have made, though there are several that stand out to me. Concerning the advertising, agreeing to it when you sign up, if true, still does nothing to explain why those who have since left are still featured in the marketing after a number of years away. Additionally, the most recent example of an advertisement, linked in my previous post, has updated pricing. One would think that it would also have updated promotional imagery, but it does not. It was pointed out to me that one of the women pictured, Madelon, is the co-founder of Cuddlist. Your boss misrepresents his own company by featuring her, or anyone else in those advertisements, that no longer work for him. That really is a fact that cannot be denied.
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    I guess I have to respond to VIPirate.  I don't work for The Snuggle Buddies (TSB).  I was a customer.  My boss is not the owner of TSB.  If TSB is still using former workers' photos in their advertising, then that is wrong and they should get a lawyer if TSB is unwilling to remove their photos.  
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    @RScarf1 No worries. I was replying to a previous response by another member and, yes, I am in complete agreement that legal action should be taken.
  • @mellow, you said "I have always wondered how is it that so many people complain about TSB and they are still in business, my point is that I believe if Evan kept all the money from the snugglers and didn't pay them that would be fraud and the turnover would be really high and they wouldn't be able to stay in business "

    actually-what recourse would cuddlers have? Because this is such a new and emerging market, and there is such a lack of regulation, there is no one to complain too! There are no established authorities at this point. So Evan can essentially do whatever he likes and know that he can get away with it, unless it was such a large sum of money that someone would go to small claims court. I am not going to go to small claims court over the sum of less than $100, but that does not mean that I was not ripped off. Evan DOES have a high turnover rate because of the way he treats his cuddlers. 

     And, where, other than forums that not all people/cuddlers/clients frequent and are privy to, where exactly can we go to complain about this? I have taken screenshots of emails sent to Evan asking to be paid after the completion of my first session. Also I have screenshots of him being extremely rude and abrasive to me. I have never been paid in cash, ( Evan accepted payment prior to the session) and I never had any session except for the one.

    The reason being is because I had a very bad taste in my mouth after  both our initial interaction and after the session when he went silent after I asked to be paid. I would like to ask Mark how I can have those screenshots put up on this thread for the sake of transparency. 

     I maintain that Snuggle Buddies is a terrible company to work for. @pinklipstick22  is the first person I have actually heard a good thing about Evan and the site from. Also @pinklipstick22,  you say that screenshot can be faked pretty easily. My question to you would be, why would anybody do that? What would be the motivation be? Why would I want to slander a company with false accusations? What is there to gain out of it? The answer is, nothing. 

    I even have screenshots from client to Evan, which he was kind enough to write, letting Evan know that the session had been completed and that he was led to believe that I would be paid after several weeks after the session. Nice client. 

    @Mark, if it's possible to attach these screenshots I'd like to do that. 
  • @VIPirate, I'm not responding to things I don't know anything about and am not involved with.  The only way to respond is to say what I do know (which I did) and that's that.  I don't now anything further, I have no knowledge of people's images being used without their consent or knowledge, I don't know about those particular individual's lives or experiences.  I also have nothing to do with the advertising or the vetting - which to me is a huge bonus.  It's why I gladly give TSB their cut.  IME they do a fantastic job with the part that they are supposed to do.

    Even now, I have several messages in my inbox from people on here asking to bend the rules and  do things beyond cuddling.  This is all something I have to manage myself on here, and for some reason this site draws a bad crowd.  Not snarking on the site, but it's an example of all the extra work I'm doing on here that I don't have to do with TSB, for those who "don't understand" the cut percent.

    I wish to not speak further because there really isn't more I can add beyond the very detailed posts I previously made regarding my own experience.  For me, it's time to focus on the cuddling I came here to do :)
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    @PinkLipstick22 It's because you choose not to look. You've made that clear and that is your prerogative.
  • TSB is fine. You all are haterz
  • @PinkLipstick22  you should report to @Mark about anyone asking you for anything beyond platonic cuddling.  They don't belong on this site if they are asking for more, and Mark will remove them if he knows who they are.  You should probably include a copy of what they said in your report.
  • @smost12  You are allowed to have your own opinion, the same as everyone else.  What you are not allowed to do is call people names.
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    @1_am_Polylover. Sorry I was just being ghetto. My point is that TSB is a business who has been active for the longest. Like in any business you have some unhappy customers and employees. They must be OK by default since they are still in business.
  • If that is being ghetto, then being ghetto isn't cool!  Since I don't know anything about them other than what I have read on here, I am not qualified to say anything from first hand experience.  However, I disagree with you about them being okay by default, simply because they are still in business.  There are plenty of businesses (Monsanto comes to mind) that are thriving, even though their policies, and/or products are toxic.  There are also people who stick up for Monsanto, as well as for TSB, but that doesn't make the companies okay.  I'm sorry, but I have to err on the side of caution, and not patronize TSB, since there are so many reports against them.
  • Exactly @I_am_Polylover -just because a business simply exists (I *know* it's not "thriving")  doesn't make it OK by default. That line of logic is nonsensical and is a non sequitur. 

    People need to stop discounting the experiences of others. 
  • Everyone makes a good point. Let's focus on CC. I am sure TSB doesn't focus on CC.
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    If a worker for TSB does not get paid for a session, then that is wrong, of course.  I recall when I was a substitute teacher and a school I worked at did not send in the paperwork so I could get paid for that day.  I never got paid, so I worked for free.  As a customer of both TSB and Cuddle Comfort (CC), I can say that TSB does not discriminate based on the age of the customer.  At CC, I experienced this several times and I've only been a customer of this type of business for a few months.  I have been on a session from a CC professional just once because of being ignored or rejected by others.  I have had sessions with a few snugglers from TSB.  However, there were three of them who I contacted, but never had a session with due to two cancelling and one not having time.  One of the snugglers who cancelled is now on CC and no longer works for TSB.  I think one reason TSB has stayed in business is because they have a lot of women who work for them and women are probably more comfortable being a part of a company rather than being self-employed and not having a company make sure that they are okay after the session is over.  
  • Good post. I concur. CC so far has been a big time waster for me. The providers I'm interested in are either inactive for a while or not interested in me. I see CC going out of business soon.

    TSB Thumbs Up
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    You're obviously a troll but let me entertain your bait while your account remains. CC existed for several years before professional cuddling was here. So even if your reasoning was right, your conclusion would still be completely wrong.

    TSB is not a direct competitor - they are a professional cuddling agency. This website is a community of cuddle enthusiasts that partly caters for the professional industry. I hope that gives you a better perspective.
  • Mark. Why are you so offended? It's just an observation
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    The contents of your post was actually fine but your account activity is not.

    I have found your duplicate account (Pops12) and have subsequently banned both your suspected troll accounts. 
  • @mark well done, thank you.
    Love peace and happiness, John.
  • I have used TSB on and off (mostly off recently) for years.  True, they have been in existence longer than CC.  I have had some good and some not so good cuddling experiences with them.  I have met a few very nice ladies, some I have remained in contact with for 4 or more years.    Yes, some of the ladies have complained about not being paid ..especially the newbies as Evan requires that he gets paid up front to see a new cuddler ....  but I deal in cash only so the ladies don't get shafted and neither do I.  You also initially can't contact the ladies directly - you give the site your contact info and the cuddler will then contact you.  If they are "new", Evan requires payment up front, so I never do that. 

    But let's not throw the cuddlers out with the dirty bathwater - there have been some very nice cuddlers on TSB and that's all that really matters - unfortunately there seems to be a high turnover - as with this site as well (at least among the pros in the NYC area it seems).

    Yes, sometimes dealing with Evan is like dealing with a 13 yo, but I just keep at him if I really want to cuddle with someone on his site. 

    I disagree Mark, I think they are competitors, but this site is way ahead of them IMHO.  My only real complaint about this site is professional cuddlers not responding to cuddle requests at all.
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    I occasionally look at who visited my profile and I noticed that Missy87 blocked me.  I don't know her.  I never tried to contact her.  I guess she did not like my comments on the forum.  Too bad.  I blocked her too just for the heck of it.  
  • Dear All.
     TSB is not a competitor for CC for one TSB is only in the U.S, CC is all over the world and I talk to people from all over the world, I have cuddled is so many places where TSB could never go.
    As for companion cuddling well that is in only one part of the planet the U.S. and dose not work anywhere else.
    This site is a community of like minded people, TSB can never be that.
    Please do not compare CC with a business like TSB, we are nothing like each other.
    Love, hope and Happiness John and his trees.

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    @quietman775 If Evan enforced his own policies, Lisa VanArsdale would have been fired for her rendezvous. As It is, she's a moneymaker for the site and I'm sure he doesn't want to give that up. Plus, for better or worse, the press got his business more attention. I worry what it does for the safety of other professionals, though, if the incident will embolden those who already seek to ask for extras.

    @funandadveture TSB also has a few employees in Canada and used to overseas, but in far lesser number than in the States. You are correct, though. They could never compete with the sense of community around here.
  • What happened between Lisa Van Arsdale and Taye Diggs is further proof that what happens between two consenting adults behind close doors is up to them and them alone. The only reason we know what happened between them is because of the celebrity statute of Taye Diggs and of course TSB website was giddy about all the publicity it got because of the incident and miss Van Arsdale is one of the 5 star rated snugglers on the site so there was no way she was gonna be let go.
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