Snuggle Buddies review: The WORST cuddle company

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Hi everyone, I'm a long time snuggler both in my personal life and professionally. Along with working on here I have also worked for a few different companies. I have noticed a reoccurring trend for a specific company I have worked for. I did two sessions for this company that were paid beforehand using a credit card. Between the two sessions I politely texted asked if I could be paid for the first session, and the owner (a man named Evan) was exceptionally rude, heartless and not helpful. He told me he'd pay me after both sessions were completed. His exact words being :
 "You text too much."
"You will be paid after your second session with Greg"
and my favorite: 
"You are annoying."

i quickly apologized for for bothering him, happy to have a job...

and I went about completing the second session with a very kind and polite man. After the session I texted that it was complete and asked for payment. I have sent him the same quick reminder "please pay me and thank you" text over and over again the last two weeks with no response or payment received. After some time I went on their Yelp reviews and saw some terrible things.

The Yelp for your own eyes:

 Snuggle Buddies does not have a single good review on Yelp and in fact there are several bad reviews from clients stating that although the snuggler was nice the owner and customer service is terrible. There are photos and reports of racial slurs and rudeness going waaaay back and SEVERAL snugglers report not getting paid hundreds of dollars for sessions. If you look at the photos you will see photographic evidence of Evan calling a customer (not a snuggler but an actual paying customer) the *N*-word in email and calling them stupid. (See for yourself)

On top of that the Yelp page says it is closed, but it is certainly not. I assume Evan put it closed to protect himself from people seeing all the bad reviews. Rest assured this company is alive and kicking and in no way closed. This company is international and there are over 300 snugglers working across the US for Evan. I'm wondering if there are any positive experiences people have had with him specifically or if there is anybody else who has been ripped off, scammed, not paid, or insulted by him? I saw at least 10 people on Yelp. Are there more? Also, is this perhaps something that we as a community should fight against or possibly take legal action towards (if there are other people he has scammed or harmed?) 

any thoughts would greatly help me. I'm wondering if I'm the only one. I know it's a giant company and there must be positive snugglers and experiences, so feel free to chime in on your views both positive and negative! Thank you! 



  • Interesting story that probably should not have happened, It sort of parallels one of my experiences as a massage therapist and owner of a wellness center. I knew a woman who ran another center, very good massage therapist, a dancer and often a facilitator. I knew another woman who rented space in her center. I didn't think her bodywork was very good, too fluffy with a lot of "energy" and such. She was very nice and very attentive. She had many male clients referred to her that she was uncomfortable with because of subtle sexual energy that the client would exhibit, such as turning on the table 'innocently' exposing themselves. She didn't want these customers and the owner kept pressuring her to take these customers.The owner felt that sexual arousal or sexual interest was often a sign of healing. So these two people kept butting heads. My own addressing of this issue in my own business was that the therapist calls the shot, there definitely was some control issues there.

    So, you are kinda in the same situation. You need a business like Snuggle Buddies to drum up the business but you don't need someone giving you a hard time and slow on payments,

    Have you considered setting up your own business and space?
  • Im more thinking about a joint lawsuit or something like that within the community of proffesional snugglers if there's enough of us. I've noticed a few people (clients and cuddlers) private messaging me cause they are so afraid of Evan. This is pretty scary that a company can breed that level of distrust and fear, especially in a snuggling community. :( :( :(
  • How about better business bureau ? 
  • Just brush it off and move on, Hone your skills as a cuddler and focus on you. Get the word out and people will come to you, Maybe even start a cuddle business, looks like the clientele of this business are willing to use a different service.
  • [Deleted User]SnuggleSymmetry (deleted user)
    I had a bad experience with them too. They still use pictures of women who don't work there for Craigslist advertising.
  • I used TSB one time, and the experience was good. The snuggler was excellent. But she didn't seem too pleased with how the company conducts themselves, and she has since left them. So, that makes 2 snugglers out of 2 *that I know* that don't like TSB. And I also read some article about how they "interview" their snugglers, and it didn't seem professional or reputable. I think I have enough evidence now to avoid TSB. Thanks! 
    Regarding a lawsuit, there probably aren't enough damages to compel any lawyer to take the case. I think what you're doing will help good people, by leaving honest negative reviews, and letting people know about your crappy experience with them. And you will definitely find more quality work and clients with more professional agencies. You could have generated some good income for that agency. I can't believe he called you annoying!  

  • Customer service at that site isnt very good.
    I don't think I will use them again unless that changes.
  • [Deleted User]SnuggleSymmetry (deleted user)
    The Cuddle Time Agency is another one to look out for. It appears shady and it looks like there is more than cuddling going on judging by the photos.
  • [Deleted User]Secor (deleted user)
    I've used 'The Snuggle Buddy's' a few times. I booked and prepaid one hour the first time just incase it turned out poorly. It didn't so I paid the balance of the time directly to 'the buddy'. From there on just booked direct with them. A few times a new person would start and he would text or email me about them relentlessly so I stopped booking through the site.
  • Has he scammed or not paid anybody else?
  • [Deleted User]SnuggleSymmetry (deleted user)
    @buffyswan The SB deserves a lawsuit. I feel like prank calling them and posing as a lawyer.
  • I would enjoy that very much snuggle symmetry, but I don't want to prank them. I'm serious. I just did a session with a guy in a different company and he told me that a cuddler he knows had the same thing happen to her. This is like national level and vey common. It's bad for the community. 
  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)
    Hey Buffy. I just found this forum and am so happy to see this discussion happening. I'm one of those reviewers on Yelp that reached out to you. Evan has desperately attempted to quiet negative reviews and even posted a fake 5-star rating on Yelp just yesterday. He also got the images removed of his bad behavior, so I would suggest posting them elsewhere, if at all possible. He's a thief and thinks he's some sort of tough guy. The threats and vitriol that come out of his mouth should catch up with him someday, at least you'd bloody well hope. That and, you know, embezzling the snuggler's share every chance he gets.
  • I've used Snuggle Buddies AND I NEVER PAY THEM UP FRONT.  I have always paid the girls directly.  Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater .. some of the cuddles have been very very nice!
  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)
    No one is denying that the cuddlers are nice. Most are down to Earth people just trying to make a little extra income. The elephant in the room, however, is that anyone who prepays is probably going to see that money go directly into the owner's pocket because he's developed a reputation for swindling that is growing. I paid upfront too, but anyone who prepays online is getting ripped off, as is the cuddler. I won't even get into the threats and horrible comments he's made to clients and employees alike, but I have screen shots that I'd happily share.
  • [Deleted User]SnuggleSymmetry (deleted user)
    Lawsuit waiting around the corner! A cozy little corner. I am down to call the moron behind SnuggleBuddies to scare him with a legal action threat.
  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)

    So this is holistic therapy, eh? Lol. =o
  • Admittedly there can be a thin line between fetish and therapeutic, but this is marketed as fetish. At $120 per hour, only those with perverse desires are likely to pay, but for this audience there are better venues in Philadelphia. Note that reflexology generally runs about $60 per hour for those seeking holistic therapy.
  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)
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    I hear you, doc. Those who know me know that I'm not averse to fetish stuff. What bugs me about this, though, is that the cuddle industry is already looked upon with a raised eyebrow by people who don't understand its value. Linking the two businesses so closely together adds fuel to the doubt over its legitimacy. I was particularly troubled to read the service tier that allows a client to "masturbate in a tissue." A prosecutor could have a field day with this as, given the business structure, that particular nugget allows the client to achieve sexual gratification. Next thing you know, client and provider face prostitution charges. This is something that really shouldn't be and does far more harm than good, in my opinion.
  • [Deleted User]SnuggleSymmetry (deleted user)
    @VIPirate It's owned by the same guy that owns SnuggleBuddies. He will just end up ripping the models off.
  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)
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    I know man. Trust me, his scams have been on my radar for some time. I've seen his Backpage ads and at least one of those women that I knew didn't consent to being used in advertising. And a good number of them don't even work there anymore, her included. It's blatantly irresponsible on so many levels. I could go on all day but I've already explained why it damages the credibility of the cuddle community. He's doing it a severe disservice, his issues with embezzlement included.
  • [Deleted User]Alani (deleted user)
    In reply to buffyswan I also had a terribble experience w/ Evan at snuggle buddies! He is such an ass. I sent all my stuff he didnt post me to the site and never answered my texts. I told him his buisness was totally shady and he said he wasnt going to post my profile and goodbye. He said there were 50 people ahead of me....lies i checked the site he barely has 50 new profiles. I wanted to know why he was so rude when I had done nothing (but my fed up text lol) so I called one last time...and he picked up! I said Hello he rudely said I dont know you who is this...i said we had a a rude valley girl he said ugh no not talking to you...and hung up! He is such a dick and i had a feeling he would never pay me...glad I listened to my gut! What can anyone do for people to know hes a freakin terrible buis owner, especially when the safety of your employees is on the line? He wouldnt call the police if a session went too late...if he doesnt even pay people?!!
  • [Deleted User]Alani (deleted user)
    Where can we post our ratings w snuggle buddies? And wow if all this is true I had a bad feeling about that guy, I am sooo glad
  • [Deleted User]Alani (deleted user)
    I never did a transaction w him...i will happily post a do you open the yelp acct again? I was upset but thought to myself, remember everything happens for a reason, we dont know what yet...a mantra of mine that always comforts me...and then a week later these posts! Well I got my reason fast that time! Lol
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    @Alani If you're still looking for a place to offer your services, you can always apply here.

    Either way, welcome to the community and sorry to hear about your experience with Snuggle Buddies.
  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)
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    Hi Alani. You certainly dodged a bullet, so to speak. I've heard/read many accounts of Evan behaving in the same extremely rude way and it sickens me. When the lady I met through Snuggle Buddies and I decided to remain friends, outside of any paid snuggle stuff, Evan tried getting me to pay for an additional session just because we hung out one day doing normal things. When I warned a few of the ladies that I'd been in contact with but did not meet about his behavior, he started blowing up my phone with inappropriate texts (that I wished I'd saved) and calls. When I finally picked up to try talking him down off the ledge he said he was "thinking of sending a hit man" to my home. I posted that same review on Yelp, by the way. I was finally able to talk him down enough to get him to chill out and leave me alone. But you're right, he's such a horse's ass and every time I read a new account of his behavior I become convinced that he's got some sort of brain damage because rational human beings don't consistently behave this way. As for posting a review, I simply have the Yelp app on my phone where signing up is a breeze. Their system is weird though so sometimes legit reviews are filtered into their "not recommended" section but are still readable. You could also try the Better Business Bureau where he's already rocking an F rating for Fail. :p

    They allow formal complaints or reviews, though it was weird, the one time I tried leaving a review, they didn't post it. I'm not sure why. I'm thinking Yelp is a good first step though and just continue spreading the word. Word of mouth (or keyboard) is a powerful thing.

    P.S. I agree with Mark that applying here seems like a much better option. A 15% cut is a lot more palatable than 50% (presuming he doesn't keep it all) from Snuggle Buddies.

    P.P.S. There is at least one other thread referencing non payment.
  • @VIPirate Did you think about calling the police after the death threat? That's pretty shocking.
  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)
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    Yes and no, Mark. I think I was in a bit of shock and was more or less just happy to have him simmered down and out of my life. He ended up returning to an eerie sense of calm near the end of the conversation so I figured I'd leave it there. He didn't have my address anyway, to my knowledge. It wasn't until I saw a screen capture on Yelp of him calling an African-American lady who worked for him the N-word that I decided speaking out was the right thing to do. He ended up getting that image removed but I saved it.

  • Unbelievable. 
  • [Deleted User]VIPirate (deleted user)
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    Yes it is, Mark and thank you for the assist in getting the image posted. Sadly, the proof is in the racist pudding. A blight to this community. I felt so badly for her and we've since become friends.
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