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  • *The reasons I stand by my own experience with TSB are multi-fold: 1) Evan has always treated me (and the other employees I've spoken with - more on that in (2)) with utmost respect. This industry can be tough, but when you have someone who never questions your decision to decline a cuddle - from a specific thing that happened to just feeling a vibe - and responding immediately to concerns, that is exactly the support we pros need. Evan is slow to respond to emails, something that became more pronounced last year, but the second I email with an issue or question about safety, Evan would respond within the hour and take immediate action. If I needed to decline a client for scheduling or other issues, he'd connect the client to send their info to another pro in the area so they could be seen. No pressure at all, no judgment, and utmost respect. To me, this is huge in a person, especially in a therapeutic service industry.
    2) The others I've spoken with who work with TSB have only positive things to say. This matches my own experience, so I continue to believe that, for this type of business, Evan does well. His manner needs work, but I live in a pretty nerdy area where social skills are lacking quite frequently in business, so it doesn't stand out as too unusual.
    3) Evan truly has done a lot of work and spent a ton of time to advance platonic cuddling services and the image of the industry in the media and in our culture. He was one of the first agencies here and faced the anticipated stigma. He frequently publicized/spoke out in the media for platonic cuddling, had prominent advertising, and brought cuddling front and center in our culture. We have a long way to go, no question, but Evan has actually done what he says - and I know from experience that it isn't easy.
    4) TSB does the decided majority of the most draining work in screening potential clients and weeding out those seeking non-platonic services for us. This is a huge help for his cuddlers and allows us to focus on the positive aspects of this work. My first year doing this was amazing; of course, it was new, but the feeling of helping people in exactly the way I would want to be helped was awesome, and I wasn't dealing with very much of the boundary issues at all. Evan's screening process takes care of that, and it's really a great thing. I know CC doesn't promise that at all, but after being on here I see how much TSB cuddlers are shielded from. I value this.
    Related to the above, Evan sets up and follows through on a check-in for safety plan. It isn't the most effective thing if something did happen, but it's nice that he's adamant about checking in to make sure his pros are safe. I value this, as well, as it's always good to know someone at least will have an idea if something goes wrong, especially for those who maybe haven't told any of their in-person support networks.
    5) Anytime I've needed a break to restore myself, Evan doesn't pressure at all. Related to the respect thing, but this is a really nice to have - none of my 9-5s have been this understanding!
    6) Many of the linked testimonials on this thread and elsewhere seem a bit suspect in the way they are written and the missing info (very few of us are reliable narrators in our own stories when upset). It raises questions for me, and so far I haven't had the ability to question a helpful number of those who state they've had problems with TSB to get an accurate picture to logically consider. I believe those whose screenshots are here, per say, but I would like more info/context before I can change my mind on the actions of someone I've dealt with a great deal directly over the past several years. One could hide a terrible character for awhile but not this long, unless there's something very unusual or serious at play. This is another reason I have withheld judgment.
    ASIDE: If all of the screenshots posted in this thread are accurate and as presented, without missing context that would change the validity of the statements, then TSB needs to do some restorative work and make amends both privately to the individuals affected and publicly to the entire potential client/employee base.
    7) A lot of times, there is context for a disagreement or someone ultimately being fired or walking away, and Evan will give that information to the established cuddlers who work for him. He's pretty transparent with us, but I won't be sharing information here or in any public forum. I believe people's privacy is important, so even if it "proves" my point I won't be posting anything here. It's okay for us to disagree, and I'd rather that then to potentially compromise another who is no longer involved or doesn't wish to be involved. I think sharing such information has the potential to cause a lot of harm that may not be immediately foreseen.
    8) TSB continues to attract great clients, and my life is enriched for that.

    Last note: I don't need anyone to agree with me here. I'm perfectly happy to be the outlier who will agree to disagree with those I still wish to share awesome cuddles with :) We can all win in this discussion by remaining positive and respectful to one another and their viewpoints, which I think we've managed to do. That said, if TSB has been a poor experience for you or if the screenshots and stories shared here are not to your taste, absolutely don't patronize them. CC is a great cuddle resource as well as others on the internet. Do what is positive for you as that is taking the best care of yourself. I don't wish to change anyone's mind regarding TSB. I'm stating my own views and that's all. Do for you what feels awesome!

    If you have read this far, you deserve a sticker and some cuddles! Cheers :)

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    @PinkLipstick22 I appreciate you putting such thought and detail into your response. We may not agree on everything, but you are eloquent in your views and I respect that. We definitely agree that he needs to do a much better job apologizing for the insults than it was initially presented. @Sideon made a wonderful post about genuine apologies in that thread that was spot-on. Then it's ultimately going to be up to both cuddler and client whether or not to give TSB another chance, or utilize the services of a competitor. I totally get depression and have said some things I've regretted as a result as well, so I know well that we should always attempt to make amends where we can. In business, you really have to be careful what you say or it can seriously damage your livelihood. Maybe he bounces back from this and maybe not. I still don't trust him, but am glad to know that your experience has remained mostly positive. If that ever changes, there is a good support system in this community. :)

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    To make a meaningful complaint, go to

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    @VIPirate you should be more careful with your personal information, in the image that you shared everyone can see your personal email.
    Edit: [I thought it was yours, anyway is better to keep it anonymous, who knows who else can decide to bother her again].

  • @VIPirate deleted his account back in I think January

  • Ha ha ha. Ok thanks @Morpheus, I didn't check how old this posts was.

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    I like TSB. It's been quiet as of late but back in the days, it was good.

  • I worked for them and it was horrible. I met a guy who was grooming women for prostitution thru that site and others too solicited me for sex. Unfortunately, since it all happened on the other site, it seems I can't report them here... I've tried.

  • @TisDoney are you saying some same members from there are here and you cant report them? I would say even if thats the case admin can still monitor their accounts and take action on suspicious activity so may be worth it to give a report anyway?

  • The owner of TSB was abusive to me and still owes me money. He bullied me to see clients who violated my boundaries. I saved all our communication. He fostered a predatory business and I certainly hope the site gets permanently shut down.

  • I'm new here, but was introduced to the cuddle profession from the snuggle buddy site. Once I realized they were a bit shady, I stumbled upon this site and joined. I saw this thread and I am now paying much closer attention to how things are run over there. I naively thought that they were more legit than shady. After reading so many bad reviews and a few good ones, I'm treading cautiously. As I understood the CC agreement, I can be on both sites as I am not advertising, nor the least bit interested in doing anything more than platonic cuddling. It also seems like if I tried to leave the other site, I wouldn't get taken down anytime soon, or possibly ever. However, I very much appreciate the setup here and hope to get established here. I love the community aspect and very clear expectations.

  • Has anyone had issues getting profile deleted, I asked for mine to be taken down and they have kept it up and when someone shows interest send them to another other cuddlers.

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    I've used them before and a couple of the women I cuddled with mentioned he was a dick and they didn't like him. One time he just sents me an email out of the blue saying "These bitches are ripping me off." I had never emailed or talked to him before that.

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    MOD: Comment removed. Potential violent intent. [SoulcuddlerZ]

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    Within the past couple of weeks I have found that has a domain registrar parking page up. I think it's safe to say this worst cuddling firm we've denounced in this thread is outta business now.

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    The purpose of just in general is changing from what it was when I joined. It’s becoming more of a social media site than a place to find “comfort”. Immature behavior and inapplicable content on the message boards has become rampant and whomever’s in charge doesn’t care. In a world where it’s becoming more and more acceptable for cuddling to NOT stop at cuddling when that’s all someone is legitimately looking for, that’s scary and I have several cuddlers (who’re still cuddling “buddies” found on this site) who’ve now left the site because of such.

    Cuddling takes absolutely NO skill and NO training so for anyone to charge a fee for it or anyone being willing to pay for it blows my mind. You add money to anything and all you’re going to get is stress and drama due to unrealistic expectations and there’s A LOT of that going on “here” too. Professionals aren’t being paid and clients are (supposedly) lying about conduct during their session.. Drama!

    The direction this website’s going isn’t positive and it’s very quickly becoming beneficial to no one. It was a good idea to begin with but became poorly managed. That was a choice and based on that, I’m exercising my choice to leave! Reputation matters and this site just doesn’t have it from me anymore.

    Congrats for necro-bumping an old thread and rehashing tired and old accusations. You can ponder your next choices, either leaving, deleting, or staying and actually being a PART of community - while you're in forum timeout. [-Sid]

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    Take care and good luck to you . In the most polite way possible, its not just about you . Having a sense of community built around a shared interest activity is nothing new, and having the forums, albeit as annoying and cringeworthy as it can be at times , is the glue that keeps a lot of site members together . Especially since so many arent actually actively cuddling for various reasons, I can imagine how lonely some must feel if it weren't for the forums to be honest. Social interaction does indeed provide a level of comfort . Gives a sense of community and belonging and gives people an opportunity to express their ideas and to be heard . If the site were rigid and inflexible and only allowed discussion about cuddling , it would be a boring place and would limit ability to be able to be oneself. I personally enjoy being able to see ones personality traits and interests show through, it gives a glimpse into who they are , whether that be good, bad , or both . I just don't see how it hurts anything.

    But, as you said , being here is indeed a choice, so at any time you wish you can also make the choice to leave . I am sure there are some clouds out there that could use some harsh yelling at . Goodbye and good luck.

  • @great_pillow08 being a good cuddle therapist does take skill and training. You are correct in that there is no training required on this website to be listed as a professional but there are many training programs out there. There is a difference between having a client focused session vs being cuddle buddies. I joined this site in 2019 when professional cuddling was already prominent. I am sure there were some wonderful enthusiast connections here but some clients need a higher level of emotional support and need a trained professional who will focus on them. I understand why you are sad about losing your enthusiast community and if it were up to me I would not promote enthusiasts on the same platform as professionals and make them into two different websites but its not fair to insult someone’s profession.

  • @xandriarain … two different websites …. Hmmm 🤔

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    @xandriarain thanks. I had to delete the comment I was about to write because... as you probably know already it was going to be scathing. Thanks for the professionalism in your response. Not something I can handle this early in the A.M. Lol. I'm going to defer to xandriarian's comment as the appropriate view.
    That was about to be an "as per your last email" moment. hahahahaha. Too early.

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    inapplicable content on the message boards has become rampant and whomever’s in charge doesn’t care.

    That's simply not true. The mods here work hard to keep this place straight and level. It's a general interest forum, we can't just talk about cuddling the whole time, we'd all go nuts.

    Cuddling takes absolutely NO skill and NO training

    That is also simply not true. If it was true, cuddling would be $20 an hour at the most.

    anyone being willing to pay for it blows my mind.

    Cuddling a good professional and cuddling a fellow enthusiast are two different experiences. A bit like cooking at home and eating out.

    it’s becoming more and more acceptable for cuddling to NOT stop at cuddling

    That's not true either. People get banned for that every day.

    Professionals aren’t being paid

    If that happens, it's nothing to do with the site. Payment is between the professional and the client, and the site is very clear that payment should be made in full before any cuddling happens.

    @great_pillow08 you've been here for some years .... and I'm just left wondering what's happened? What's prompted this outburst? You don't sound ok at all, you sound angry and upset.

  • I joined this site back in 2013 when I first found out about It was nice to cuddle with people at those events and it was an expensive. Since then Covid has changed a lot of things. Sometimes I wish I had a regular cuddle buddy, but it's been hard to find one lately. So I have connected with professionals that I've enjoyed cuddling with.

    Call regardless of why I want to actually spend my money on as well as other people. I do know that other peoples time is worth something.

    That's what it comes down to with professional cuddling. Somebody wanting to focus their time and energy on something that they do very well. As with any profession, you're going to find people who have a natural talent for this and some who just want to collect a paycheck.

    That's why Karma is an invaluable tool.

    As far as community goes, there is nothing greater to me. I've had people on here contact me because of stuff I've talked about just to check in on me. That's a beautiful thing

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    @CuddleDuncan I think it's a troll who hasn't logged in for a few years. Otherwise, they'd know about how posts work and that pros don't get paid through the site. If they were here more often they might know who runs the site and that everyone involved in its day-to-day is quite active. Based on the fact that they openly acknowledge block circumventing on another post it should be hammer time but... trolls will be trolls.

  • @stormydaycuddle you may well be right. I was puzzled by the post and read the profile and some previous posts before I wrote mine, but I do have a slight history of being slow to pick up on trolls.

  • @CuddleDuncan I agree that you once in a while seem to be slow picking up on trolls, but I find it endearing. I like that you give sweet and serious advice to someone that I may think is a troll. And sometimes members have to point out to me that someone is a troll. I don't often agree with them tho.

  • That phrase "stir the pot" doesn't work well if you're not a good cook. Just sayin'.

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