How Far Would You Travel to Visit a Cuddle Companion?

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I've been exchanging messages with a few guys from several states away who say they're interested in visiting me. I know one who won't visit a pro if she's much more than an hour away, and I know a couple who either have or are planning to go on road trips to visit one or more cuddle buddies or pros. I haven't been invited to visit anyone far away yet, but I've always been up for adventure and have a lot of free time on my hands. I'd definitely drive all day to see someone if I were intrigued enough and thought we were a good match.

How far would you travel to meet a potential cuddler?



  • Might fly all the way to the US of A :)

  • @steve_m Oh, would you, now?? :)

  • [Deleted User]RScarf1 (deleted user)

    I have driven a few hours, but not just to meet a cuddler. I plan other things to do and then meet a cuddler where I am visiting.

  • Between 0 and 700 miles - which I fly weekly between the East Bay in California and Phoenix.

  • [Deleted User]supermahler2012 (deleted user)

    I could probably do up to 100 miles. If I could manage it by public transportation and carpooling.

  • Honestly, since I have a completely open schedule, as long as travel expenses are covered...I'd say I'd travel to anywhere in the US. I would just need to know the client and be comfortable before hands.

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    For a cuddle only about 20 miles.

    If I have business out in that area then 25. :p

  • [Deleted User]Sunflowerfield (deleted user)

    I wouldn't drive more than about 30-40 minutes to meet a cuddle buddy - and I'd prefer they be closer, like 10-20 minutes away.

  • Apparently I'll travel from California to Texas. I'm flying there in the morning for my 98 year old mothers funeral. she passed away this evening at 8:22 pm central time. I could sure use some cuddling while I am there, if there are any non-paid cuddlers willing to see me on short notice. There isn't much time for me to get to know you, since I'll only be there a week.

    <3 Jim

  • [Deleted User]OzVisitor (deleted user)

    15,000 miles.

  • Not sure how far I would go prob about 45 min to an hrs drive but prefer closer.

    However I cuddled one time with a woman who was traveling thru my area and now she is honestly looking at traveling 18 hrs drive to come back for more cuddling.

  • I prefer distances that don't take more than 30mins but I am willing to do anything up to an hour max if the travel is compensated for.. as a professional, I normally ask not to be too far before requesting services or take the incall at my location instead but if folks offer to pay the travel or the travel fee, I would happily accommodate since i am being taken care of gas and car maintenance wise. it works out. LA, where I am, is such a huge area so I try my best to work with all of LA county.

  • [Deleted User]atpvjd23 (deleted user)

    I'm still really need to this, but I wouldn't drive more than about 25-44minutes to meet a cuddle buddy - but I'd prefer they be a little bit closer, like 5-20 minutes away.

  • @OzVisitor The circumference of our planet on the equator is only 24860 miles which means you're willing to travel off of our planet for cuddles. Pretty hardcore :P

    For me I would prefer to travel to somewhere on my own planet....actually I would prefer to stay within convenient reach by public transit for environmental reasons.

  • @OzVisitor
    I'm so flattered!!! No one has ever sought me out from the other side of the world. Regardless I can't wait to see you again next month :-)
    I hope you are able to find some one local, I will be the witness to say that OzVisitor does come that far to see me :-) and feels guilty I have to drive an hour to get to him. He is one of a kind!

  • [Deleted User]OzVisitor (deleted user)

    @JasonCuddles - I apologise, I got my units wrong. It's actually 15,612 kilometres which equates to 9701 miles, so somewhat less. Though that's how far it is as the bird (admittedly, a very long-range ocean-crossing bird) flies. Factoring in flight paths it's longer and further :)

    @AlexBabyBoo23 - You're awesome :)

  • [Deleted User]OzVisitor (deleted user)

    Oh, I have to get home again, so that actually makes it 19,402 miles :)

  • I don't think I would meet someone on the other side of the planet. I don't think anything would go wrong, as most people here seem genuinely interested in cuddling. But if it does go wrong, I'd like to be able to travel back home so I could sleep in my own bed. 2 hour journeys would be fine, I guess.

  • Me personally, I would travel to any place in USA. Airline travel is super affordable with the right bargain hunting. I have the means and resources to make a long distance trip worth wild as long as the compatibility was there. Really depends on a lot of factors such as prior commitments and boundaries with said person.

  • [Deleted User]Greybeard (deleted user)

    On the other hand, if I have plans to be 1003 miles from home, I might well shop around for a cuddled buddy important my travel destination city.

  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
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    I would travel a few hundred light year- kilometers to hug barbarella

  • @OzVisitor ahhhh good call :D I didn't think about the return trip :)

  • [Deleted User]OzVisitor (deleted user)

    I just made the journey again. Phew! Long flight - my arms are exhausted haha

  • I’ll travel up to an hour if travel is compensated . Prefer local 20-30

  • I'm reminded of life's wisdom by the Black Eyed Peas: "Can You Meet Me Halfway."

  • I don’t mind half way and I give first hour free if they get a room

  • About 50 minutes of public transit if I already know the person and they're also willing to make the effort for me.

    Though generally I try to keep close because traveling to far places exhausts me and coming back is tiring too which could very well defeat the purpose for me...

    Though if I see they're really worth it and we've such good connection I could do about 50 minutes max of traveling for them and they for me.

  • [Deleted User]Greybeard (deleted user)

    90 minutes, if I’m convinced they would travel the same distance to me. So ummm if we were 3 hours apart, I’d even meet in the middle. But I’m at the western edge of metro-Chicago. So 90 minutes east might well be 35 miles to Chicago’s lakefront in heavy traffic. But going west or northwest I could get well into Central Illinois (Peoria?) or into Southern Wisconsin. So there you go folks...let’s get something going!

  • [Deleted User]FlowerofLife (deleted user)

    I've driven up to an hour to a client. Also, one of my loyal clients flew from Las Vegas to cuddle with me here in Colorado:-)

  • There's a big difference between being motivated to travel to see a cuddle companion vs. traveling to visit a pro or a pro traveling to visit a client. I would go much farther to visit a cuddle buddy that I had a good connection with than I would for a client, unless I'd seen that client before. Even so, I've crossed state lines to visit a cuddle buddy. Don't think I'd do that for a client.

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