Stats over one month (new and deleted users etc)

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Comparing people online yesterday to a month ago (June-July 2018) ...

New users

This excludes people who came and went part way through the month (deleted/deactivated their account, or were banned or suspended after joining).

3864 new people, 22% women.

1 in 4 of the women are new professionals (around 200 people). There were about 20 new male professionals.

(Edit: there is a breakdown of the new users by US state in this post).

Deactivated users

"Deactivated" means the person's account still exists, so they are (possibly) intending to come back in the future.

About 100 people (who were online a month ago) deactivated their account, half of them women, including 20 professionals.

Deleted users

"Deleted" usually means the person voluntarily removed their account, though the message does say it can happen if the person breaks the terms of service (but I assume usually such people are banned).

About 250 people (who were online a month ago) deleted their account, one third of them women, including 20 professionals.

Banned users

"Banned" means there was a serious violation of the terms of service and a moderator banned the account (as @reurbo explains here).

About 90 people (who were online a month ago) had their accounts banned, including around 10 women and 5 professionals.

Suspended users

"Suspended" means there was a less serious violation, such as payment issues for professionals. Suspended accounts are reinstated after a while.

I came across 16 suspended accounts, 12 of them women and 8 professionals.

Other changes

376 new karma has been given to 266 people since last month.
62 people have filled in their "About me" since last month.
90 people have a picture now who didn't last month.


  • I always love your stats, @respectful. It really gives me a sense of things.

  • @respectful i always am learning something new with your stats! thank you again!

  • Since my favourites list has reached its limit, I routinely bookmark cuddlers in which I may have a future interest. After a few weeks, when I go back to revisit the bookmarked cuddlers, it's amazing how many no longer exist.

  • [Deleted User]MarleneS (deleted user)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow, this is great, thanks!
    At this moment 22% of us are women;
    78% men.
    Apparently more men need cuddles than women? Or more men are inclined to use the internet to find cuddles?
    I wonder how many of the men are interested in cuddling other men.

  • More men are on dating sites than women. More women are afraid of meeting men on the internet. It's been guessed that women have more ways of meeting their touch needs than men as we are natural nurturers and caretakers. There is also no stigma of women hugging other women.

    Heterosexual men are not interested in cuddling other men. See this post.

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    @Tallmann The 22% women was just for new people, but actually it's about the same percentage if you look at everyone online in the last 10 months.

    Who cuddles who:

    Gender % cuddle men % cuddle women % cuddle everyone
    Male 7 87 6
    Female 37 11 52

    Breaking this down by orientation:

    Gender Orientation (%) % cuddle men % cuddle women % cuddle everyone
    Male straight (88%) 1 97 2
    Male gay (6%) 89 1 10
    Male bi (4%) 26 19 55
    Male ace (1%) 20 42 38
    Male unstated (1%) 9 76 15
    Female straight (53%) 64 5 31
    Female gay (5%) 0.5 83.5 16
    Female bi (20%) 6 17 77
    Female ace (4%) 15 24 61
    Female unstated (18%) 8 2 90
  • By my calculations that seems to be a net influx of over 500 non-professional women. Of course these statistics don't show how many people create an account then basically forget it.

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    If I look at the cuddlers in my city (a huge metropolitan area), the majority of the active members are pros. There are just a few non-pros sprinkled in. If I scroll backwards to people who have not been online for much longer, there are a large number of non-pros and virtually no pros. Many non-pros have not been online in months or years. Most of their profile content is not even filled in. So I suspect most non-pros sign up and then never pursue it. I haven't received a single response to any message I've ever sent to a non-pro.

  • [Deleted User]clumsycuddler (deleted user)

    Statistics are oddly satisfying. :) I'm not sure why.

  • @clumsycuddler - and that is the danger with statistics, you tend to look at them and just believe them, whereas you should be asking what do they really mean and what factors are influencing the figures.

  • I found this very interesting! thank You for posting!

  • For interest I've added a breakdown by orientation to the who cuddles who post above.

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    This is a graph of the number of people who joined each month since the beginning, but only includes people who have been online in the last 10 months (and excludes deleted and deactivated users etc.). The earliest join date is March 2011 (3 people).

    There was a big jump in August-September 2017 (more than triple the number in July 2017), and the peak was in January 2018 (3732 people). It has been pretty consistent since last September.

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    @natural_oceans "Of course these statistics don't show how many people create an account then basically forget it."

    For people who have been around for at least 9 months, I checked how long it has been since they were last online.

    For men, 30% had been online recently (within the last month) and 37% hadn't been online for 8 months or more.

    For non-professional women, 27% had been online recently and 35% not for 8 months+.

    For professional women, 52% had been online recently and 14% not for 8 months+.

    So about 1/3 of non-professionals (male and female) seem to create accounts and forget them (or were active for a while and then stopped), and about 1/7 of professionals.

    But the proportions might be different for people who joined more recently.

  • @respectful So the sharp increase in new members started before Craigslist eliminated personal ads. Interesting. It seemed at least to me, that the number of inappropriate behaviors by newbies spiked as Craigs personals were shut down.

  • Cool info! Always keeping it real!

  • I know I’m one of the deleted users since I chose to delete my first account so that I could change my user name. It’s what the site suggests doing.

  • Very interesting! Thank you!

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