Cuddle positions
I like number 8 in certain situations :3

What are your guys favorites? any that are not on the list? or any more sites with good recommendations?  I need more fun cuddle positions :D



  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    Girl laying on top of me with her head on my chest is by far my favorite. It frees my hands up to massage her and play with her hair. Sadly some girls don't like it, I think some girls find that position to be sexual. It is however, amazing.
  • [Deleted User]smoothOperator (deleted user)
    I like No. 2. It seems to be the default position for most of the women I've been with. I'm kinda tall with long arms so it just seems to fit naturally. It's also pretty good for talking.
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    Thanks for that link, @Brandi.   I can't for the life of me figure out how number six is helpful for maintaining eye contact! Seems sort of awkward, if anything 8 would be better (backing off a little of course!) 

    I like several of those positions.  Two and three and eight are all go tos, specially with my girlfriend.  Also like seven, but altering it into a chair position where I'm leaning back against something sitting up and the person I'm cuddling uses me like a chair back too. 

     @Morpheus, I also prefer to hold and create all the female cuddling partner, however at a workshop I was given the experience of being held iand cradled. 

    I am not comfortable receiving as giving ( in all aspects of life, though I am getting better at it), Being was a little bit uncomfortable for me but it was also nice when I relaxed into it,  and thinking/feeling into the difference of holding versus being held taught me some things about myself .

    Give it a try Morpheus, you might learn something about yourself too. :)
  • I love eye contact. I had went to a guys house to do an outcall and for the last 5 minutes he wanted to sit in meditating position and have eye contact. it was such a beautiful moment, and it may have felt a tad awkward and I was nervous at first, but after falling into the relaxation of it, and the trust and bond of that other person, its really sweet and special. I also like pressing foreheads together and making eye contact while being close as long as kisses are not pressured lol. But looking into someones eyes is almost like connecting your guys souls together I feel like and its just intense :P
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    @Brandi from your link I'd say 2, 8, and 10 fantastic :)
    Big Spoon/Little Spoon is also always a favorite though I've never tried being the Little Spoon.
    I've tried having a girl lay on top of me, either with her head on my shoulder buried in my neck or on my chest, and prefer when we both have our legs stretched out so the full weight of her is on me. With her legs straddling on my sides though and head resting on my chest though it doesn't feel the same. Doing the reverse, with me laying on top of her but with my head resting on her chest and legs stretched out is also relaxing and the position doesn't put the entire weight of the guy on her.
    I do enjoy eye contact though so facing each other with legs tangled up, holding hands and foreheads together and talking is also amazing and intimate... it's one of those positions, for me, that shrinks the entire world down to just you and that person to enjoy the comfort with them and focus on nothing else but that moment.
    Any position though that allows for receiving light touching on my arms, face, neck, chest I love and ones that allow for me to play with her hair or lightly touch her head, face, arms or gently massage her back are great as well ^_^
  • Eyes are huge for me for feeling human connection, with my GF of course, but also friends.

    Sometimes out in the world  I reach out of myself to someone else through a brief passing glance into their eyes.  Sometimes  I feel/see them reaching into mine. We share a brief silent moment of human contact and both smile a touch as we each go on our way. This happens (or doesn't) with both men and women, sometimes even children and infants. It is the kind of contact that is pure "I see you" with no sexuality of any kind; just humanity,

     Other people shy away from eye contact, or meet my eyes but the connection isn't there because they are anxious or distracted. 

    When it happens It is like a warm psychic nano-hug. Beautiful.
  • @OrionEridanus Don't think I could agree with you any more about something than with all that you just said. Well put!
  • Great link Brandi. I personally like number 4. :-)
  • My favorites are girl on top and also girl on top but with me facing down so she's on my back. That's so warm and enveloping. Feels like heaven.
  • [Deleted User]dpd1998 (deleted user)
    Awesome thread. @Brandi, thank you for the link. My go to is #2. I'll do whatever the person I'm cuddling wants to do. I like all I saw on the link site an more. Some eye contact before during or after is certainly an added bonus as well as some petting. 
  • I personally like all of these. Not sure I could pick a favorite. 
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    I've seen some girls recently say on their profile that they won't spoon. I don't get it, that's the most common cuddle position. Why would they not spoon?
  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)
    I'd be very curious to hear what positions the spoonless girls prefer...
  • [Deleted User]masterofcuddle (deleted user)
    What is cuddling without spooning? I mean what else can you do???
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    Maybe they wanna fork?
  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)
    Spork? Foon? Whatever works for ya
  • @Morpheus, OMG you just killed me with "they wanna fork" comment. Friggin gold dude lol xD
  • LOL culteries aside.

    I hope we all get to the point where we can accept other prrson's preferences whether we agree with it. (There is probably a back story to it), even if not that they r mentioning it makes it easier for one to select the best suited buddy, no?
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    Forking is an actual cuddle position in the cuddle sutra 
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    ^^ Above is forking
  • Oh!! Right! Learn something new every day!
  • [Deleted User]Alternis (deleted user)
    I like to hug from behind, wrap my arms around their waist and german suplex. We should try that sometime.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    Anytime @alternis
  • That's cool. Forking is awesome. Done that one a few times without knowing it had a name.
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    @greenearth you little forker
  • [Deleted User]Victoria92 (deleted user)
    I know that at least one of my clients like the position where I'm on my back, they are sideways and have their head on my chest. I play with their hair while they relax listening to my heartbeat(which is 60 resting).
  • Now I wanna fork too lol xD. And German suplex sounds like my type of cuddle lol Cx
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    If your cuddle partner is a mother and when cuddling, you fork her.....  does that make you a motherforker?
  • Victoria92, that sounds so nice, thanks for sharing, I want to experience that one in my next cuddle session. 
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