Non Pros Are Becoming Extinct

The cuddler feature is filled with pros about 95% there is a real limit on non pros i even have met females who were non pros now they are pro. What happen to the women who want to cuddle organically with a person i understand people want to make money but thats what its all about? You can always meet people in real life to cuddle with or dating apps but i think there should be a better balance its becoming real oversaturated nothing but pink p's when i search lol



  • I agree. It’s becoming a bit oversaturated. I’d like to meet some cuddle enthusiasts that aren’t going to make me go broke lol

  • You are not wrong. I used to be able to set something up with enthusiasts all the time but now it is what it is. I find myself becoming jaded by this site by small increments. I know people have agendas but I am finding so many people say one thing and do another. Intentions are rarely pure.

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    I hear ya, but, I ultimately don’t think it’s realistic to expect a woman in this society to advertise her availability to cuddle random male strangers for free. They’re really putting themselves at at least some level of risk, and I think that men have to respect that. By the same token, there’s no need to go broke trying to connect with any provider here. Just find one that you really like and have/had a positive experience with and stick with her.

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    I was really surprised by this too! I would enjoy cuddling with both women and men but sadly the only women I have seen so far are all professional.

  • I’ve got mixed feelings about working with a pro. It’s nice that I could get a cuddle, but depressing that I’d have to pay someone to hug me. If she has a 2hr minimum than, in DC, that’s $200. Not sure if this is really good for me.

  • (Hoping we can skip the usual tirade against anyone who dares to ask a question...)

    My own dissatisfaction comes from 2 sources -- the first is the arrogance of many members here in the forums, who pounce on anyone who displays a less-than-encylopedic knowledge of the site and previous discussions (it's painful to watch sometimes), and the second is that there is a distinct dichotomy here...all you need to do is take a look at the home page (while not signed in) to see why many (most?) join with an unrealistic expectation.

    Pros? Am happy you exist. I've been able to have several sessions from pros here and elsewhere, and with only one exception, they were terrific.

    But I can't afford it very often -- so rarely, in fact, that the benefits are lessened by the time between. So, like many, I had hoped to find someone interested in cuddles between friends. But, as happens in "real life" all the time, in the 20 months I've been here, my [age/size/appearance/race/gender/beard/whatever else I can blame]...seem to include disqualifying factors for anyone not accepting payment.

    Which just goes to show that if you want unconditional platonic affection, get a pet :-)

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    The name of this site should be renamed to "Paid Comfort" then. Seriously though, there should be some kind of limit in a geographic area on how many pro cuddlers are allowed. It seems that the minute a new girl joins she soon after turns pro.

  • I wasn't going to post but after reading @Myrddyn I thought I'd share my experiences.

    Fortunately for me, the two cities I live in (Portland, OR and San Jose, CA) have plenty of pros and non-pros.

    As @Myrddyn pointed out, I thought my appearance would be a hindrance to find cuddle buddies (pros and non-pros). I'm a middle age, bald, fat, ugly, black guy. It has been a pleasant surprise that I haven't had any trouble finding cuddlers. I've cuddled in eleven states without any issues.

    I do agree that some of the members that post will ponce on you. Been there --- done that, so I post carefully and that doesn't always work either.

    I am currently in the Portland, OR area, and there are new non-pros popping up on the website quite often.

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    From what I've been told by two different "pro" cuddlers that I have become friends with the through the site, as soon as they joined the site they were contacted by the site owner with an application to become a pro, even though they didn't request it. In other words, having women become a pro is being pushed by the site because they get a cut of everything the pros make. There is no incentive for the website owner to have free women cuddlers because they don't make anything. Hence they actively try and get every woman on here to sign up as a pro and get paid. They may deny it but that's been the experience of two pro cuddlers I am friends with.

    There's no certification or training or anything else they have to go through to become a pro it's simply an application so they can get paid and a contract so that the site get paid. I don't blame the women but it I rarely if ever use the site anymore and we'll never booked anything through the site.

  • @CuddlesInParis thank you i really love the site but thats what it should be called. I really think the whole pro thing shouldn't be pushed how about splitting the site it two different places one for clients and one for people who actually want to meet, connect and cuddle with people who are interested in them being on here can be depressing. I dont pay to cuddle and its being pushed so hard girls message me all the time like they are friendly and I'm supposed to book them for a session its annoying. Also take note how pros rarely comment on topics like this lol thread is full of guys lol

  • A quick search within 100 miles of my home reveals 55 women who've logged on within the last month. Of those, only 19 (35%) are not pros. That is a somewhat surprising ratio, considering the fact that this site was founded as an enthusiast community and didn't even permit pros until just a few years ago.

    I have seen a lot of pros, and my experiences have been mostly positive. And yes, the money adds up --- I try not to think too much about that, LOL. I binge-booked pro sessions as part of a deliberate strategy to make it easier to meet enthusiasts. Once I got a critical mass of karma reviews, enthusiasts started regularly contacting me. Four have done so in the past two weeks. Still, @Myrddyn has a point: "But, as happens in "real life" all the time, in the 20 months I've been here, my [age/size/appearance/race/gender/beard/whatever else I can blame]...seem to include disqualifying factors for anyone not accepting payment." Yep. At least half of the enthusiasts who reach out to me can't wait to meet --- until they get a photo, at which point they go radio silent. Ouch.

    So the site is like every other place in the world in that a) rejection is more common than acceptance, and b) there are more people who desire your money than there are who just desire your company. I now have two enthusiasts I plan to see regularly, and for that I count myself lucky. Even so, I'm very glad that pros are here, because it means I can get cuddles pretty much whenever I want them. And cuddles are good, whether paid or not.

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    There is a reason why pros are sick of responding to the same boring argument over and over again. It's a waste of time... But here we go, one more time.

    A. Find a non-pro through here or other site. Any solid relationship takes time.
    B. Pay to cuddle a professional and get what you want immediately.

    Just because you pay for a service doesn't make it any less valuable. 🧐

    Just because someone chooses to pay, doesn't make them any less important or the experience any less.

    You don't ask for free with any other professional, why should this be different?

    WELCOME to the free market of Capitalism gentlemen, I doubt we will see much change.

    So buckle up or get off the ride because these tedious responses of essentially sneering at others who are literally living their own life, their own way, is lackluster.

    ....and coming from a Pro who has cuddled clients freely, kindness and compassion will get you closer to a non-Pro/Pro quicker compared to complaining for all of us potential cuddlers to read and see what you really think.

  • It is a better site than others out there. The owner wants to keep this site up so he has to pay these costs to do so. I don't mind paying for a cuddle. My only complaint is really these different rates. If a pro is new here, that pro should not charge higher rates than the others. Pay your dues and put in your time and then raise your rate later like at a job. It is good and funny that some of those pros lowered their rates because that is crazy to pay over $150 for a 1 hour cuddle especially those who don't host LOL. I am glad your men out are not paying that high and me neither. I still have good experiences though.

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    @RTL1970. I do agree with you 100%. In this evil world, I find it hard to think women would cuddle with a stranger in real life. It would have taken a lot longer to get to that stage with a woman. You have to be lucky without a site like this to find a woman who becomes your friend and trust you for cuddling. Cuddling is needed for most people so it is good that women with no issues are ready to cuddle in a matter of days or weeks depending on location

  • @Parker44 That is interesting that the site owner is soliciting non-pros to become pros. Surprised everyone glossed over your point. If I find this to be true, I am out of here. I do not tolerate hypocrisy well except my own. 😁

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    I find that with Pros even that I have contacted it is difficult to even get a response back. Have only cuddled with one person on here since January. Was on for a couple months at the point, left and came back last month. See that pretty much just the same people on here.

  • I’m not here to argue or devalue anyone’s views but offer a single pros viewpoint.
    Everyones focus is that of price and how expensive. I’m one who loves to build a relationship with my clients and love to reward them by cutting their cost the more they see me. I’m sure others do the same. However if you only see us once or twice of course you would see it as expensive because you have to pay full cost.
    What you get when paying me as a pro. Instant acceptance, someone who truly cares about you, no judgement about weight, gender, disability, looks or age and safe place.
    When going to a masseuse do you look for an enthusiast first or a paid professional?
    True people do become pros shortly after joining but I’ve seen many quit or be banned for sexual favors within as little as a month.
    Maybe the lack of enthusiasts is due to people pushing boundaries more than they should which turns people away. Rather than report, they leave.
    A community is flourish by those within it or can become corrupt. Rather than automatically placing blame on site or pros think how you can make a difference to build the community.
    Do you promote the site yourself to help build the community or do you keep it a secret?
    Word of mouth is still the best strategy of advertisement. Just food for thought.
    Hugs to all

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    Hugs to you and well said Mokissia.

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    Mokissia is 💯 on the money... with that said I can't say I disagree somewhat with a few comments here. I wish it was actually harder for pros to be let in. Sometimes I do read the profiles of new pros who appear to have been enthusuasts at first, and I think "Yeah, yeah. Let's see how long you last, especially since you had to bring up that you love to cuddle and think this would be a nice way to earn some extra cash." The site doesn't have enough staff on hand to be verifying every single applicant, so I do understand. But I do think the process should be made a bit more thorough.

    As for the application push towards enthusiasts, I might be the only one seeing it this way, but hear me out. I think this is actually being done to curb the amount of new members who think they can just set up a profile and start charging. Many people use the excuse that they didn't know you need to apply to become a professional. Now they don't have an excuse if it's sent to them directly.

    I'd be curious to see what the message says, or if these nonpro females are indeed just getting default invites. My bet is that this is super exaggerated though and people are only guessing by what they read on the forums. I've only ever heard of the invitation being sent if a profile is conducting business untagged, or if a nonpro asks about it in the forum.

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    From what I've been told by two different "pro" cuddlers that I have become friends with the through the site, as soon as they joined the site they were contacted by the site owner with an application to become a pro, even though they didn't request it.

    It's really important to know that we only ever do this when we have reason to believe someone has joined with intention of being a professional cuddler but has not gone through the approval process.

    Something about those two friends of yours got their profiles flagged in this respect.

    What we NEVER do and will never do is encourage enthusiasts to go Pro. Female enthusiasts are highly valuable to this community and to the purpose of this website.

  • @mokissia. You comment is so true. Cuddlers are the true friends with benefits with me. They actually care about my mental, emotional, and physical health. They don't mind being with you showing the love in public unless they host. Good relationships can begin here. Any cuddler whose price is too high for your budget and taste then just move to another simply. If some guys want to find a non pro, then they should keep waiting and trying. Personally, a good pro do give a lot so paying for it is giving in return

  • @MissAdventurous with the mic drop! Nicely said!

  • @FunCartel

    "That is interesting that the site owner is soliciting non-pros to become pros. Surprised everyone glossed over your point. If I find this to be true, I am out of here."

    If I find this to be true, I'm out of here and admitting myself into a psych ward.

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    The financial opportunity is too hard for most young women to pass up, once they've opened themselves up to the idea of cuddling strangers.
    It's hard to find a part time job which pays much more than minimum wage. Substitute school teachers make around $10.43 to $14.74 per hour, depending on the state*. This corresponds to about $100 per day, and requires a bachelors degree and typically additional credentialing on top of this.
    A young lady without a degree can earn this in one cuddling session.
    This site allows someone who's never cuddled to be a "pro". I would suggest a simple credentialing process whereby the person is required to:
    1. Read some materials about cuddling techniques and guidelines.
    2. Pass a short quiz on the same.
    3. Cuddle for free a few times, preferably with experienced cuddlers, and receive three positive karma.

    These requirements would screen out pros who really don't like to cuddle and greatly improve the quality of pro cuddlers. Existing pros with karma could be grandfathered in.

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    @Parker44 No kidding ?!?
    An enthusiast told me once she was contacted by the site ( not the owner ) to go pro . I mentioned this last year in a discussion

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    @cuddlefor24 Let me guess... an 'enthusiast' that also happens to be asking for gift cards in return for cuddles? That's a popular one. Whatever she did to create suspicion, someone reported her as an untagged Pro.

    Over the last four years I can count on one hand the number of genuine enthusiasts that were mistakenly channeled into the Pro approval process.

    But forget any of that, let's keep this thing alive - I love conspiracy theories.

  • Its not surprising. Every new female non pro cuddler gets bombarded with messages from guys asking to cuddle. So they figure they can make money easily and get some cuddling in as well.
    Not all women want to cuddle with dozens of strangers though and prefer building a friendship first and mutually beneficial cuddling is wonderful.

  • I 100% agree with @MissAdventurous @mokissia and @Catloaf

    Additionally: I do give some regulars discounts, especially if they're on fixed incomes (SSI, disability, etc) but only after we have cuddled once or twice and they haven't tried to dry hump my leg and grope me the entire time -_- Which, trust me, is a common thing to have to smack down or endure. If I was cuddling in a studio where I didn't have to do my own laundry in between folks, and have to remind clients again and again that I'm not here to have sex with them, and set up safety calls, I would be far more fine with a much much lower rate.

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    @mark. No I actually met this person , and we had a nice cuddle .

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    @cuddlerforu24 And just who would this person be? Folks be curious now that you have the talk going.

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