How does cuddling benefit you?

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 I would love to hear some of your stories about the positive benefits of cuddling and how it's affecting you personally, please share. 


  • Here’s my perspective on things: I personally struggle with sleeping at night. When I lay down alone, the only person I have to think about is myself. I’m left alone to think about everything — the good, the bad, and the worst. During the day I’m extremely busy at work, and surrounded by stress and hardship. 

    Cuddling is the distraction that I need at night. It allows me to focus not on myself, our flaws, or my regrets, but rather on another person and enjoying all the warmth and love their body has to offer. As we fill in the spaces between your bodies, I push away the negative thoughts, leaving no room for anything other than a blissful feeling of completeness. There’s no other way to describe cuddling other than: it just feels right.

    The benefits are amazing to say the least. I get such a boost of happiness that lingers for about 10-14 days. Then I usually book another session and I'm golden again.
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    I agree, the feeling of peacefulness does last awhile and I project that feeling of peacefulness toward other people. I have 18 employees and I know that my interaction with them is improved after I have a good cuddle session.
  • I love this question! Certainly one I would have wanted to post ...

    I guess itv helps me connect and recognise people. I recently gave a newish colleague who I really got on with) a hug when she was leaving.. I presume she would have ended with the polite few seconds pat until I squeezed and really held her. It was nice to have her relax in my arms and
  • It helps me with connecting to other people, something I've never really been able to do.  It also give me  a major boost in confidence and motivation.
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    Cuddling helps by curing my loneliness. It feels good to be next to the warm body of an attractive woman. 
  • (Oops I accidentilly posted my response in mid sentence.

    My point is it is a nice way 4 me to communciate my affection express appreciation, tenderness...

    Having it appreciated/ feeling it's impact in the other persons response is also a nice way of been validated and appreciated. I get to share a moment with someone, connect briefly with just them in a warm embrace, that's briefly our own little world.
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    In my Spiritual practice, many of my clients suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, guilt, abandonment, etc.  I've learned that "self love & self care" are very important in releasing a lot of these symptoms.  As a "giver", I deplete energy.  Even though I'm expelling energy during cuddling, I'm also often times the receiver:-)  I have had the most tender experiences with ALL of my "cuddle clients"!  I too, end up having really good sleep & feel peaceful:-)  I know when to ask for "cuddles". The past three days were very intense, energetically for me.  In fact, I'm heading out this evening to cuddle with a platonic friend of mine:-)  My turn to take care of me, so that I may continue to take care of you!  Namaste
  • So far, the only people I have cuddled with is my significant other and one of my best friends (I am not doing so well as a pro lol...yet). But for me, it feels amazing. I have been a person starved from any kind of affection, my entire life. Growing up in an emotionally and mentally abusive household really does some long term mental and emotional damage and trauma on a person. It is especially difficult in my case, as I am a transwoman, and came to only recently accept this fact about a year ago, because I was raised in a very strict "Christian" household. I suffered from chronic manic depression a day chronic manic anxiety, among a myriad of other mental issues and suicidal tendencies until I was 20. Last year was when I went into therapy and was able to transition into the real me. And when I finally met and fell in love with my true love, just his embrace gives me new life and his love and affection changed me in such a powerful way. I still have depression, but not manic, and I still have horrible anxiety, but at least I can sleep at night in peace. Love and affection can heal a soul and heart. I know because before I changed my life around, I was heartless, cild, and distant with everything and everyone. Then my best friend is suffering from depression and anxiety, and a good hug and cuddle really sets him ease. He actually starts taking better care of himself since I have been his cuddle buddy hehe. I guess that was what got me into pro cuddling. I really love to help people and be a positive influence in the lives of everyone I touch and meet. In the end, we are all people and need some loving and affection here and there. I know for I experienced it personally the power of self-love and another person.
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    Sure takes the edge of my workday
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    i meant to type off my workday
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    Cuddling benefits me by taking my stress away. I feel relaxed afterwards.  
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    Build trust, heal wounds faster, lessen sickness symptoms and NO side effects!!!! Better than medicines
  • When you are cuddling with the right person which means someone you have connections with and genuinely cares about you as a person. It would feel amazing.  I would say it feels the best when you cuddle with your significant other.
  • i have been single for some time now and am the head of my household as well. i'd just like to 'crumble' and be vulnerable physically and mentally for a while, and have someone else make me feel safe.

    reason why i've been single so long is after a bad relationship. so i'd like other adults to make me feel safe around them for this reason. i haven't met anybody yet but did chat to a few guys last year from all over my country and am again chatting to one or two near to me. my area is pretty quiet.
  • @irene, I can get that. Having someone there is so uplifting and encouraging, especially when you are starved for physical and emotional affection :/
  • Sometimes, we forget.
  • thanks @Rei, it's nice to be understood. i think it'd be nice for someone to be affectionate to me without any motivation behind that also.

    i get cuddles with my kids but that's more for them than me, although i do enjoy these cuddles also. :)
  • I think cuddling can really benefit those of us who don't get it in our lives.  When you go without it for a long time it can leave you with a feeling of loneliness and depression.  So yes it can really benefit people!  

  • Cudding benefits me in gosh so many ways that I didnt realise it would. People come to pros but I feel so blessed to be able to be helped daily by you guys <3.
    It encourages me to learn more about the human body, more about psychology, and about the mind. It encourages me to learn how to help others in ways I didn't even know I could help them. it motivates me to be kind to every stranger, and to open my eyes for small beauty that is nearly ignored everyday :)

    and its also beneficial for me to chill the heck out. like seriously, it  helps me relax. Im always up and at em, but to be able to take an hour or two or even 3 with a complete stranger, or a regular that you get to know over time. to just embrace the other as another fellow being in this world, feels out of this world to me. To get to know someone on such a deep connection on one of the first times meeting, and to be able to stroke the hairs out of someones face. to feel the light massages. arm tickles and head scratched that make you almost doze off that leaves you in complete trust; the genuine love that fills the room, its all so beautiful to me.

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    Cuddling has helped me learn to keep my energy at a very calm peaceful level which transfers to my daily life. That calm peaceful energy helps me deal with people especially my employees and customers. Even when dealing with an employee or customer that may be upset, I always manage to keep my energy calm and I feel it's a direct result from cuddling.
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    Cuddling has really helped me get through the very rough times in life. Things have been hard for me the past few years and cuddling has been a release. It's not only the few hours during the cuddling session but also the anticipation of meeting someone new. It's been something I look forward to.
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    Cuddling benefits the pros with $$$
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    Although I'm quite sure that every pro I have cuddled with has enjoyed the money, they all have also seem to genuinely enjoyed the session. 
  • Its so much more than the money Cuddlebandit. I feel you really have a negative outlook on us pros for some reason.

     At least for me and a few other girls on here that Ive gotten the privilege of talking to.
     cuddling genuinely comes as a passion, and an interest in getting to love and know strangers. and some of us l will make it a legit career. As hard as that may be. its possible <3 And while some pros come and go and are flakey that just obviously wasnt for them, don't knock them for trying! it takes a special kind of soul to do this, and feel comfortable with it. So the pros that do stick around and have 5+ karma should take them seriously, they are hard to come by. and should very much be appreciated ^.^
  • @Brandi. Dear Brandi. You are so right, good on you.
    Love John Auckland NZ
  • Dear All, from a medical point of view we can measure the changes in a person who starts cuddling, from heart to stomach, blood to skin.
    This is why I believe in it so much.
    Love John and his trees, Auckland NZ
  • Work became stressful when they decided to re-certify many of us.  Someone let it slip out that the Company was trying to get younger Employees.  Of course, the Company quickly dispelled that notion, yet good people are starting to disappear. I was wondering if I should schedule a cuddle session before or after my certification. I did it before certification and was glad I did.

    It put my mind at ease. I had good conversations with this person, I totally forgot about work.  She said that she had low self worth before she started cuddling.  Through cuddling she said she no longer worries about being a few pounds over what society says she should be or that her hair does not have enough body to it. I happen to think her hair feels like silk. Her biggest problem now is all the clients that want to see her outside of the cuddling arena.

    The new person I work for thinks that the best way to teach is through fear and intimidation. I think it pisses him off that he gets very little reaction from us seasoned professionals. I actually started thinking of how silky the woman's hair felt and how nice it was to hold hands in a platonic setting, in the middle of one of his tirades. 

    He stopped and looked at me, and said you better be taking this seriously, certification is right around the corner.  I smiled and said, I'll be ready.  He just couldn't get under my skin on that day.

    A long time ago a wise person once said that they didn't want me to finish reading something out of the news paper. She said, you are what you think.  The brain is a huge part of who we are.  She went on, what ever I read or listen to becomes a part of me forever so I try to limit the negativity that I take in.

    Like I said that was years ago and if it was true for the written word or videos, it also is true in the physical world.  The good feelings from a cuddle session are magnified for a week or two and will gently subside over time, but when I think about it, I remember ever conversation, every texture of hair, every glance of the eyes, every hand that's been held.        

    That being said, every cuddle session that I have ever been involved in has stayed a part of me... forever and made me a better person.  
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    @Buck PHEW! You've been through a lot. Glad cuddling helped so much. I especially love how your thoughts about your cuddling session helped you in the middle of being verbally abused by your boss!
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    Cuddling makes me feel like there is hope for mankind. That everything is going to be alright in the end. If my cuddle partner ends up laying on my shoulder, or has her arm resting on me, I still feel an impression after we are done. Like, there is phantom pressure on me that I can still feel for a few hours. This keeps my brain turned off, in a good way, and feeling relaxed.
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