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  • I have honestly considered it. I didn’t think there would be so many people against it. We are all in a very vulnerable place when we cuddle. If a client wanted to record the session with the agreement it would be deleted after if all was well. I would agree to it. I have had a very unfortunate situation with someone who was aggressively trying to get more than cuddling and I wish to this day I could do something about it. Luckily that was a one time thing and most of my other cuddlers have been wonderful and respectful.

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    My short answer is no, I would not consent to be recorded. No way. No how.

    The world is surveillance-y enough. Is there nowhere one can go without being in the camera eye? If I wanted to experience life in Communist China, I'd move there.

    Safety and security are important goals for both parties. But notice how simply invoking those words is supposed to make any and every security requirement seem reasonable. We've had so many threads about vetting --- the messaging, the photos, the phone calls, the video chats, the public meetings, the requests for copies of official ID, and so on, ad infinitum. And now, with all that on the table, this pro cuddler still doesn't trust the potential client who gets through her screening process --- and she wants him to KNOW that she doesn't trust him. That wouldn't make me feel very warm and cuddly. It would make me feel like a SUSPECT, since she thinks she might need to gather evidence against me. [BTW, I'm not shouting; the italics don't seem to work. ]

    Years after some guy agrees to this, he's going to decide to run for political office, or become famous for something. Then copies of his cuddle sessions will mysteriously surface and be used to smear, ridicule, or blackmail him. Stranger things have happened.

    So no, I would never agree to this. I'm glad I ran across this thread, though. Maybe I should start checking for covert surveillance at my sessions.

  • George Orwell covered this subject neatly in "1984". The term "Big Brother" was used for the surveillance, to supposedly mean that the citizens were being benignly watched over for their own benefit, akin to a person's big brother at a school or party.
    The term then meant for malign intent, and now we think of its use for entertainment.
    Any private meeting would become like a public one, as if the participants were together in a crowded park.

    I'd say that if either party feels the need for recording, or "live" monitoring by someone they trust, they should only meet in a very public scenario.

  • Maybe it would lower the number of men on this site.

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    The perspectives offered on this question are very interesting if not entertaining.

    As someone with a basic knowledge of recording video and audio, the picture quality, and sound quality (if sound is even recorded) of a cuddling session would be dubious at best for even a one-hour session, not to mention multiple hour sessions. Video footage is very subjective within any context and I couldn't even begin to imagine how footage of a cuddling session would be viewed by someone outside the cuddle-community, but no need to go down that rabbit hole.

    That being said, I'm all for a person, regardless of gender, taking any measures one feels are necessary for their comfort and safety. Moreover, the fact the she's disclosing that she's recording is of paramount importance ethically. One should never be recorded without their knowledge and consent.

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    I don't think I would want to be recorded especially without my consent. I think i read this cuddler profile. I understand safety and both parties need respect or body and property but if a person has to go that far to be safe then pro cuddling may not be for her.

  • I wouldn’t ever record someone nor would I want to be recorded.

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    Cameras certainly don't reveal my true form in all its sanity-destroying horror. That would be ridiculous! I assure you that I look every bit as human on camera as I do through the unreliable prism of human sight. No special rituals or rites are needed to produce digital images of my apparent form.

    That said, I really don't like being recorded. Especially without my knowledge or consent... but even with that it makes me feel twitchy. Can't tell you why (but it's not the eldritch horror thing, definitely not).

  • I don't see the harm ..... if you're not doing anything wrong what are you worried about?

  • @TouchofCherie
    "wrong" depends on the observer, and society's views change over time.

    It isn't wrong to have an intimate medical examination or a discussion with a psychotherapist, but we wouldn't want those on YouTube.

  • The "harm" is that the very act of recording can make someone self-conscious. It turns what should be a private human interaction into a performance of some sort. It's a logical fallacy to suggest "if you're not doing anything wrong there's nothing to worry about." I've BEEN on camera professionally and I'm now hyper-aware of a camera's presence and it takes me out of the moment. I'm sure many folks would feel the same way.

    I have no problem being vetted or offering up my real identity, so it's not a matter of "oh, what do you have to hide?" I don't want to feel self-conscious about tone-of-voice or sounds or awkwardness that could be recorded. I want to experience a genuine interaction with another person and as long as there is a recording of it, it won't be genuine and I will be too self-aware the entire time. For me, a camera is an instant and irrevocable hard pass.

  • Just to add to some thoughts about this: thinking about how we highly value safety, which by all means makes sense, we tend to give way to high surveillance up to a point. In general society, I think we value the idea of it but then again, at the end of the day, even that doesn’t guarantee protection or better our protection to have our own privacy invaded for whatever reason. It could be just a form of security theatre and while cameras provide proof of incidents, in some cases the incidents can have events misinterpreted or something off the sort.

    Someone here said that if someone felt compelled to do recordings during sessions, maybe they shouldn’t be cuddling... It kinda is a rather interesting statement because many job positions in different forms lack this kind of surveillance (I can think of a couple of positions I had before that I wish had some surveillance).

    But still I kinda wanted to post the question I did earlier, about it theoretically being required for sessions here on cuddle comfort. Some folks says they simply wouldn’t cuddle but if that was your only option or only feasible option? Folks sometimes make concessions for these things in life that can be seen as a form of invasion of privacy (i can think of ways outside of cuddle comfort) and they still don’t like it but for the opportunity to feel safer from terrorist attacks or even just to have a free service.

  • I think this site would fail if they suddenly required all professional cuddler clients to allow themselves to be on a video during sessions.

  • @soloforever. I don't think the site will fail but these 2 women who live in my area that suggest a step to have a session will not have many takers on this

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    @StoryDoctor1138 Thanks for commenting. I really think most clients or potential clients anyway would not want to be video recorded.
    By the way a former pro I am still friends with told me that she heard other pros record clients with hidden cameras during sessions.
    That really sucks. I would feel so violated if someone did that to me

  • @StellaLiz If being recorded was a pre-requisite to booking cuddle sessions through this site, I wouldn't book cuddle sessions through this site. The whole purpose of a cuddle is to relax and be stress-free and energize in a personal fashion with a like-minded individual. Recording the session would prevent me from relaxing or being stress-free, so there would be no benefit in it to me. It would still be a big negatory, Ghost Rider.

  • I definitely believe if you are going to record sessions you need to disclose the information and people can choose whether or not to book with you. Of course using the royal "you". I myself do not record my sessions but would not be against being recorded myself. People have to do whatever makes them the most comfortable in this situation. I like to believe many people on this site will use it for what it's intended for but won't be ignorant to the platform it provides to predators. I ask for identification and give it to a close contact with my location and so far that has made me feel secure.

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  • I think it's pretty reasonable - lots of therapy sessions are recorded and there is surveillance in every store you shop at - even in parking lots. It doesn't prevent bad things from happening, but it protects individuals in the case of theft or slander in the form of he said/she said when it comes to inappropriate behavior. You can't sell your trustworthiness with a person you have no relationship with, even if you do a coffee meet or a phone call, and every person deserves the right to protect themselves, their property and their livelyhood. When I drive cab, there is a camera in the vehicle for many reasons other than recording evidence in case there is a robbery or a complaint. I was in a car accident at the beginning of 2019 and couldn't remember what happened. There is a legitimate fear when it comes to dealing with other human beings and sexual assaults happen. Brock Turners exist. Anyone can make up some bs and ruin someone's life over lies. Trust is earned and shouldn't be expected just because a service is provided - it's about protecting everyone. I can understand why people wouldn't want to be recorded, but you can't expect someone to fully trust a complete stranger around their personal property. Humans are humans and there's always potential for something bad to happen, but we always hope for the best :) I know I'm a trustworthy person, but I can't impose that on others - I'm happy just knowing that it gives someone peace of mind - it's not just about me and what I want.

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    I wouldn’t book .

    If there was any accusation of bad behavior , then there’s the proof . Somehow the vid should or could be sent real time to storage where it’s accessible by both .

    I still wouldn’t book

  • Part of the issue is that people want proof when accusations are made. Humans lie, steal and can be jerks. Identity theft is real. No one owes you trust if you didn't earn it. There are lots of people out there that are still fuzzy on the whole consent thing, and belonging to a site like this doesn't erase that fact. How is it any different than getting recorded in a store or parking lot? You're not doing anything wrong, but if someone damages your vehicle while you're shopping you're happy to have the proof :) and if you wanted a copy of your own, then it's reasonable to get that request fulfilled especially if you're paying for a service :) There are 2 valid sides to the argument - one is protection and safety for everyone involved, and the other is, and correct me if I'm wrong, a privacy issue for the client. I don't think someone that is concerned for their safety/protection would want a client that wouldn't understand or respect that so you wouldn't be their type of client anyways - which is why that profile specifically says the sessions are recorded. Everyone wins :D

  • I've said before that male and female cuddlers have asymmetric risk.

    Female cuddlers are at risk of harm, but male cuddlers are at risk of being falsely accused of causing harm ; so would the female cuddlers be happy to be recorded for that claimed purpose ?

    Male cuddlers are more at risk from the embarrassment of their activity being made public, even if the details aren't shared.

    Deepfake audio and video software can easily "sex up" a platonic encounter, at least long enough to ruin someone's : relationship, career, or political ambition.

  • @geoff1000 you have a good point....those deepfake videos are pretty scary stuff...and giving someone so much video to use for such purposes is not wise for the future

  • I think some people are very self-conscious about their appearance.

    A friend once asked me for a large full face photograph, and when I next visited, she had hung it up over the fireplace.
    My feeling was rather spoiled, when she explained that it helped to keep her children away from the fire.

  • @StoryDoctor1138 that's understandable. to plenty of folks, the recording aspect can be anxiety-inducing.

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