Reason for joining Cuddle Comfort?

As sites like this grow with people joining every day, they eventually become a community. Personally, I joined this website to find other people in my area to cuddle with. I was assuming that everyone on this site wanted the same exact thing as me. However, I think my assumption was way off and I’m curious to see what people say.

  1. What answer best matches your reason for joining this website?50 votes
    1. I wanted to find non-pros to cuddle
    2. I wanted to find a professional to cuddle with
    3. I wanted to chat with others who like to cuddle
    4. I wanted to browse profiles and also get mine up to see what kind of response it gets
    5. I wanted to use the free platform to find dates for a possible relationship


  • I joined the site looking for a non-pro to cuddle, but I've stayed for the forum chat.

    I suppose it's like some people going to bingo : initially hoping for a big money win, but then realising that the social engagement is a continuous "win", even though it isn't in the currency they were seeking.

  • I joined the site for a free female cuddle companion. I am also seeking friends who have interesting experiences to talk about.

  • Ditto for me @geoff1000. For now found a nice cuddle partner, love the buddies I've made, have a ball on the forum. I love the bingo metaphor. You surely are the metaphor king.

  • Im not sure honestly what is going to happen in this poll. Like i never have met a person that voted for trump. But we know a lot of them didn’t tell the truthful

  • Some people joined the CIA, MI5 and the KGB in order to steal state secrets and damage the organisation. I don't expect they wrote that on the application form.

  • I cuddle!

  • @IndianaJones
    You can stand down, we've found the person who joined CC for the right reason.

  • @StoryDoctor1138
    Thanks to the resident illustrator. 😀

  • Well, to be honest I joined because my bf suggested I join. Never knew anything like this existed.

    I'm actually not a super touchy person so I believe maybe my bf is trying to get me out of my comfort zone, as he usually pushes me to try new things.

    I actually just had my 1st cuddle session today and it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. It was comforting knowing that I could cuddle with someone basically no stings attached-nothing expected to come out of it physically or emotionally; I really enjoyed it. Guess you could say I joined to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person!

  • Wow @B_Marie I'm impressed with your relationship and you.

  • @littermate lol well we are working on it. He has also joined but as a professional-and he really loves cuddling, so I said go for it as he would probably be excellent at it!

  • See? Amazing. <3

  • I initially joined to find people to cuddle with. I went through a period of life where I was very touch-deprived. I still am but not as much. I've cuddled with enthusiasts and pros alike and it's made a wonderful impact on my life. It's curbed some of the nastier effects of my depression and anxiety, it's helped my sleep and overall well being.

    The forums are dope too!

  • A female coworker touched my hand to show me how cold it was outside. The site "training" allowed me to treat it as platonic, instead of assuming a romantic overture.
    Good result.

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    I joined to learn from the professionals, so hopefully, I can find an o form a platonic cuddling relationship with an enthusiast. The forms provide me no use unless they are platonic cuddling related.

  • Joined for the physical contact, stayed for the intellectual contact.

    It's like brain cuddles!

  • I joined for much needed human connection in a non-judgmental environment.

  • I chose option 3 but I joined because I needed more affection and wanted to help those who need the same and/or suffer from anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc.

  • I joined because I heard @SoftPetals was here.

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    I joined to cuddle with professionals and non - professionals alike to have the experience of being with others to cuddle with and share experiences , life and cuddling, with each other. I have had some very good experiences on this site!

  • @littermate 😍🤗🤗😘😘😘😘.
    I wanted to keep that you're tye reason I joined out of it so people won't get jealous lol. I had to use other reasons 😂😂😂🤦🏾

  • I met a pro prior to finding this site. When he stopped cuddling due to health reasons, I searched online and found various meetup groups, cuddle parties, and then this site. Of those venues, this site has been the most interactive, supportive, and helpful. I've had great experiences here with pros and non-pros. The biggest hurdles I've seen for the respective newbies are:

    • thinking that this is a dating site,
    • people owe them any sort of a response no matter how polite or persistent they are,
    • and understanding what platonic means
  • @DarrenWalker. Truth. I never thought of it that way. Any guy can find the hottest women on the site to cuddle but give me the cute, smart, kind woman who can hold a conversation that keeps me coming back

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