MALE Pros: How has it been for you?



  • @BellaSera that’s such a perfect way of saying it! It’s definitely more difficult for men to be pros, unfortunately 😔 especially if they’re only willing to cuddle women. It’s swimming upstream for sure!!
    I find it harmful for males that want to be pro, seeing posts like BryanScorpio and thinking it’s possible to make almost eight grand in a few months… to be a male pro, I can only imagine how much patience and resilience it takes before you even have one cuddler, let alone as many as this male pro is supposedly having. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but making a post this hard to believe including this other pro saying he’s made $25,000, will put the wrong thought in a new male pros mind. Even in some women’s minds who want to become pro. To make it sound like they’re banging your door down for overnights and making it seem like women are chomping at the bit just seems so unrealistic. It’s more concerning knowing it’s been a day or two and he hasn’t joined the conversation to explain further so as not to delude other men who want to take this path.

  • Update: After three months of negotiating dates with one client, trying to make one cuddle session happen, I refunded their advance payment after they postponed bookings twice, so you may subtract $160 and make my total income $0. And I am hot, baby! 🔥 I’m a catch. 👌😉 As Barbra Streisand sings in Funny Girl, “I’m the greatest star / I am by far / but no one knows it.” Exit stage right… “Thank you, thank you very much.” 🎭

  • @nurturingman ~ I love that your quoting Streisand!! 💖

  • I'm not a pro on this site. I do have training around cuddle work, but I've decided to focus exclusively on group work - leading workshops around boundaries, communication, and how to share touch with a partner safely and in an enjoyable way. Certainly not a lucrative business - it's equivalent to about two or three hours of "pro" earnings per workshop, which takes about six to eight hours of my time counting the preparation which goes into it. I own the space where I offer events, but if I had to rent the space, I'd make even less. It's definitely a hobby gig for me - I do it because it's something I'm passionate about - and doing it helps keep me sane. Occasionally one of the group clients will contact me and request an individual session or two because they need it - but that happens infrequently. As a general rule, I use any earnings from my workshops to get pro sessions for myself, so it certainly helps in that way.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience with Cuddle Parties and professional cuddling, @CuddlesByDeep

    It’s been another couple of months for me, and I’ve received a few more requests and a couple of bookings. I’ve done some more blogging and vlogging about cuddling, which seems to be reaching people.

  • I'm a pro on this website and I have not had any luck in finding any clients I have certification so I have Appropriate paperwork to prove it and I just wanted to know why there is very little market for male cuddlers and I just wanted to know if someone is interested in cuddle therapy because I want to be able to help people and do something that I love and have a passion for im sorry if this is not correct or if im wrong I was just looking for some answers

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    @shadow1992 if you have certification you should mention it in your profile. Some people include photos of their relevant certificates.

    There are links to threads with many tips in this thread:

    The leading man professional from these forums is @nurturingman. Have a look at his profile.

  • Thanks, @CuddleDuncan . You’re not alone, @shadow1992 ! Congratulations on getting the training. I think it’s probably a good idea for those with training or certification to include that in their profiles. I would suggest some better (not hazy) photos and more variety of them. No matter what you do to your profile, though, you’re up against what we all are: that very few people have been willing to hire a male professional cuddler. I have faith we’ll change that eventually, but we have a legacy of fear of men to overcome (along with other objections people may have). I wish you the best!

  • I have faith we’ll change that eventually

    There is no doubt of that. I have spoken to women who would hire a man cuddler in a heartbeat if there was a suitable one nearby. I have spoken to others who desperately need a professional cuddler but the hurdles of ignorance, prejudice and muddled thinking are too high for them at the moment. Widesspread social acceptablility would reduce these hurdles considerably.

  • On a positive note, in my first year as a Pro on this site I have earned enough money from paid sessions booked through this site to cover the $240 I have spent to list here as a Pro. This is much better than the $0 I have made from the approximately $1,000 I spent on becoming Certified with another company and the $480 I’ve spent to be listed on that site. So, thank you Cuddle Comfort!

    In addition to the approximately $240 I’ve earned on CC, I’ve had a few free “pro trades” with marvelous pros who I otherwise would have had to pay, so that has also defrayed my costs.

    Aside from financial gain, I have to say — hand to heart and tears in eyes 🫱 ❤️ 🥹— that I have made some wonderful friends and cuddle buddies on CC and have had some life-changing experiences. I’m feeling especially heart-filled after attending the free picnic in the park in St. Louis last weekend. Altogether I have to say that finding CC through a Google search of 'men cuddling men', which led me to the first discussion I participated in here, has changed my life.

    Despite all of my frustrations and the money I have spent on another site/company, joining Cuddle Comfort and being a Pro on this site has been worth it!

  • @nurturingman, I’m hoping that with time all your efforts pay off. If anyone deserves to be successful as a pro of ANY sex it’s you. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person. I hope it’s not the last time. And cuddling under the trees in the park was pure delight.

  • I need a man to cuddle with

  • @Nicoletteshea77 you shouldn’t be here. Besides the fact that you are charging when you aren’t a pro, you have a pic where you’re covering your bare breasts and you say you like to cuddle while horny. You need to leave….

  • Ooo, you tell ‘er, @Sheena123 !

  • @nurturingman lol just taking out the trash 😆

  • Never a dull moment. Thanks, @Sheena123

  • There are about 4 billion males on this planet. Of those, some are children, some are in comas and some do not have access to the internet. Let's say that leaves 3 billion.

    When I logged on this morning I had a message .... from @Nicoletteshea77. There are 3 billion men out there and, when she needed a cuddle and/or a 'cuddle' .... she picked me. Lil' ol' me. I'm very touched, and very flattered. It's just a shame we never got to meet.

  • Too bad she’s been banned and no one will get to see her lovely scammer face. :3

  • Its been difficult. I've been branching out and booking with other pro cuddlers so I can build karma to get myself out there. I'm hoping that others will see and then want to book with me. So far, I've not had anyone book with me, I've been the one booking others. It can get expensive, but its worth it and I've met some amazing, lovely people, and made some great friends,

  • Thanks for sharing your experience, @Originalirish . Nice profile. Good luck!

  • Can makes try being a PRO for 6mths or more and if no success csn you go back to enthusiast?

  • @FutureHeart2023 they won’t allow that cuz there are too many men trying to become pros to try to get free cuddles from other pros and also trying to sneak into pros only sections. So by putting a monthly pay up with a credit card on file, that slows down the creepy men.

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    @Sheena123 where did you learn of that policy? I don’t see anything in the Pro Cuddler Contract that says that once you go Pro you can’t go back.

  • @nurturingman I read his question wrong 😓 I thought he was asking to be a male pro for 6 months without paying the fee. Like, a free trial of sorts. That’s my bad 😞

  • No problem. 😉 Glad we cleared that up.

  • I have been on CC for several years now and I started out as a pro. As far as training goes I have just real life experiences put into practice. I can honestly say I have met some wonderful people here and have had lots of fantastic experiences and cuddles. I am not in this to make a fortune I basically cuddle enough to cover my expenses.

    I have several regular cuddle clients who I cherish and always look forward to seeing.
    I plan on being in NY for the meet and greet in April so if anyone is looking for cuddles during that time please feel free to message me.

  • I downgraded to an enthusiast account. Went three months or so without a soul requesting to book with me. I booked with many others as I very much enjoy/need the cuddling, but found that there is somewhat of an equality to unsavory requests for men as there are from men to women.
    I once traveled nearly two hours to a session and was immediately asked for $500 while the lady starts to get naked in front of me. Two other women cuddled normally for an hour and then straight up grabbed my hand and put it on their nether parts, and another lady that I knew and thought I had become friends with fell on hard times. She asked if I could prepay, which I gladly did ($250) and then suddenly I'm ghosted and cant even get an answer as to if she's ok or not. I've always been a trusting fella...but holy wow! (And yes the profiles in question are gone)
    This is difficult for a lonely guy. I wish there were an option for paying a portion of each session like the ladies do instead of the $20 monthly fee because Im a guy.

  • @Originalirish I’m so sorry you’ve been treated this way! That’s horrible! And this is exactly why I get so upset that some men say it’s impossible for women to sexually assault men. What you went through is exactly that. Exposing herself to you is sexual assault. The other one forcing your hand to touch her is sexual assault. There was no consent given and they crossed your boundaries. This is absolutely not okay. I’m glad they aren’t here anymore.

    You seem like a really kind person. I’m sorry this has happened. It’s sucks that these experiences taint someone’s trust. They took advantage of that kindness and ruins it for those that would actually be amazing cuddlers for you. Keep your positive nature and patience. They are some amazing qualities 🌸

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