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  • @Unique2021, you are welcome to take a look at my profile. It has done exactly what I wanted it to do - set the bar HIGH and weed out the creeps.

  • I think I am going to plagiarize @Sideon’s warnings. Best in the industry and I will use them to confound the confused.

  • [Deleted User]Unique2021 (deleted user)

    If you read over what he stated about the pancake. Its nothing like above! Either way I don't and never will feel comfortable with a cuddle buddy on top of me in a intimate position. Its plenty of ways to cuddle and respect boundaries and this guy is married. That's a position for him and his wife not me.

  • [Deleted User]Unique2021 (deleted user)
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    @Cuddle_RN wow! Great profile! Yes I most definitely need to update my profile. I have kids and I'm not risking my safety nor my kids. Is it ok to use your profile information with a few edits?

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    Here’s my take on two things you said, @Unique2021

    Either way I don't and never will feel comfortable with a cuddle buddy on top of me in a intimate position.

    I see that as your boundary, your statement about what’s right for you. I believe only you get to decide what your boundaries are.

    That's a position for him and his wife not me.

    I see that as your opinion, your statement about what’s right for him and his wife. I believe only they get to decide what their boundaries are.

    EDIT: I've debated whether it was necessary to add this, but just so no one gets me wrong:

    I support your refusal to get into any cuddling position you're not comfortable with.

  • @Unique2021 good for you! Stay true to your boundaries!!🌸🌸🌸

  • [Deleted User]Unique2021 (deleted user)

    Thank you! @Sheena123
    @nurturingman I'm not stating wh but t him and his wife should be doing, I'm saying in general. That various positions usually are preformed by people that's intimate not cuddle buddies. Cuddle between two strangers with no intimacy should have boundaries and respect them.

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    @Unique2021: In general, one person lying on top of the other is... well, a lot of people call it "crushing my soul back into my body," because it provides a ton of haptic feedback and kinda resets your brain's sense of where all your skin is.

    I guess maybe in some circles it's only done by folks who're getting it on—but I've never been in those circles, so I dunno.

    Anyway, if you're not comfortable with it, don't do it! But, uh... also try to avoid assuming that only people who are banging would ever do that, 'cause that's not so. It can be a platonic position, with no sexual implications at all (and in my experience, it usually is).

    Totally don't do it if you don't want to!

    But cuddling in general has a problem with people assuming it's only done between sexual partners so, well, I'd like to avoid adding to that wherever possible.

    @nurturingman's right: One person lying on top of the other isn't necessarily non-platonic. But absolutely, avoid it if it gives you that feeling!

    Personal boundaries are important and should be respected.

  • @Unique2021, thank you and yes, feel free to use what works for you.

  • [Deleted User]Unique2021 (deleted user)

    Thank you @Cuddle_RN

  • [Deleted User]1Cuddybuddy4u (deleted user)

    I also wanted to say Thank you @Cuddle_RN

    You're profile is exactly what I need.

  • I think I want to plagiarize some of @Cuddle_RN’s profile, especially the first paragraph! :-)

  • I was reading this and was going to comment about something but it was from back in June so I shall refrain from it.

  • Ladies, you are more than welcome to borrow what works for you, and apologies for missing this somehow!

  • This is my first time trying this

  • I’m not hosting at home, and I’ve found that other cuddlers are looking for someone to host. I learned that I could book a room in a four-star hotel from 9am to 5pm for $90 that would cost $200 overnight. I used to find it and book it. It’s a good resource for cuddlers in need of a place.

  • @nurturingman this is gold!! Thank you for sharing! Never knew about! I would love to discuss tips and tricks for traveling pros, does anyone happen to know if there is a threat for this??

  • @nurturingman , that’s even good for those who travel and just need a place to nap and take a shower if they have a long layover.

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    Right, @Babichev . I always wondered if hotels in airports offered this. Now I can find out without even asking (although I’d still ask even if they didn’t list that way).

    @Nature_Lover_ ”does anyone happen to know if there is a threat for this??” I’m not sure I understand your question…

  • @nurturingman don't worry, I'm fluent in typos 😂 I believe @Nature_Lover_ meant to say thread

  • Where do I go in Calgary? How do we pick a cuddler? Who do I contact? What is the normal cost if there is one?

  • Welcome @risingstar! Start by reading the excellent advice at the start of the Frequently Asked Questions thread at the top of the board.

    Then go to 'Cuddlers' (the magnifying glass icon) and use the Filter options to search for cuddlers. There are three groups of people here: enthusiasts; professional cuddlers; and clients of professionals. Some people fit into more than one group. For example I am both a client and an enthusiast.

    Take your time. This site, and the cuddling community as a whole, rewards effort, patience, thoughtfulness, respect and self-awareness.

    Good luck!

  • @Shake49 you hit the nail on the head 😁

  • I had actually never heard the term pancake in this context, I sort of had a feeling I knew what it was but I asked anyway when I saw it in someone’s profile.

    Yes my profile is very comprehensive but never thought of using that pancake term.

    Now if someone wants to bring me pancakes then that’s another story!

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    @Nature_Lover_ and @Shake49 Someone posted a reply in this discussion just now, which brought me back to look at it. A belated thanks for the translation from the typo threat to the intended word thread! 😅

  • Hello fellow community I'm new here just wanted to say hello and hope you all are having a wonderful day and are very blessed with lots of love smiles and cuddles and hugs. Any advice for a new member? Typing how

  • Amazing resource.

  • @nurturingman typos can get the best of me 🤷‍♀️🤣

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    such a long post... :'(

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