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  • Hi all, I'm new to the site...there's so much great information here so thank you. I got my first request for cuddling but it virtual...can someone advise me on how that works for this site? Thanks

  • @SwtnCuddly4u welcome! There is a sticky topic about this on the Professional Cuddling board, start with that.

  • How can I block someone

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    @snuggable1: Go to their profile and hit the button with three dots, then select "block" from the menu.

    After you've blocked them, you'll disappear from their visitors page. If they try to visit your profile, they won't be able to. They also won't be able to send you private messages.

    They will still be able to read your public forum posts, and you'll see theirs.

  • Thank you so much!

  • Within 20 miles of my location, all of the non-Pro cuddlers have been inactive for months or years. Only the Pros are active. Funny how that works. I recommend purging inactive memberships.

  • @Communer Who would decide what constitutes inactive? If that were put into play, that would be one more thing to memorize so "we don't get in trouble" or get deleted when we had intentions of coming back. Best wishes on your cuddle quest :)

  • @achetocuddle I suspect the site owners would decide. It would be up to them how long they want to store memberships that have not been online in years.

  • Hello All, I am new and looking for a cuddling partner for emotional support, I am in Redmond, WA can some suggest or open for.

  • Just got on this site and wondering if this app is worth it. Not finding many women in Wisconsin area

  • Never say never. I sent messages to a bunch of members in my area, who had been inactive for over a year. I actually got replies from two of them, and one of those two has since become active again.

    I don't understand at all why you should be the slightest bit concerned if some members stay inactive forever. At the very worst, it may possibly be only the slightest bit inconvenient to you.

  • I host public group cuddle events, can I mention that in my profile?

  • @Communer
    Sometimes people have notices sent to their emails if they receive a message. So it wouldn’t hurt to send a message. They may see the email and check the site. Then they would be active again. :)

  • @AlyMoon I don't see why not.

    But we're not allowed to post links to websites or contact information.

  • @AlyMoon that sounds great! How long have you been doing that and does it seem to go well?

  • I didn't realize that multiple messages a day was a negative no wonder I've never met someone here. 😞

  • Wow a lot of great information here…. Thanks for the hard work.

  • I second that! 🤗

  • This thread is a hidden gem. The first place I went to for information when I joined.

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    Hats off to a lot of good people here, who are spreading kindness.

    Reported and reviewed. Removing part of comment. You can make a post in the cuddle requests forum. [Charlie_Bear]

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    Please don’t advertise here. Take a moment to read through forum topics and headings for your own benefit.
    As you will see, there is so much valuable information a good place to start is FAQ
    There is a specific section for Cuddle Requests, also a way to search and filter out Pros, search by location, by gender, etc. Just go down to the gray area at the bottom of the homepage. It will take some time but it’s worth it.
    Best of luck and happy Cuddling

  • [Deleted User]kris1774 (deleted user)

    How do I find out what I can do if I'm not a professional cuddler and they can't book me? I've had requests for cuddling and also virtual but have no clue of the process if I'm not a professional cuddler. I did apply but it takes 7 days if I'm even accepted. Thank you in advance.

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    @kris1774 welcome. Read the sticky topics at the top of the Professional cuddling board. Start with the first post in each case.

    You may not accept bookings until you have been approved. Attempting to circumvent the system normally leads quickly to being banned. Approval often takes less than seven days - it just depends on how busy they are.

  • [Deleted User]Hippi (deleted user)

    I'm not a pro and not interested in pro

  • I guess this is a good place to ask this question.......🤔.... hey why is the "Moderator Thoughts on Mental Health" thread currently locked? please and thank you !

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