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Hey! I was thinking that it would be fun to have a picture thread for those of us who don’t mind sharing pictures of ourselves.



  • I just got my hair touched up, and I’ve taken a bunch of silly pictures to try to get the color to look the same in my pictures as IRL.

  • [Deleted User]galowglass (deleted user)

    That stern look is ABSOoooLUTELY CUDDLY... (not). grin.
    Fun pics and nice color. Suits your slin-tone and eye-color.

  • Haha. And yet, that’s kind of my favorite one. I look like a little kid about to pitch a fit. :D

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    Oh yes! My chance to share my hair shots! Lol took these two weeks ago and I still love to share them. ?

  • @AndiCuddles also I’m jelly you got purple hair! I thought about it for myself but I feel like that would be a lot of hair I would have to deal with on retouching LOL

  • These are such fun pictures! Good idea.

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    Back when I had long hair and child was tiny, now he is taller than me and weighs 250 lbs! ![]


    And last time I was clean shaven, senior prom , following graduation I grew fur and never looked back lol[![]

  • @AndiCuddles @stellarosass Great pics, you look like part of a photo shoot for a magazine!
    @respectful The eye is the window to the soul. You sir have got a giant soul

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    @pmvines Thanks!

    It's very interesting seeing people change over time. The long hair is cool. :)

    @stellaross And your hair too!

    @AndiCuddles Awesome purpleness.

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    @respectful Perhaps the thread title should be changed to show us your hair

  • @pmvines Possibly!

    Some of my history... I was blond until about age 8.

  • Same here, have a couple of pics when I was very young where I don't even look like the same child from one year to the next because of it lol

  • Here's my sleepy face from this morning haha

    Beautiful hair ladies and gents!

  • Aw, I love seeing your ‘growing up’ pictures, @pmvines and @respectful! You both look like people I could have been friends with in high school. (@respectful you actually share an uncanny resemblance to how a friend of mine looked in his early 20s) (@pmvines something about your face in your prom pictures reminds me of Evan Peters, whom I love. Then with the long hair you look like someone I would’ve worked with at Whole Foods circa 2000!).

    @stellarosass Your pictures do look like they’re straight from a photo shoot! The colors you’re wearing look so lovely on you! And that hair!! (Think I’m going to get the song from Hair the musical stuck in my head...) I wish I could grow my hair that long. My hair is pretty thin, so it doesn’t look great when it’s any longer than a coupla’ Inches past my shoulders.

  • @Sashamcgee You look ready for a snuggle!

  • @andicuddles I was sooo ready for a snuggle!

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    Probably the worst photo of me ever. Around summer 2010, I was growing my hair long in thoughts of donating it, but in the process I started to go gray. Then I suffered something called sixth nerve palsy ( kind of like a TIA ) giving me double vision, thus the eye patch. The nerve heals itself over about six months. But how about that pic? Everybody’s dream-date, right?

  • @mickcuddle Hey, you look like a pirate and pirates are IN. ?

  • Far from my best shot, but here's one from a couple months ago of me getting pizza with my daughter.

  • @cease2exist She looks pretty happy! Is that her reaction to the thought of pizza?

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    With daughters Tara and Lydia at a restaurant.

  • Awww! Everyone's kids are such cuties! And I'm loving 'seeing' members that I don't usually see. :D

  • [Deleted User]choicesvital (deleted user)

    Well I have been travelling a lot in past and mostly I used to snap picture of location I am visiting, till later I realized in all of those, I am missing as I am the picture taker .. Lol.. No one taught me how to take selfies ;-) .. Lol..

  • @respectful Yeah, pizza is life to her, haha.

  • [Deleted User]superkami (deleted user)

    I miss my long hair

  • @superkami I love that pic!

  • Aw, Pichu! <3

  • Me at the Fourth of July fireworks. Those ears are not a filter I was wearing them all day! Lol

  • [Deleted User]CuddlesByEli (deleted user)

    Swimming with my kiddos and enjoying the pool in 97° temps on July 3rd!

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