Cuddle Cruise or Vacation?

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It would be cool if we could organize some sort of vacation where cuddlers could all meet up. I haven’t had a vacation in years because I don’t like to travel alone. I’d be interested in going on a cruise or a beach where other cuddlers will be.

Anyone want to set it up?



  • That would b of interest - more time & different people to cuddle with, maybe group ones as in workshops held before :)

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    @DonLong presents another piece of satire:
    Cuddle Cruise 2020
    Febuary 13-15

    Single people rejoice. You can now opt-out of spending Valentine's Day alone this year and spend the day with a complete stranger instead!

    This will be a 3-day convention that allows everyone to enjoy platonic, non-sexual touch. Participants will start with a course in Consenting 101 as a required prerequisite to attend the rest of the event, to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable.

    • Challenge Master Debater @DarrenWalker in the educational discussion forum.
    • Meet Celebrity Professional Cuddler @MissAdventurous talk about her adventures in Cuddleland.
    • Tickle your funny bone at open mic stand up comedy lead by @pmvines and @FunCartel.
    • Attend the Q&A panel with @Mark and the moderators.
    • @2dogmom will be there to help find you the perfect 4 legged cuddle partner to take home through her connections at the Humane Society.
    • Special guest speaker @littermate to talk to us about etiquette and the power of hugs.

    We will also feature several other events like partner yoga, pillow fights, petting zoo, dance lessons, massage classes, snuggling under the star, Twister tournament, Pajama/Furry costume party, an attempt to break the Human Pyramid Record and more.

    Don't miss out on all the fun. RSVP right now!

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    That would be a good band name. Who else would come to see Mark and the Moderators playing at the sunset dance?

  • @DonLonG Wow... 🤣🤣🤣

  • This sounds like a fun idea. I would need more notice than February, though. :P Excellent satirical write-up.

  • [Deleted User]aguyfromVA (deleted user)

    If we make it happen, I suggest an attempt at trying to meet a 50/50 ratio of men to women or something close to that (understand not all women cuddle men and vice versa).

  • I’d love this

  • As sung to the television theme song... ♫♪♫♪♫♫♪

    Cuddles... exciting and new
    Cuddle Cruise... is expecting you
    Hugs, life's sweetest reward
    Cuddle now, and feel that deja vu...

    The Hug Boat... soon will be making another run
    The Hug Boat promises something for everyone...

  • lol @Sideon That's amazing. I think we found our Entertainment Director. You can help people break the ice.

  • @DonLonG -- you make my day friend LOL! Where's my fancy pen for signing my name to all those adoring fans?

  • Wow! I LOVE this idea. For real though. If someone sets up a trip. I would be highly interested in attending.

  • Hmmm. Sounds like a possibility- I'm wondering if something like this was really arranged would you guys be willing to sponsor all expenses + payment for the professionals attending? What would be a reasonable amount you would afford to donate to this endeavor? PM if you have a serious and definite interest. I could do a little research AND it may be best to plan something like this 6-12 mos. in the future.
    P.s. thanks for adding our pics on the forum when we post

  • [Deleted User]aguyfromVA (deleted user)

    I think this should be more about enthusiasts with pros being welcome to attend for fun. I’ve seen cuddle parties where pros attend but do not charge at the event. They attend as enthusiasts and are not compensated for attending the event.

  • It’s a vacation I surely would expect someone to “sponsor” my vacation just because I was a pro. I would be up for something like this and would absolutely not expect payment for something like this.

  • [Deleted User]aguyfromVA (deleted user)

    Virgin (Richard Branson’s company) is starting a cruise line called Virgin Voyages. First cruise is April. Their rates aren’t bad considering they include tips, wifi, and some other stuff. Brand new ship.

  • I have a sister in law that’s a travel agent! 😳😁

  • I love this idea but the chances of me being able to attend would be slim unless it was like a weekend cruise. I have so many trips in the coming months that it would be hard to get away for a week. I really love the weekend cruise idea though! =) :3 <3

  • @SouthFlorida4U Even a 3 day one over a long weekend would be awesome!

  • I love this idea!

  • ...@creativecuddles in response to your comment i feel differently. AND there's nothing wrong here. If I was going to go on a vacation why not go with a good friend, family, or lover? As a pro I do not host cuddle enthusiast parties. My personal preference is one-on-one cuddling and I LOVE cuddling, but also cherish my personal downtime. 🤗

  • For a Cuddling Convention I would volunteer time and raise money via sponsors & asking for donations- Group conventions are expensive and they just don't happen on their own. It all takes money, effort, time, and lots of planning, foresight, legal stuff like permits, contracts, and payment. Realistically, it could take up to a year of planning for a Nationwide event. Or it could take a 3-6-9 months of a planning to actually have an appropriate 50-50 turnout male and female cuddlers-
    Imagine you hope for an even turnout and Lots of people say they are coming on the vacation cruise but haven't put any money down or called the sister-in-law travel agent (who receives a paycheck + comissyion btw) even though they have the Info. - you need someone to mAke it happen.
    On a vacation I'll be on complete downtime mode & wouldn't ask someone to pay my ticket on a vacation.
    All depends on how big your dreams are and of course there is the dediication. If you have the extra time & funds might as well dream big! 💙

  • [Deleted User]aguyfromVA (deleted user)

    If this gets anywhere close to happening, I’m paying for myself to go on vacation and not contributing more to “sponsor” anyone else’s vacation.

  • Sounds like a great idea,... a.... 3, or 4 day cruise

  • We could give everyone a token to identify ourselves. Like different colored wristband or lei for different orientations. They would be handed out to people at the end of the introductory and safety seminars after they sign a waiver that they have listened to and agreed to the rules of conduct.

    You can wear them when you are looking to meet new people, take them off when you need a break (like deactivating your account). Blue (interested in male cuddler), Pink (interested in female cuddler), Yellow (looking for either), White (looking for just conversation/meet new people), etc. What other colors/situations would we expect to find and need to prepare for at such an event?


    @aguyfromVA : "I suggest an attempt at trying to meet a 50/50 ratio of men to women"

    Even if that was something that could be controlled, it could be expected to have 90% of the guys wearing pink leis, but what happens if 90% of the women are also wearing pink leis?

  • @DonLonG how about an in memoriam for banned members ?

  • [Deleted User]aguyfromVA (deleted user)

    Maybe build up a group females first that will commit. The males will easily want in. Once you meet a goal of females (and their preferences), open it up to males. You’ll likely have more interest from males anyway. If you want to limit males, run a lottery for a specific number of slots.

    You can’t really prevent anyone from going on a cruise but the limit could be for “official” attendees.

  • How about trying it first in a hotel. Several pros could book rooms, with arranged meetings during the day, and then fill in any gaps with walk-in clients.

  • Sounds like a wonderful idea🤗

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