Favorite position

What is your favorite cuddling position?



  • With someone. Anything else is a bonus.

  • My favorite position is "Woman in Same Room."

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    Front to front or me on my back, my arm around her back and shoulders and her head on my chest.

  • Long hugging and the leg lock.

  • Right now, I imagine it will change, as things do:

    1) Cuddle partner sitting on bed supported by wall or headboard, legs open, me in his/her arms like a little koala bear, face in neck, hiding from the world.
    2) Me sitting on bed supported by wall, cuddle partner in my arms facing me with legs/torso at 90 degrees, plastered against me (this works great for holding big people).

  • I like to be on my back with a woman on top of me like a human blanket lol. Head on my chest, or a pillow if she prefers. But spoon is fine also. Really anything she likes makes me like it.

  • The half-spoon.

  • My favorite position to be in? The one where she actually opens the door when I knock on it, or comes out when I drive up.

  • Holding hands or the Mama Bear. Right, @Sheena123? :)

  • The running man. But only on Tuesdays after 2pm and before 9pm . Otherwise I like to stand in place staring at the corner of the room . I'm not sure if this is good for my cuddle partner but it brings me peace

  • @pmvines "I like to stand in place staring at the corner of the room." OMG, you mean THE BLAIR WITCH POSITION?? That used to be SO popular!

  • @ILikeWarmHugs oh my god I was about to mention my Mama Bear position. I’m glad you love that position. It’s definitely a fave among my cuddlers 💖💖💖 best way to pamper them!

  • Corkscrew

    Each partners limbs are intertwined in a spiral shape

  • @Sheena123 divulge the details of the renowned Mama Bear cuddle position, I beg of you!

  • @littermate lol very well

    I lean against the wall and you lay your back against me between my legs. I play with your hair and trace my nails down your arms and nuzzle into you 💕 I'm able to completely wrap myself around you and make you feel very protected

  • I use my legs to squeeze and give massages and depending on the cuddler @ILikeWarmHugs , sing a beautiful song while being in close proximity

  • @Sheena123 I was just imagining it. Wow!

  • @Sheena123 that honestly sounds nice

  • [Deleted User]2dogmom (deleted user)

    Facing, limbs intertwined as much as comfortable, my head tucked under my cuddle buddy’s chin, nuzzled into their neck. Sort of a full body hug. lol

  • I think anything which can be sustained for at least an hour. I'm not into the idea of changing positions regularly, that's like a 3 am fire drill when I'm trying to get a good night of sleep.

  • My sweet spot is laying down together, someone's arm around me, my head on their shoulder, arms and legs entwined. This is my go-to favorite.

    Also a favorite at movies when sitting upright required: front to front, his face in my neck, his arms around me, and my hands rubbing his back and in his hair, legs entwined. (And people say you can't really cuddle at movies! Pshaw!)

  • @Biblioromantic What's wrong with cuddling at the movies? That's awesome!

  • Husband at dinner, "I think we should try a new position tonight, why don't we swap over ?"
    Wife, "Sure. I'll lay on the sofa watching TV, and you can stand at the kitchen sink doing the washing up".

  • @Sheena123 the mamma bear is the best! It may take me a moment to give in to being loved but once I relax it is so healing!
    I also like to hold people like this because I can also give a back rub while squeezing with my legs too! haha! I have very long legs and it feels so good to have them wrapped around providing a gentle and sustained pressure.

  • Tied up tight like a pretzel !!!!!

  • If they smell bad I like being a little spoon. If they smell ok to great, it does not matter.

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