Hurray for Pros!

Just wanted to start a thread to appreciate the many pros on here who provide safe, platonic, loving containers for peeps to enjoy the fruits of cuddling who might not otherwise get to for whatever reasons. And all the learning you glean and share with us! You guys are providing such a wonderful service, it can't always be easy, you rock! Wanted to start this so anyone who feels appreciation for the pros, either from the sidelines like me, or from full-on snuggling with them, could spill a little love. <3



  • Seconded.
    They are like the airbags on cars ;it would be best if they weren't needed, but we are VERY grateful to have them for when they are.

  • I love em all pro or non and that includes those who don't love me 🙂

  • @geoff1000 I'm not sure anyone will feel complimented by being compared to an AIR BAG. B)

  • I've seen many pros. and appreciate them all!!!

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    @pmvines you pisces you

    @StoryDoctor1138 chuckle.

    Thanks all of you for participating in my morning love fest.

  • @StoryDoctor1138
    How about :
    Air-sea rescue helicopter pilot
    Smoke jumper
    Roadside Assist mechanic

  • @geoff1000 Undercover Goddess?

  • Some of the pros i have met have been quite lovely people and i wish them well and thank them for the cuddles.

  • That was so sweet @littermate ! I’d like to thank all of the cuddl-ees who have shared their stories with me and all of the amazing feedback they give me the day after our sessions. It truly makes me feel special that I am able to share my gift 💝

  • @littermate
    I like your wordplay on the two meanings for "undercover".

  • @geoff1000 thank you for noticing :)

  • @littermate

    That’s so sweet of you ☺️ Thank you so much. Everything you say is always so supportive and meaningful.

    I absolutely love being a pro. ❣️ Waking up in the morning knowing I get to snuggle people and show how important they are makes it hard to believe it’s my job lol


  • @littermate Its in my nature what can i say

  • And I would like to add an individual special thanks to the pro who invited me to chat with her over coffee after seeing a different client just because she knew that I was in the area... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    Thankful to the pro cuddlers who believe it is important to give cuddles to strangers because it hurts us physically if we don't. It is also wonderful to meet pros from different ethnicities and walks of life.

  • Wow so nice to see a positive thread about pros for a change. Thanks @littermate <3

  • thank you for sharing! I appreciate all the pros in here too who provide a safe space. the emotional support I provide as a pro cuddler is very appreciated by my clients and I feel honoured to be able to work with them and support them on their journey. much love <3

  • Thanks so much. I return the thanks to everyone who has reached out, and trusted me with their stories and their real inner selves. I also wish there was less of a need for us, but I love being able to help when and where I am needed. 😊

  • Really appreciate what pros do:) thank you all !

  • Thank you, guys! I mistakenly ended up reading a kind of mean thread a while ago, where some people were asking why pros are even around in the first place. There was a lot of negativity and it made me stop reading the discussion boards. It was really nice to see this pop up on my dashboard 😊
    I love pro cuddling! It's one of the only jobs I've ever felt confident doing, as I've always been a nurturer by nature. It's a place where I actually feel like I'm making a difference in people's lives! Thank you to everyone, it was genuinely super nice to wake up to!

  • <3 the pros that I have seen

  • Here’s a ringing endorsement of @ubergigglefritz. She’s a really cool person to hang out with.

  • Thanks @adorable48 . You are a pleasure. 😇

  • I've had nothing but positive experiences with the pros on here. Thanks for spreadin' the love, @littermate .

  • OK, my final word isn't a word.

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