straight men who would cuddle men?

Are there straight men who would like to cuddle other men? Just curious what your thoughts are on if you would or would not.

  1. As a straight man would you cuddle another man?60 votes
    1. Yeah, why not?
    2. No, not for me


  • @FishCuddles and I cuddled at a cuddle party before and he’s probably the only man I feel comfortable with as he and I are good friends. Otherwise I prefer women. However, I see nothing wrong with men cuddling men. It’s just cuddling and it’s platonic. It all depends on the person’s preference, though.

  • @ILikeWarmHugs Thank you for proudly sharing our experience! My belief is that a close and trusting friendship, is important when considering to cuddle anyone. I have cuddled both women and men for many years now. Yes, Straight men can cuddle other men (if they choose). Before, during and after I cuddle everyone, I still have many attractive female dates. So still do not see anything wrong with two men cuddling and still able to date or be in long term relationships. I know many single, dating and married people that cuddle. Also women cuddle or connect physically often, still get married and have children. I also understand other Straight men’s point of view, about not feeling comfortable with cuddling other men. Ultimately it’s a personal decision and respect of boundaries are important either way. Sadly there are societal double standards, when it comes to men. Also respect of boundaries are important.

  • I want to say that I can overcome societal pressure and just focus on the warmth and affection, but I’m not there yet. I can’t shrug off the homophobia that easily. Perhaps the setting would make a difference.

  • I prefer females, but when my touch need starts talking, I'll cuddling a man any day. This is a platonic website, but it truly amazes me how many don't get it. Platonic means no sex period. But I guess we men have been brian wash way too long, I apologize females.

    I found this the other day:

    Platonic characterizes a close but non-sexual relationship between two people. These two people, based on their sexual preferences, could have a sexual relationship but currently only have a powerful, deep friendship

  • @WKCuddles Are you saying that you cannot understand what it feels like to be homophobic despite that the intentions of cuddling another man would be mutually platonic? I’m saying that there is legitimate fear of societal repercussions such that one might not feel at ease or safe cuddling another man.

  • Take them labels off them bottles, homie.

  • @IvanTokodol I agree with your points about how societies influences men with many possible negative reactions (rejection, shaming, judgemental terms/name calling and etc.). @WKCuddles I appreciate your honesty and open mind. @BigGuyGa Thank you for sharing your apology and views about “labels”.

  • Most men are socialized to believe that touching other men, except perhaps a handshake, is socially forbidden. Compare the number of women/girls you see walking down the street holding hands with the number of men/boys you see doing the same.

  • I have a best friend that I have no problem to hug, but he is a friend of mine that more of 12 years. We built our relationship with trust and became like family. But in general doesn't hug other males. I think trust is a matter that will define to do it or not.

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    @Jamie703 This has been a topic a few people have brought up before. (Thank you for yourself and others being relaxed / understanding / accepting in regards to the topic)
    Other conversations have blown into arguments how it's wrong for a man not to cuddle with another man... (it's sexist, homophobic, blah blah blah).
    Heh, if someone isn't comfortable with it, trying to force them into it, isn't going to help.

    It just really all depends on your upbringing / family / friends / culture.
    Also depends on your connection with the person. I think for guys there has to be a much closer bond with the person before they would cuddle / hug, etc. (Like @teddy_bear69 mentioned above)

    One of my clients really enjoys his "Bro Cuddling" (as he likes to call it.) He says he feels a lot more comfortable being open and sharing 'guy stuff'. Life / Relationship, etc... That he wouldn't feel as comfortable cuddling up to a woman and opening up and talking about.

    Here are some random threads for you to wander though ;)

  • No can't imagine it. I don't even have close male friends.

  • @IvanTokodol I am trying to figure it out is the best answer that I can give you.

  • @outdoordude28 So you think society needs labels that people must live up to and fit into? Sad. I think people are and should be more complex than that.

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    Unless it’s a survival situation why on earth would a straight man want to be so physically close with another male? We’re all adults people, let’s stop pretending we don’t know how we’re wired. I know, I know, this is a platonic site and your cuddle partner’s gender shouldn’t matter. L.O.L.

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    @Lucas_ Yes, people crack me up with that too! For my profession, I have studied human behavior patterns. Society leads people to believe that they belong in one box 📦 or the other. According to Kinsey research people fall into Predominately Straight or Gay spectrums but exclusivity to one throughout a life time extremely rare. People crack me up male and female, when they try so hard to act exclusive. Or like they would never think or act on an urge to cuddle someone or be close to someone of the same gender. Yes, woman have more of a pass than men but I have known some women to express same gender exclusion (as common with men). Thank you to everyone for sharing thier views.

  • The double standard is probably best illustrated by : the market for lesbian pornography to straight men vs. the market for gay male pornography to straight women.

  • @BigGuyGa
    You can't change what is!!

  • When I was 20-25... I had a straight friend whom we'd always cuddle up and watch a movie, or if we crashed at the others house, we'd cuddle up at night. There was never anything sexual about it. (He had a girlfriend).

    We even had conversations about it... and neither of us had any sexual feelings for either other. (hah, nope... so not happening, lol) Still to this day we don't. But we'll give each other huge bear hugs when we see each other, or heck... sit on one another's laps... put the arm around the other.

    Personally, I like giving compliments, flirting, etc with someone... When you know neither of you has any sexual / relationship interest in it, and you know there is no risk of 'misunderstanding'. (Are they interested, are they not interested, do they want to go out with me... this is awkward... etc. etc.) I dunno about you, but I like being called handsome, regardless of who it's coming from (as long as it's genuine).

    I also work for a company that is ALL about inclusion / diversity / acceptance, etc. That 'gender/sexuality' wall, that you'd often see, doesn't really exist there. It's kinda weird (compared to social norms, but refreshing), unless someone actually straight out came and told you they're straight / gay, you'd have no idea. Straight guys will jokingly flirt with other guys all the time (gay or straight). Obviously it's not everyone with everyone, it has to do with a level of comfort, but the comfort threshold is WAY lower than your average group of people.

    (and in saying all that, the same comfort / acceptance level is there in regards to skin color, race, religion, etc. We just see each other as other humans. Not as their labels. NOW, it's not perfect, we're all human... It's no 'Star Trek' type of perfect... But definitely a lot less 'walls' / 'silos' / 'labels' compared to most other places I've worked.)*

    • I do live in Canada... so that plays a part in it too ;)
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