How did people pick their user names?

Is there a story behind your user name?



  • My good friend and I always call each other cuddlebugs TM is for TMAMA Which is what the teens I volunteer with call

  • mine has been a gamer tag for the better part of 2 decades or more at this point. year ago when i started gaming you were limited to 3 characters for labeling a high score whether it be in an arcade or at home on a console. then, the first time i played a game where it asked to name the character, which would also be the name of the console game save, and allowed for something about 12-15 characters.. i wanted to make something unique. i looked around my room for inspiration before looking down at the controller (an after market one) that had buttons for "Restart" and "Turbo". my brain pieced them together to make Reurbo (Ree ur bow) and i've used it ever since.
    nerdy back story.. i know Lol

  • @cuddlebugTM Ah, so the TM isn't "trademark" after all ... :)

    @reurbo Lol, I wouldn't have guessed that one!

  • Just my initials, not very inventive I suppose

  • @pmvines So nothing to do with private messaging people pictures of ivy, jasmine and other climbing plants?

  • edited February 2018

    I’ve worked in management for many years now. I’m very into philosophy and teaching. I pattern a lot of my leadership styles after Phil Jackson. One of my younger employees nicknamed me Knowledge because I’m constantly teaching my employees and talking to them. Knowledge turned into Morpheus after the character from the Matrix when the movie came out. It’s funny, someone on the message boards once asked me why I had a demonic character as my profile pic lol I was like no that’s Morpheus. I still however think I’m more along the lines of a Phil Jackson but Morpheus is cooler.

  • @Morpheus I still read your messages in his voice. :)

  • @respectful no lol, nor is the PM indicative of night time hours. It is literally just my initials, which some people on here know what those initials stand for, but only those I trust

  • @pmvines - So am I to assume, then, that you are not a former mortuary worker? post mortem vines??

    My name comes from the fact that I used to garden a lot when I owned a house with a yard. One of my favorite flowers is the blue bearded iris.

  • I use my username for pretty much everything - email, Facebook, PSN, list goes on. It was literally just a nickname an old friend kept using back in high school, it just grew on me and the rest is history :)

    In case anyone is thinking it, I have had people comment on it no longer being 2010 and wondering why I don't change it every year, it's just a name at the end of the day though so why even care; I mean personally I don't like some of the month names (sept means 7 but September is month 9, oct means 8 but October is month 10, etc.) but they're just labels ultimately so what does it matter as long as we all know what we mean when we're talking :P

  • I think @PMvines is half Latino and half Irish and his name is Pancho McCauley

  • I'm pretty sure I don't need to answer this...Lol

  • Calineur= French for cuddler

  • I'm a tall guy that you could cuddle like a teddybear.

  • I thought mine was funny

  • Yes to Love Light. :)

  • [Deleted User]SweetStuff (deleted user)

    I enjoy the "SweetStuff" that life has to offer. Cuddles and chocolate are a couple of stuff that I find sweet (pleasant).

  • I believe I told you in PM @respectful but for everybody else - a catloaf is a shape assumed by a rather contented feline. :)

  • Lol, cool photo @catloaf! Bunnies can have a similar shape sometimes.

  • Oooh interesting thread! I like it, :D
    Mines just my name, But I like it. Feel like the OG brandi haha

  • Mine is the name of my dog which was named after my favorite wine.

  • I just really like tacos :D

  • [Deleted User]DeliMan (deleted user)

    Guess what kind od work i do?

    @catloaf that is absolutely adorable

  • I just thought it described me accurately. I didn't realize the John Wayne connection until after I had chosen it, so that was unintentional. LOL

  • @quietman775 Any significance to the 775?

  • My name is the first 2 letters out of my 4 daughters names. Mokissia montana kiana sierra savanna.

  • Polylover is pretty obvious since I am polyamorous. I've used it since the 90s. When I joined here, I was mistakenly banned, and had to rejoin with a slightly altered version.
    <3 jim

  • [Deleted User]DarrenWalker (deleted user)

    Darren is (almost) my real name, and my feet are my primary method of transportation.

  • @Blueiris no but I do feel post mortem at times

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