Cuddling at the Movies 🎥

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Just curious or putting this out there. How many other people have thought to cuddle at the movies? Maybe a good idea for those who haven’t thought of it? Trick is you gotta find a cinema that allows the arms to lift in the seats lol. One woman told me it sounded like a date tho, what do you think?



  • I've had two movie snuggles. It definitely did work better the first time, when the divider between the seats could be removed, but both times were dear. A good way to start out in a public place to check out compatibility. :D

  • I imagine it is quite popular as a "public" meet, especially if neither party wants a lot of conversation.

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    I think it's a great idea. Especially for a first meet up. Kind of takes the pressure out of being alone with a stranger.

  • Right? It’s a cheaper alternative to a hotel and if you’re following site rules there’s not much more you can do in a private setting unless you’re looking to get away with something

  • Well, there's actually a lot you can do in a private setting without looking to get away with something depending on your cuddle partner and what's mutually platonically creatively fun.
    At least, that's my experience, having snugged at movies and snuggled at home.

  • Such as... what? 🙃

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    Obviously you can’t spoon lol unless you’re at one of those theaters that have beds or if you want to maximize skin contact, that’s all I can think of as far as being platonic goes

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    Being crushed by the other person's full weight (woot for crushing!), pretty hard to spoon in a fulfilling manner in movie theater seats, all manner of snuggle positions that aren't served by chairs (I have a really good one for big guys to feel held rather than always having to be the big protector dude -- can't do it in movie theater seats). So many ways of lying down and snuggling that movie theater seats don't serve. Standing and snuggling. Besides, snacks are better at my house. :D

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    I have been held before, you gotta be creative in all locations

  • Bottom line it’s a good idea for a public meet up besides getting a hotel and not going through the trouble of having to meet up at Starbucks first

  • Totally did a movie cuddle before. I think it’s an excellent way to sit and relax and enjoy time together.

  • Movies in theatres used to be a good option for public cuddles here in California, but all the theatres have been changing the seats. The theatres with seats or benches that allow for cuddling are few and far between, and not worth the effort anymore. I actually walked out of a theatre and requested a refund due to this issue.

  • Does this mean you gotta pay for 2 hours plus tickets? The average is $100 per hour X 2 is $200! Plus tickets! Thats expensive.

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    Yeah is kinda lame how they don’t make theaters like that anymore. Maybe cuz they had a problem with couples and too much PDA

  • @Usernayme I think it's more for nonpro - wouldn't pros generally just go direct for private snuggles?

  • @Usernayme
    Gold costs over $1,000 an ounce.
    The value of something, is how much someone is willing to pay for it.

    Question to all the male non-pros who say on their profile that they only want to cuddle females ; how much would you want to be paid, to be cuddled by a random male ? More than $100, I reckon.

  • I offer movie dates. A site rule for pros is we aren’t allowed to go lower than $40 an hour, so my price for a movie cuddle is $50/hour plus the price of what the event is. The event could also be a concert or play.

  • I did not know that pros couldn’t go below $40 an hour per the site rules. That’s interesting.

  • @Sheena123 I think it's great that you offer different rates depending on where cuddling. I asked a cuddler I've seen before to go to a concert and if the rates would be lower because the cuddling is limited. The response was a curt the rates don't change because of location. That's her choice but I'm certainly not paying the same to sit at a concert what I'd pay in a room on a bed. If it was someone I had great chemistry and who genuinely enjoyed my company I might, and I have but it wasn't anyone I met on any commercial cuddle website. But if it's someone like this cuddler I asked who I know is only there for the money and doesn't give a bleep about me, no way.

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    Still, whether pro or non pro, it’s cheaper than a hotel, but then you can’t cuddle in the hot tub either 😜

  • @snugbuddy I’m sorry she was a bit snippy with you. I understand why some pros are adamant with prices only because some cuddlers try to take advantage.

    In my mind though, to be a legit caring pro cuddler, you have to put yourself in their shoes. Some are incredibly alone or have troubles trying to socialize or just plain do not have time to invest in friendships that develop into a cuddling stage. A simple cuddle could show them someone cares. So the best way a pro can do that while maintaining her job is to at least lower it for those that truly need it. The ones that are fine with paying my normal price balance it out for me ☺️

  • I'd like to understand why some people think that a professional who won't lower their price, is somehow a bad person.

    The rate includes some unavoidable overheads, and 15% goes to the site, so the person is getting less. Just because a pro is a one-person business, doesn't mean they have to do more pro bono work. If they don't feel it is reasonably profitable, they will quit and do something else.
    Those critics should consider how they would feel, if asked to do their work for less.

    A pro charging less, is like a client giving more ; it should always be a free choice.

  • I wonder sometimes if there isn't some resentment that we're in the position to charge that peeks out in discussions about pros.

  • I've done lots of movie cuddles both with people I meet through this site and through cuddle parties looking for a one off. Movies give you both something to concentrate on, which can be nice if either cuddler is nervous. If a cuddle partner does something to make the other uncomfortable, getting up and leaving is easy. Relative privacy is ensured by choosing movies or showtimes that will have fewer moviegoers in the theater or by using the back rows of seats. And it's inexpensive, not dependent on weather, has easy access to transportation options, and available almost 24/7. The hardest part seems to be knowing which theaters have moveable arm rests and picking a suitable movie.

    I will say I've had good movie cuddles and bad movie cuddles. Worst was a guy who wouldn't stop groping me. I warned him twice, and the third time I just stood up and walked out, then reported him. No muss, no fuss.

  • @littermate
    "Women should do whatever men want" - translated from cave painting circa 10,000 BC

    Some males on this site ( and elsewhere ) should be thankful that their soul wasn't put on earth in the body of a male Praying Mantis.
    "But darling, it's just PLATONIC cannibalism."

  • I love cuddling in a movie! I actually offer a discounted rate that is my hourly rate regardless of the length of the movie plus $10 to cover the cost of my movie. I think it’s a great place to get to know what it’s like to cuddle with someone in a safe place full of people. I generally enjoy talking when cuddling but the movie is a nice way to escape normal headspace.

  • @Biblioromantic
    "I just stood up and walked out"
    You've found the flaw in my "cuddling on long-haul flights" idea.

    Perhaps it would have been easier with a feature off James Bond's Aston Martin in "Goldfinger", just flip the lid of the stick shift and press the red button.

    "Picking a suitable movie"
    If they suggest "The Stepford Wives", don't go.

  • I’ve done a movie cuddle a couple of times with people I’ve met on the site. Both times it was a older movie theater that still had the regular seats with the arm rest that can be lifted. It is a good experience but it is limited in its possibilities. One of them was a first time meeting and we tried holding hands but that became physically uncomfortable because my arm was falling asleep, then I put my arm around her but that was also not very comfortable so we ended up just sitting close together.
    And nowadays with most movie theaters having the big recliner seats that are very comfortable but also they are individual in their nature, so other than holding hands there’s not a whole lot of room for cuddling.
    I’ve also done the drive in but just sitting in the front seats there’s not a too much cuddling going on other than holding hands.
    So like it has been said, for a first time meeting and break the ice it’s ok but for real cuddling it has to be done in the proper setting and that’s mostly indoors.

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