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Hey I was trying to book a session with a new cuddler but it doesn’t give me that option to book. So can I just exchange numbers and book time? How does this work?



  • Presumably she’s not a pro then... she’s just a regular member of the site, like you. You have to message her and talk to her like a normal person. Be forewarned though... there are way more men here than women, so that’s an uphill battle.

  • Any girl or women need a cuddler msg me.

  • @dappadon425 don't shoot yourself in the foot and ruin it for others by offering money to an enthusiast cuddler.

  • I’m looking for cuddles from females. How long does it usually take until you find someone to cuddle with?

  • @Bob66 I think most men on this site never find a non-pro woman to cuddle.

  • pros have a "book" option while non-pros are just "send message" -- booking generally refers to paid sessions which are required to be booked via the site system while messaging nonpros to cuddle can be done over message exchange.

  • I mean, it has to be tough for new women on here. A new woman joined today in my area. There aren't many enthusiasts in the state, so I tried to be proactive, was going to send a polite welcome, but received the error saying they were receiving so many messages they couldn't be messaged...within 2 hours. Now she's deleted her account completely. Makes sense that would be a huge turn off. I can only imagine what she received in the messages. Certainly makes it harder for those of us who have no intention of being creepy, just genuinely hoping to find appropriate, platonic cuddles and nothing more. Well, hopefully at least some level of friendship too, but that's all.

  • Yep, even us older women get our fair share of ack.

    It would be an interesting statistic to see how many nonpro women join then delete in a variety of periods of time compared to men. We might find that although many women are interested in the concept, what it takes to stay, screen, and even bother sifting through what comes at one is another story. Alas.

  • looking for new cuddler’s 💋

  • Yea please dont offer money to a non pro cuddler.

  • @littermate the turn over for new enthusiasts is extremely high in my area, most dont last a week tbh. This is another issue that adds to the frustration. I suppose they get bombarded with indecent proposals. Between that and those that get banned quickly the pickings are thin. I think it’s banned, deleted, go inactive after a day and then those that stick around for a bit is probably less than 30%.

  • The one "enthusiast" that I have heard from since joining has since been banned. I wondered why they wanted to move messaging off site so fast...chalked it up to the lack of notifications or whatever, but once we actually started talking about meeting up I got the, "I told you I accept Paypal, right?" message. I guess I should've known. Glad I hadn't given out my address or anything at that point. A few days later they were banned.

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    (MOD) Judging all enthusiasts in such derogatory fashion is highly questionable. Please try again. [SoulcuddlerZ]

  • I once fell for the text me off the site move. It’s clever and reasonable to prefer alerts when trying to have a conversation. But it became quick to see what the motive was. There is a playbook, for these things and it’s fairly obvious. I sometimes like to predict whose going to be banned quickly. I’m sometimes fooled based on the innocence in the picture and sweetness of the description. Anyone care to start aa friendly wager on bans?

  • @littermate - In my experience around 50% of non-pro women are gone within 3 months. This is based on profiles I've bookmarked and then gone back to check a few months later.

  • What would be wrong with hiring a SW for platonic cuddling ?

  • @geoff1000 I guess nothing if that's what both parties agreed to.

  • Thanks guys. Oh, and despite my rather revealing picture, I am not a prostitute. Just had to get that off my chest.

  • I don’t think I’ve seen a more revealing and totally appropriate picture. @littermate

  • New cuddler here in Edmonton

  • So what I’m hearing as a new cuddler who’s non-pro is that I should be scared? Lol.

  • @Bob66 it shouldn't take too long to find one. Message away and see who replies 🤗

  • Wow some of you guys are so pessimistic also I give my number out quick does that mean im a sex worker @mb0 I’m a open person I don’t like to hide things I’m very upfront but for real You guys on here who assume stuff way to much for me

  • @Salix67 Hahaha! Only if you find sexual solicitations, terse communication that drops off if you try to do any kind of "getting to know" the fellow who wants to press his (clothed) flesh against yours, or potentially fielding wandering hands scary. Otherwise, it's actually a lot of fun. There are some great people on here, and there are some who are challenged in various ways, not unlike the rest of the world. There are people looking for platonic cuddling, and people looking for sex, and people looking for romance, and people looking to deviously make a buck off of other people. I've been having a ball and found myself a wonderful regular cuddle partner, a few new friends, and have been having a lot of fun reading and sharing in the forums. So no, you don't need to be scared. But you might want to read some of the forum threads on screening to keep yourself safe. <3

  • @littermate Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll do that. I am kind of excited about the website so far. I had no idea that a place like this existed.

  • @Salix67 with ya! I felt the same. Have a ball!! And please know, you get to do it your way despite what anyone says.

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    I’m looking for cuddles from females. How long does it usually take until you find someone to cuddle with?

    There isn't a time frame. It took me about two years before I was able to find an enthusiast, but they weren't on here. I'd cuddled with pros up until that point. WIth enthusiasts, I often have found people who only want to cuddle one time, so I make it known in my profile that I'd like someone to cuddle with frequently--bi-weekly is ideal but I'd never say "No" to a weekly regular enthusiast.

    One thing that may really help you out on here is going with a pro. Write a review--many pros will write a review back. Positive reviews can definitely increase your chances of finding non-pros. I have two 5-star reviews and it's helped me out greatly with pros and enthusiasts alike. Write reviews for enthusiasts as well. This will greatly increase your chances. It shows that you're respectful and trustworthy.

    Reddit's /r/cuddlebuddies community is a good place to check out as well for enthusiasts.
    Consider checking out MeetUp to see if there are any cuddle puddle groups in your area. You can find an enthusiast there as well.

  • Anyone from london, pls msg me. I would like to chat.

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