This is a thread where people can take their arguments so they can continue their verbal repartee without taking too much focus away from the original discussion.




  • Responding to @StoryDoctor1138: Can one writer out-grammar another? Can an editor out-grammar a writer? What about someone who's both? Oh, that's me!

    Anyway. I don't intend to upset people when I point out things that are obvious to me. I intend to help. I recognize that my blunt, direct, unemotional style can grate on people who aren't used to it, but I find it difficult to stop trying to explain myself when folks assume I'm trying to be mean.

    "The grammar you used implies this thing," I say, "so—even though it's plain to me that you didn't mean to imply it—you might want to be careful about that." I'm not trying to be negative or bully anyone. I'm trying to help.

    ...Well, except for when dealing with you just now.

    I felt like you attacked me, so I attacked back. (I'm kind of still doing it.) Sorry about that: it's an automatic "the best defense" reaction. I'm working on it.

  • @StoryDoctor1138

    “Please don’t try to out grammar a writer.”

    I’m not convinced of your skill.

    If @DarrenWalker is a bully for pointing out inconsistencies and baffling bits in another person’s post—for the sake of achieving clarity, then I imagine that you likely see bullies everywhere.

    And then the value of “bully” as a word drops considerably. At least around these parts.

  • I tried to make a thread like this a while back. The ability to have a brisk intellectual back-and-forth without derailing other people's threads? Yes, please!

    But it never caught on. There was always at least one person who refused to "take it outside."

    So threads continued to be dragged completely away from their original points for the sake of metaphorical sparring matches and loud telephone conversations that would have been much easier to appreciate outside the, uh, restaurant. I really hope people use this thread. Stepping outside to avoid disturbing others is a very polite thing to do.

  • I appreciate your willingness to defend your point of view - but also your willingness to find a more suitable place to do it.

  • Since this technically doesn’t fit into a thread and an open place to discuss I’ll be honest about something @DarrenWalker. In the past I have felt like I was being attacked when you pointed out little things about my grammar. I don’t know if it’s that I have changed, your posts have changed or how you have been wording your responses have changed. (Any OP not one specific) I see you posting after the OP with grammar issues and I don’t think it is or was ever your intention for someone to feel like it is/was an attack but to point out how the grammar can misconstrue what the OP was trying to convey, myself included. Unless you are someone that has been on the threads someone wouldn’t understand how precise you are about grammar and may take it as an attack and not to help clarify ones thoughts who did indeed have some grammar errors in their post. I am not the most perfect person with grammar, I am far from it so when an issue with my grammar is pointed out in a polite way I can appreciate your preciseness as I think it can help clarify a thought maybe the OP didn’t think of when they worded their post. I don’t think you ever mean to derail a thread or make someone feel attacked and we both know without knowing someone’s personality or seeing facial expressions it’s hard to grasp the true meaning of words. Nobody likes the feeling of being attacked whether it’s in person or on a thread.

  • I challenge all of you to a punch fight! Except you @CreativeCuddles !! I just want to play with your hair =)

  • @littermate Ok no fair, you dont bring cuteness to a punch fight!!!

  • @pmvines did you just derail this thread! 😳😬🤣

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  • Soon! Very soon!

  • @CreativeCuddles, I have been working on phrasing things less... uh... unfeelingly. It's tough for me, though, and I slip up a lot. Hopefully practice will make perfect sometime soon. I don't want people to feel like I'm attacking them unless I actually am!

    Thanks for understanding (at least a little) my Terminator-like pursuit of clarity.

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    Or, you could just add a bunch of stupid emoticons to all of your posts, to make them seem soft, squishy, and altogether child-friendly—for the benefit of others.

  • @exsanguinate: I am, believe it or not, actually worse at picking the right emoticons than I am at choosing the right words. And if the emoticons clash with the tone of the writing, the effect is... well, not what I'm usually trying to achieve.

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    Just go with smiley faces and hearts. They will suffice. :)

    Also: it’s not about what you’re trying to achieve, it’s about what others want. It’s about the devaluing of expression. LOL.


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    Your suggestion is an interesting one. I very much doubt it'll work. :)

    And you seem to be confused. <3 If it's necessary to push certain buttons on the microwave to achieve warm food, that doesn't mean your actions are taken for the benefit of the microwave. <3

    ...No, I–I really don't think this is working.

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    That would work better if there were a multitude of different microwaves; some powered by a crank, others voice-activated, one that requires you to ride a stationary bike for some time before operating a system of pulleys.

    Do you really want to take all of that nonsense into consideration?

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    @exsanguinate: In every case, your goal would still be warm food—the point of your activity in each case would remain the same. It isn't the weather we're trying to please when we dress differently depending on what's going on outside. Don't be a buffoon. :)

    Edit: Also, I think figuring out exactly how all those so-different microwaves functioned would be diverting.

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    Well yeah, the goal is the same. But you’d need to worry over a multitude of different factors.

    If you make something to benefit everybody, then it becomes bland. That’s what I’m getting at.

  • @exsanguinate: Who mentioned trying to benefit anyone but yourself?

  • @DarrenWalker

    Oh. Are you going to only post for yourself from here on out? Or are you going to be less concise and scary to others?

  • Pet peeve.

    If you are over 16, please stop using the word TRIGGERED.

    Thank you in advance

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    @exsanguinate: Didn't I mention that I've been trying to be less abrasive? And didn't you guess that I'm doing this because I think it'll benefit me? Or did you assume I was being selfless? :p

    [Ah. I think I may have chosen an appropriate emoticon. Or does it clash after all?]

    Edit: @Groucho: Despite being older than 16, I think the derailing on the "Cuddling with someone who's already in a relationship" thread triggered the creation of this one.

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    I’m less concerned about “why”. I’m more concerned about the delightful things you write becoming weak and dull.

  • @exsanguinate: An understandably selfish concern. <3

  • While I'm at it, the phrase "common sense" preceeding "gun control" universally signals a statement will follow showing total ignorance of two things. 1. Guns. 2. History

  • @Groucho: Common sense gun control indicates that the barrel of the gun should be pointed in a safe direction at all times.

  • And using Cis ahead of the words Male or Female. Unnecessary folks.

    When we have two categories, trans and all others, why, for the love of god?

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    @Groucho: It makes sense that it'd bug you. There's innate privilege in being seen as the default—qualifying what kind of woman or man you mean every time takes away that privilege.

    ...Which is, in fact, the point.

    Edit: If you're not looking for an exchange of ideas, though... maybe you're looking for the Pet Peeves thread?

  • @DarrenWalker

    Add "innate privilege" to words which ought not to be so easily tossed about.🙂
    For me, language ought to be efficient, not politically correct. Cis are the overwhelming majority.

    You are correct about one thing, and certainly about many more, muzzle control is important for safety. One of the four cardinal gun safety rules.

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