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  • Awesome! Some interesting facts, thanks @mark for sharing! :)

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    What about Zoltan Istvan? I only because of the futurism inteterest you have.

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    @Brandi Thanks

    @curiousgeorge1 I had heard of him but know very little about him. It does seem we're destined to merge with technology and I suspect it will happen naturally with minimal societal resistance. Our smart phones are already extensions of our brains as it is. That happened quickly.

  • Another great interview @Respectful. Thanks @Mark for sharing more about yourself and this site! So glad to be a part of the community.

  • Love the community you have fostered, Mark!

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    Interview with Morpheus

    @Morpheus is a male non-professional in Los Angeles, California. "One of my younger employees nicknamed me Knowledge because I'm constantly teaching my employees and talking to them. Knowledge turned into Morpheus after the character from the Matrix when the movie came out."

    Apparently you have some fluffy cuddle buddies?

    I'm a huge animal lover. I have 3 rescued cats and 2 retired racing greyhounds. I also have 2 cats that live on my patio that I caught and had spayed. At this point there's really no more room inside and they are too wild to bring indoors but we feed them and look out for them.

    As far as the greyhounds, I have been volunteering with a greyhound rescue group for ten years now. I generally dedicate 2 days a month to the group. It's been an amazing experience with a great community of people that all want to save lives.

    You've been part of the cuddling community for a while now. Have you seen many changes?

    I first heard of professional cuddling back in late 2013. I have seen mostly positive changes in the cuddle community in that time. It still isn't as mainstream and widely accepted as many of us wish it were. Cuddle Comfort in my humble opinion is still the best of the cuddle communities. Mark has done an amazing job of providing this site with great updates. I think for its continued growth, we all need to be great ambassadors and spread the word and love.

    You enjoy playing with women's hair (and even ask them to bring a brush!). What do you actually do?

    I've always loved pretty long hair, which is ironic because I have shaved my head for the last 20 years. When I cuddle, if my cuddle buddy is okay with it and has brought their brush, I will usually sit back on my couch and have my cuddle buddy sit in front of me between my legs and I will brush their hair.

    I'm actually quite good at it at this point. There are some tricks you need to know. You need to separate her hair into sections and brush from the bottom up to avoid and brush out the tangles. So grab a section of hair, brush down from the bottom til it's smooth and then go up a bit until the entire section is smooth. Then you move on to the next section. Once the tangles are brushed out, you can brush from the top down.

    My cuddle buddies seem to really enjoy getting their hair brushed. I have had repeat sessions where the girl will walk in my door and almost immediately set their brush down on my coffee table like hint hint.

    How does a cuddle session typically go for you?

    I almost always host. I prefer to cuddle on my couch so I'll usually get things ready beforehand to set the mood. I clean up, put on some music, light some candles. I don't have a shy bone in my body and it doesn't take me long at all to settle into a cuddle so when my cuddle buddy walks in, I usually start off with a hug, introduce them to my very friendly pets, show them where the bathroom is, offer them a drink and then start the cuddle.

    I usually start off by spooning them and then eventually ask them if they're okay with my favorite position which is them laying on top of me. If I'm cuddling with a pro, I always leave their money on my table so they can grab it whenever they want.

    Have you had any particularly memorable experiences cuddling?

    I cuddled with a pro from Cuddle Comfort once who had sadly been the victim of domestic violence the day before. She didn't make me aware of what happened until half way through our session. She seemed so genuinely happy to be with me and accepting of my affection. She said that because of what happened to her the day before, the session with me was everything she needed to help her feel better. It was amazing to be able to give that to someone and to help them feel at ease and safe especially having just met them and being able to establish that bond connection so quickly.

    Do you cuddle many non-professionals? Does it feel much different?

    I haven't had the best luck finding non pros on Cuddle Comfort. It seems that most of the non pros treat this as a dating site. I have cuddled with some non pros that I have met in other ways.

    The biggest difference that I have found is that the non pros I have met are more likely to want to be in a relationship and are more likely to take things to a sexual level. Non pros also aren't as respectful of boundaries as pros are. I really like pros for that reason. I am already in a relationship so I don't need another one. It's really nice to be able to hire someone to be affectionate with that I can let go of once the session is over. Pros don't put demands on me.

    "Pro cuddling is an imperfect thing for many reasons." Could you give some of those reason?

    The biggest issues in my opinion is that there is no/not much training, standardization or accountability. It's also very difficult to really police anything.

    I know that what I am about to say is probably far fetched, but I would love to see a committee put together made up of pro cuddlers and patrons of pro cuddlers. The purpose for the committee would be to create a more general set of standards, expectations and guidelines for both pros and clients to follow. Easier said than done I suppose, but I think it would be a big help for all of us.

    PostScript: Some more on morpheus's cuddle sessions here.

  • I love the interviews !! Thank you @Respecful

  • It's quite interesting thinking of questions to ask people (partly by looking at a person's post history and karma) ...

    Any suggestions for questions that haven't been asked yet?

    (There are already some upcoming ones on overnight cuddles, cuddle parties, medical benefits of cuddling and the business side of things).

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    Interview with reurbo

    @reurbo is a male non-professional from Texas. "The first time I played a game where it asked to name the character, I looked down at the controller that had buttons for "Restart" and "Turbo". My brain pieced them together to make Reurbo (Ree ur bow) and I've used it ever since".

    Can you say a bit about your photography?

    Sure thing! I started out about 17 years ago with a small point-and-shoot film camera that I loved going around to use taking photos of friends, family, and several scenic shots. Eventually I upgraded to a DSLR and was so proud and eager to use it. I was constantly taking landscape shots while I traveled, but had problems with unreliable friends at the time in getting to work with people, posing, and controlling the light.

    Several years went by that I didn't do much, but landscapes and occasionally music events I'd attend. It was this last solar eclipse in August that changed a lot of that though. I'd bought a used lens and a new solar filter to be able to photograph the event, but found that I needed a feature called Live View that my then current camera didn't offer.

    Since everything else for the trip was set and paid for I made the choice to upgrade my DSLR body and made the investment to get back into something I loved and would give me a reason to get out of my place more often without having to spend money to go have fun. I went on my trip, had an amazing time witnessing the event and people I met, came back and began asking anyone I could if they'd let me practice my photography with them.

    I've now had dozens of family, friends, and friends of theirs that I've worked with trying things out and seeing some wonderful places around different cities to use as settings, another dozen that I've yet to work with but they've said they want to, and even have a couple friends that are professional models saying they'd love to help me practice.

    I enjoy being able to give people something they are proud to show off, to be able to capture and show beauty where someone else might not see it but that I do ... whether that be in something scenic or in themselves.

    I see you're also into skydiving. How long have you been doing that, how many times have you jumped, and what got you into it?

    I first made the choice to go back in 2009 when I took a solo weekend birthday trip to Miami and I decided if there was ever a more perfect place to have my first jump it'd be near the beach. I called up the nearest skydiving location, set up for a jump for 2 days later, and was so excited and nervous I didn't sleep much the night before.

    After the jump and the shock of flying I knew I'd want to go again, but money was an issue at the time. It wasn't until 2014 that I went to my local dropzone for my 2nd tandem (which was required before starting classes) and shortly after I bought their complete training course they offer to get certified so I can jump alone or with a group, but I'm no longer attached to an instructor.

    As for what got me into it, for nearly as far back as I can remember I've have dreams of flying and to actually be able to be in the air is like nothing else. It's the one time that you are 100% focused on the moment and not thinking about or worrying about anything in the past or future ... it's freeing and literally a dream come true to be in the sky. I currently have 52 jumps and can't wait for summer to come to start jumping again!

    How did you get involved in cuddling?

    I'd first heard about it years ago, around 2013 or so, in a news piece about a woman in that "got paid to cuddle strangers" ... Jackie Samuel. I thought it was interesting and a wonderful thing, but at the time I believe the only place I could find was in New York.

    It wasn't until a little over a year ago while I was going through a hard time, feeling alone, depressed, and couldn't shake a mental rut I was in after a bad breakup that I remembered anything about that story and decided to see if it was something that had caught on or was still isolated/limited to certain places. I figured if I wasn't going to be looking for relationships anymore, but still wanted someone to occasionally cuddle up with then I'd give this site a shot. It just happened Cuddle Comfort was the first search result to come up that I ended up here.

    You've cuddled a lot of people on this site it seems! Is cuddling all of them different?

    Most definitely!! Some we've had nothing but some great laughs with and will swap stupid jokes, others I've had some deeper and spiritual discussions with, some we've talked about relationships both the good and bad, and some we've enjoyed the silence more.

    Some cuddlers are more energetic which in turn can turn into us talking about a hundreds different things and some are more mellow and we simply enjoy the peacefulness and having each others presence without feeling a need to have to talk. It's all wonderful and each cuddler has seemed to be just what I've needed for my own personal healing when it was needed.

    Have you had any overnight cuddles?

    Yes, I've had 2 overnight cuddle sessions and both were incredible experiences. We'd talked a lot beforehand to the point we felt more like friends so nothing would be awkward when meeting and since I was traveling they would be coming to stay at the hotel with me.

    We'd get something to eat and take it back to the hotel or order pizza, watch a couple movies and talk more about each other, interests, passions, other plans for the weekend and daily life ... just as if we were friends catching up and having a sleepover.

    It was comforting to feel that trust of being able to fall asleep cuddled up with someone, then wake up to cuddle some more before starting the day. I already have plans to book a couple more overnight sessions with cuddlers I enjoyed our session with the first time, but didn't offer overnight sessions at the time and do now.

    What are some of your favorite things to do when you cuddle?

    Cuddled up with arms and legs intertwined on a soft bed is the ideal position or, I've found I enjoy resting my head in their stomach which I never knew until I met with my 3rd Pro, but it really depends on the person I'm cuddling with ... talking about different things depending on shared or similar interests, watching a movie or putting it on mute and doing our own voice overs for characters, going to grab some food or cooking a meal together, giving each other back rubs and a good back scratch. I've even had a Pro offer to wash my hair for me -- that was relaxing, since besides me doing it I rarely have it done when getting my hair cut.

    Some Pros I've opened up to on a more personal level to unload mental and emotional baggage that can build up at times and wear a person out, so some I've cried with, but always feel better after as I know they don't judge and have seemed to genuinely care.

    You became a forum mod recently. How has that been so far?

    It's been a learning experience. I've already learned a lot and have some new perspectives of what Pros go through that makes me respect them even more. I'm happy to have been asked and offered to help more with the site. I believe we have a great community here and I'm glad to help out Mark, our wonderful Pros, and all other members of this site to feel welcome.

    I'm still learning to find that balance here between what the rules say and making sure everyone feels heard. It's not easy, but I do the best I can and try to be as welcoming, approachable, open, and as fair as possible to everyone here.

    PostScript: Some more on reurbo's cuddle sessions here.

  • So great to read more about you, reurbo!
    Such ana amzing individual <3 sending love and light to you!

  • Great interview :) <3

  • Love this!!! So nice to learn more about you! Thanks for sharing @Reurbo and @Respectful.

  • @Brandi thank you thank you thank you!! can't wait to see you again! :3 sending love and light back at you!
    @cuddlebugTM it was fun ^_^
    @AlexBabyBoo23 glad to share a bit and hopefully make things a bit more personal with the community :3

  • Interview with Brandi

    @Brandi is a professional cuddler in Whittier, California. "Brandi is my name! Plain and simple :)".

    I was surprised to see you describe yourself as a "natural loner". Could you elaborate on that?

    I've always been extremely happy and full of energy, and I love to share that with people -- but group settings have never been my forte, and as I get older I really keep to myself more and more. In smaller groups and a one on one setting, I can be a totally open book. But I really like to immerse myself in one person, and really see what they have to say, not only with their words but their body language too. In group settings it's hard to focus on everyone at once lol.

    What made you the cuddler you are today?

    I was introduced to cuddling by a person on a dating site, I was selling massages at the time and he requested a cuddle session instead; and I was more than happy to give it a shot. I consider myself very open minded and that sounded lovely. He became a regular for a year, and in that time I sold cuddles on Craigslist as well, and someone from there told me about this site, and I've been happily here since. :)

    I mostly self taught how to cuddle and comfort people. My mother was very nurturing (hugs, kisses, arm and back tickles, head scratches and just reassurance that there was love there). I think everyone deserves to feel that "at ease" feeling, to know someone is there to care and listen, and to hold and to hug.

    What are some of your favorite things to do when you cuddle?

    Eye contact really is amazing, and can bring some seriously intense moments. I remember one session with an amazing gentleman, he asked me to have 5 minutes of eye contact, and I felt like I was almost in a different world, complete silence but there was so much being said through the eye contact, that afterward I felt like we'd known each other in a past life or something. It totally pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I'm forever grateful and think it was a milestone for me. Now I can make eye contact with anyone and I don't shy away. :)

    You once mentioned "an interest in getting to love and know strangers". Can you say some more about that?

    I think people can connect within seconds of meeting one another, body language and energy from smiles or frowns, it all matters, and I have instantly loved certain energy types. :)

    I love the meeting process. Asking each other questions, caressing each other's arms and hand holding. Getting to know my cuddle buddy is the best thing. Each person is so different and unique in every way. I like hearing new music recommendations, or hearing about their beliefs on all different sorts of topics, or hearing about past experiences that made them who they are.

    Can you say a little about the business side of cuddling?

    Making cuddling a business has been a wonderful journey, but it for sure takes a bit of tough skin, foot work, and lots of self care (such as hygiene, mental health, and eating nutritionally, which all make me feel like the best version of myself and I can share the best energy with someone). The happier the cuddler, the better the business will be. I think that's with any business though, the more dedication and passion you have for it, the better it will turn out.

    What has been the most rewarding thing about being a professional? The most frustrating?

    Most rewarding -- seeing people light up when I meet them, and feeling like I'm actually making people happy and cared for, and also learning from them. I can't even explain how much knowledge, wisdom and strength I've gained from some of these amazing people.

    Most frustrating -- perverted men that ruin it for themselves. It's sad to see someone who genuinely could benefit from cuddles, but they can't control themselves. It also isn't pleasant to deal with of course.

    Everyone's intentions come across very quickly to me in messages and within minutes of meeting in person. I've had to steer some conversations through messages and in person, and have even declined and left some sessions due to inappropriate conversation or inappropriate behavior. Just don't be that person lol.

    You "came out of the cuddle closet" by posting about your activities on Facebook. How did that go?

    Coming out as a cuddler was a bit scary, because of course you never know how people will react. But I think I came out with such confidence in it, and I didn't feel ashamed or bad about what I was doing and it makes me happy. And I actually ended up getting much more support than I had anticipated.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this @Brandi!!!

  • Great interview I love getting to know fellow pros

  • @Brandi such a great interview and so glad to hear more about you and your cuddling experience and growth <3 :3

  • Thanks for the kind feedback everyone <3

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    Interview with BlueIris

    @BlueIris is a professional cuddler in Clearwater, Florida. "I used to garden a lot when I owned a house with a yard. One of my favorite flowers is the blue bearded iris."

    What's happening in your life right now?

    An exciting new chapter!! I've just moved to the Clearwater, FL, area from Virginia. Am swimming in a sea of boxes, trying to get things put in order. Thinking of ways to promote my cuddling business, observing the people around me in this new environment and seeing people in need of cuddles everywhere! It's really a great time for me.

    How did you first get involved in cuddling?

    Late last summer while on a dating site, I came across the profile of a male pro cuddler who'd just been certified. He was offering free cuddles because he wanted to practice. I was on that like white on rice!! It was a great experience. A bit of research led me to CuddleComfort, so I signed up right away. I soon found that I was meeting a better class of people on CC than on the dating sites, and since I was moving at the beginning of the year, I dropped the dating sites and stayed here.

    I'm a natural cuddler. I've always been very affectionate, and I don't have a shy bone in my body, so this was a good fit for me.

    Has becoming a professional affected your view of cuddling at all? Does it feel different cuddling as a pro?

    It hasn't really changed anything for me. At first I thought I might have been screening a bit too hard as an enthusiast, and as a professional I should be open to cuddling more different types of people. However, I've changed my mind about that. Every time I've given what I thought was an "iffy" person a chance, it has not turned out well.

    Every time I've accepted the men who have started out with polite conversation and good manners, those have been the ones that are my preferred cuddlers, regardless of what "type" of person they might be. Quite simply, I'm only looking for one "type:" someone who's interested in getting to know me and making a connection, and someone who has class and good manners.

    One thing has changed a little bit. The longer I cuddle, the more I find myself looking at total strangers and asking myself, "Would I cuddle him or her?" Most of the time, it's "Hell, YES!!" I never had those thoughts before!!

    How do you approach a totally new client?

    I'm a very new professional and haven't yet had repeat customers, so everyone is new all the time to me! If the cuddler is open to it, I ask a lot of questions and message a lot prior to the first meeting. If the answers I get are brief, then that wouldn't work. I do understand that not everyone is into writing, so we could have phone conversations instead. I'll ask questions, find out what types of touch the person likes and doesn't like. I'll find out if they have music preferences so I can set the right mood ahead of time. Generally, by the time we meet, we feel like old friends rather than strangers, and it starts off the cuddle very comfortably.

    I'm very observant about my cuddler's reactions and stated issues, if he has any. For example, I've said I'm not shy in the least. Men who are shy or nervous might find me a bit overwhelming, so if I know my client is shy, I reassure him that we will take things very slowly and at his speed.

    I had one cuddler who let me know he had social anxiety. By taking things slowly and proceeding to each step only when he said he was ready, we went from first-time meeting over dinner to a cuddle right afterwards. We started by sitting on the couch. Then I'd ask him if he wanted me to move closer, could I put my arm around him, and each time the answer was yes. He relaxed after about a half hour and began responding, and reaching out to touch me. He went home really happy, and I felt like I'd accomplished something worthwhile!

    Basically, I don't have a one-size-fits-all approach to new clients. If they're confident, we just dive right in. Otherwise, we go slowly.

    I do love the excitement I feel about meeting new clients! It tells me I've done a good job with screening. If I'm not excited about meeting someone ahead of time, then I shouldn't meet him at all. It means I haven't screened well, and something is not right.

    It sounds like you enjoy a good conversation while cuddling! Have there been some memorable topics?

    I enjoy a good conversation no matter what I'm doing! Topics always depend on the background of the person I'm with. It could be relationships, sex and sexual response, psychology, movies, music, travel, or even computers! Surprisingly, a few times with a few guys that I'd talked to a lot before we cuddled, we fell into very long, comfortable silences.

    As important or more important than good conversation is fun!! Cuddling should always be fun. There should be some laughing going on at some point.

    You've been to a few cuddle parties. How did they go?

    Have been to five or six cuddle parties. They're always loads of fun! The people I've met and cuddled at parties have been great. A few I exchanged contact info with and were subsequently invited to my place. I always felt that people I met at cuddle parties, since I'd spent some time talking with them at the very least, didn't need any further vetting. Most of them had not even heard of CuddleComfort, so I was also meeting people I wouldn't have met had I just used CC as my means of finding other cuddlers.

    I find the atmosphere of a cuddle party very safe. There are facilitators who you can go to if you're having any kind of a problem, be it with another person or with your own emotions. Almost always, there will be someone who has a strong emotional reaction and is brought to tears. There is no judgment. Everyone is empathetic and supportive. I think parties are a great way to get started for people who are a bit apprehensive about meeting people in person that they've met online.

    You are an older (and wiser!) cuddler. Does that seem to make a difference to who contacts you?

    I've wondered about that, and I haven't come up with an answer. I'm constantly surprised at the numbers of messages I get from men who are significantly younger than I am. I guess I assumed that the younger female cuddlers would be more in demand, but there are definitely men who appreciate a mature woman. I have noticed that since turning professional, the messages I get from men in their 20s has dropped off a lot. I think that has to do with younger men having less disposable income: they are looking for enthusiasts because they can't afford the professionals.

    I get a nice amount of messages from people who write just to make a kind comment about something I've said on the forums, and frequently that blossoms into friendships, which is nice. And lately I've been getting more and more messages from people who write to ask me for advice. So I've taken on the role of the Dear Abby of Cuddle Comfort, which I find very flattering!

    What is your favorite thing about cuddling?

    I like the warmth of another human body, that feeling of security I get when a man has his arms wrapped around me. I like being able to get as physically close as possible: full body press, face nuzzling, forehead touching. I like the connection that is created between two people who cuddle and the deep conversation that frequently occurs as a result. I like the sensuality of touching and being touched.

  • Lovely!!! Thanks so much for sharing @Blueiris and @Respectful.

  • Great interview, girl! <3 the blue iris really is a beautiful flower!! :D <3

  • I'm enjoying the interview series! :-) @blueiris, feel free to send any previous Virginia clients to me O:-) I'm in central VA and trying to get started :-)

  • @AlexBabyBoo23 @Brandi - Thank you, dears!
    @ubergigglefritz - Everyone I cuddled in Virginia was when I was an enthusiast, and they were all looking for enthusiasts, so I don't really have anyone to send your way, sorry!

  • Interview with pmvines

    @pmvines is a male non-professional in Birmingham, Alabama. "My user name is literally just my initials ..."

    How are things?

    Things are ok thank you. Just am working all the time, and taking care of things here at home. I have a teenager at home on the spectrum and I have two jobs, so I never have a day off. At the moment I am watching the Olympics with my kitty in my lap, listening to some music (In Flames in case anybody cares to know) and answering some questions that you sent me.

    You're a trained therapist (social worker). Any thoughts about cuddling as therapy?

    Cuddling can be quite therapeutic in the way it can make one feel, and is also a good way to practice intimacy and boundaries if doing with a friend and not a significant other. It is always nice to be able to give and receive affection, and to feel loved and cared for and also to be able to learn to give that in return.

    I do not believe everybody gets the same out of it, however it is hard to deny its positive attributes. Not everyone likes to be touched though, particularly with someone they are not really all that familiar with, so it's not going to be a one size fits all experience.

    You've mentioned social anxiety. Does that affect cuddling?

    Biggest reason I have been able to speak with so many people on here, and in some cases meet in the real world, is due to the fact that I have grown relationships with them on here first, which is a bit removed from reality and at arms length considering it's online.

    I am not good at meeting people in real life, not really the type to go to a bar or grocery store etc. and just introduce myself to strangers. So by the time it comes to speaking with someone on the phone or meeting in real life we have already messaged quite a bit and gotten to know each other, and I feel more at ease. I would probably not do too well with a public cuddle as I am not too keen on crowds so would need to be somewhere a bit secluded and not around a bunch of people.

    What do you like to do when you are cuddling?

    I really don't have a go to honestly. I just like whatever feels right at the moment, and that is dependent on who I am with and how we are both feeling at the time. I will say I'm not big into seeing how many positions I can squeeze in. Small talk is cool but I like to enjoy spending time and space with the person I'm with so sometimes too much talking can be a little distracting and can make it hard to get comfy. I am also very much a giver, and if my partner is down with it I will do a lot of playing with their hair, rubbing and scratching their backs, etc. Whatever they want really.

    Any thoughts on the cuddling community?

    I think the cuddling community is a good thing because it gives me a place to not feel like I am alone. Before finding this place I knew what I was looking for, but let's be honest, as a grown adult guy it is not easy to find someone who just wants to cuddle and isn't looking for a relationship or a friends with benefits sort of situation. I feel like I have a tribe here and a little bit less weird about things.

    What are you hoping for from a cuddle?

    My ideal cuddle pal is someone who I have a strong connection and friendship with. Someone I am in tune with, trust completely, and can allow myself to be both vulnerable and badass with, nurtured as well as nurturer. Someone I can be myself around on my worst day completely unfiltered and they still treat me the same as they would on my best day with my best behavior, and I in turn would do the same for them. Someone who I can just be myself with and they can be theirs really.

    Some men find it difficult not to think of cuddling in sexual terms. How can they avoid doing that?

    Not everyone is cut the same and I would like to think I am a little bit more evolved, but even I have to practice discipline with this at times. Cuddling, even in the platonic definition, can still be quite intimate and stir up feelings that can be confusing and conflicting for the people cuddling each other. It is a matter of thinking with the big head and not the little.

    To me relationships are defined by context, role, and frame of reference. So compartmentalization is important. If someone is a cuddle pal, then that is all they are to me. If they are someone I am interested in romantically, they can still of course be a cuddle pal, but then the context is not platonic. I am only interested in platonic cuddling at the moment as I am not wanting a relationship, so to me the romantic aspect doesn't even enter the equation.

    Doesn't mean there is never attraction. My best friends are women and a little attraction at times is pretty normal. I just don't act on it. I would much rather have a friend who loves me than an ex who hates me.

    I really admire your coming to the rescue of a prostitute and giving her a comforting non-sexual cuddle. Any other particularly memorable cuddles?

    Coming to the rescue of a prostitute lol, that makes me sound pretty chivalrous . The cuddles that really stand out for me are more so ones from when I was much younger. I like to think about my old friends and how much snuggling with them really made me feel special and important to them. I have always had best friends of the opposite sex. Not sure why, it has just always been this way. As a teen I would even sleep at girls houses and they would sleep at mine, and several of their parents referred to me as family.

    One cuddle situation that stands out was my friend Kendra. I was in high school, and she was a few years older and already graduated. She was a dancer (yes, that kind of dancer for those who are wondering) and would get home at around 1 or 2 in the morning. Sometimes she would call me and I would bring ice cream or fast food or some kind of snack, and we would snuggle up on her sofa and watch TV or listen to music. I would rub her feet and legs, scratch her back and arms, and play with her hair until the sun came up or she fell asleep, whichever came first. Even though she had boyfriends she much preferred spending time cuddling with me and that made me feel special.

  • I wish there was a question in this interview regarding @Pmvines musical tastes which are quite interesting.

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    @Morpheus As you wish ...

    @pmvines You have interesting musical tastes! Tell us a little about that.

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    Diverse I suppose but mostly lean toward heavy and fast, like metal, death metal, hardcore, punk, etc. But if I am listening to mellow i like really mellow. But i do have a soft spot for moody kind of things, like Joy Division, Radiohead, The Cure, Tricky, Bauhaus, and things of that nature.

  • A great read. Thank you, @respectful, for this series.

    @pmvines I remain highly impressed. Does your "moody" list also include Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Church? - I think "Face to to Face" and "Under the Milky Way" belong on a cuddle music list...

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