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  • Great interview and questions, @respectful. Such a great way to get to know folks on the boards. I was struck by how @Lorelei actively lives her cuddling philosophy. Nerds rule! What are your favorite games that you play? And are you team DC or team Marvel (or both)?

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    Pokémon Onesies, for the win!

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  • Interview with PinkLipstick22

    @PinkLipstick22 is a professional in Newton, Massachusetts. "I do like Pink Lipstick! Bright, hot pink is such a fun, vibrant color; and we tend to wear it when we're going out just to have fun and toss our cares away."

    You enjoy dancing! Can you tell us a bit about that?

    I grew up dancing. My mother was a dance teacher so she started us early in ballet and tap, and once I was old enough, my siblings and I were enrolled in formal classes for ballet, tap, jazz, eventually pointe, and hip hop. I continued dancing semi-professionally through college.

    Now, I mostly partner dance socially; I don't compete though I do perform occasionally with a dance troupe I've been part of for 7 years now. I socially dance salsa, blues -- which you've seen me talk about on here (I highly recommend it for anyone who loves cuddling and blues music), swing/lindy hop, and fusion. I still take ballet/tap/hip hop 1x-2x/week.

    Fun fact: blues dancing is how I got introduced to the world of cuddling, just about 10 years ago now. Blues dancers have their own sub-community of cuddlers, and your first cuddles will most likely be a huge group that developed from 2-3 starting to cuddle and others asking to join in (yes, of course! Always).

    How did your first start cuddling, and what led you to this site?

    I mentioned the blues introduction to cuddling above. From there, we started having cuddle "puddles" at the end of house parties geared towards dancing, and eventually straight-up cuddle parties. I have a few cuddle "buddies" that I connected with through these interactions, and a few years later we were sharing articles of professional cuddling that was happening in Asia, and then a Reddit thread of professional cuddling happening right here in the US.

    My curiosity was piqued, so I did some research and applied for a spot with the Snuggle Buddies. I was introduced to Cuddle Comfort from a long-time regular through TSB who had heard about the lower finder's fee CC has.

    How do you see your role as a professional cuddler?

    I see my role as a wellness helper/healer. Some of my regulars refer to me as a "cuddle therapist" sort of in jest; and I take my professional cuddling seriously.

    I want the space to be very peaceful and calming, and I see several clients who use cuddling for its therapeutic benefits: some to help with sleeping (it works really well!) and some to help with restlessness or anxiety. I've seen many people who saw the therapeutic role of cuddling to help with heart break or other types of grief, and others use it as regular wellness maintenance.

    The research on cuddling is still new, and the one thing we are finding is that its therapeutic effects are real and can be measured. I feel lucky to have gotten into this awesome role so early in the process and am excited for how much more I plan to grow.

    "The best clients turn, after a time, and end up pushing all of the boundaries." That's a bit disturbing; what do you think is happening there?

    Thank you for this question! I was wrong to speak in blanket terms, which has been proven by some clients since I wrote that, and I'm so happy to be proven wrong.

    I think as the cuddling world evolves this type of thing should become more rare, but early in the process it was very, very common to eventually let go of a client due to boundary issues. Sometimes it was because the view on platonic cuddling wasn't the same, or they believed everything on the website was mostly for appearances' sake.

    I have had at least 4 clients since end their cuddle therapy because either their cuddle goal had been reached or life had taken them in another direction. We parted on really great terms, and none of them tried pushing boundaries. I'm so happy to report this and look forward to many more like them!

    Are there some things involved in this work that people might not be aware of?

    Yes, I believe. We discuss a lot on here about methods to keep ourselves safe, listening to our guts, and certain things that happen that aren't awesome.

    But, one thing that surprised me was how many wonderful, high quality people I met through cuddling. To be honest, I didn't expect it and also didn't really think about it before I started getting clients, but I've remained friends with some I started seeing 2 and 3-4 years ago and feel lucky to have these people in my life.

    I don't know if it's because the types of people who know themselves well enough to seek out cuddling for wellness are more aware types of people or if it's because we're connecting with others who also love cuddling, or even some other reason. Whatever it is, it's a wonderful gift that I didn't expect when I first started. So, if you're new or considering becoming a cuddler on here, I hope this helps convince you -- do it!

    How do you like to cuddle and be cuddled?

    I've said to clients that my favorite position is usually the one I'm in at the time! I love being squeezed tight or gently massaged, and enjoy reciprocating. My favorite positions are ones where we are most-entangled and/or connected through as much surface area as possible. Touching feels so great, and squishy, stroking cuddles are my fave!

    You have said that you are "constantly improving over time". In what kinds of ways?

    Many ways, actually. I find that constantly looking to improve keeps my outlook fresh and keeps the excitement for cuddling at a high level. I improve in multiple ways, such as:

    o Looking for/developing new cuddle positions or variations on currently loved positions -- I own the Cuddle Sutra but I found it disappointing.

    o Seeking feedback from clients themselves on the space/decoration/vibe/background
    music/scents used in the cuddle room.

    o Collaborating with friends trained in therapeutic wellness on tips and methods they use for setting up the room, "clearing" the room of stagnant energy, and best practices for a healing environment.

    o Taking note of practices I found particularly welcoming or effective when I see my own wellness therapists and incorporate them.

    o Learning from other therapies and healing modalities. I'm currently learning some qigong and incorporating it into my weekly self-care regimen. In the past, I've done reading and research on energy and auras, allergies wrt best methods for prevention (for the cuddle space), trauma healing, grief healing, stress relief, and wellness best practices. I've even researched with educators on the best way to set up a room for a desired effect.

    I don't plan to stop my research and hope to improve along with it.

    How would you describe platonic cuddling to someone who was totally unfamiliar with it?

    Platonic cuddling is healing by connecting through non-sexual touch. It should be a touch geared to feeling wonderful and sensual for your cuddle partner(s) and will be free from any guilt when revealed to an SO, spouse, or partner.

    Communication is key, and while the participants in a platonic cuddle seek to not turn anyone on sexually, if it occurs accidentally then the goal will be to cool that down. All participants are clothed in more than underclothing, and all touch should be consensual, wonderful, and welcome.

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    Nice interview. :-)

  • @Sideon

    Thank you! ^///^

    Ah, well, my tastes are pretty widely varied. Shadows of Mordor and the first two Assassin’s Creed games are pretty great; I have a soft spot for Catherine and Atlas games in general, I’m a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, I love the Final Fantasy series (IX / 9 is my nostalgic favorite,) I’ve played a few MMOs... Ragnarok Online, World of Warcraft, and Final Fantasy XIV were the ones that stuck the longest. I’m currently addicted to Don’t Starve and it’s sister game, Don’t Starve Together. I used to be heavily into Minecraft, but not so much, because it brings back a lot of sad memories now.

    I’m big on supporting Indie games; Undertale was amazing. I also really enjoy retro gaming, like the point and click titles Sierra put out—or even their text parsers, but that was juuuust a little before my time. King’s Quest VI is still one of my favorite games of all time and one of the most charming I’ve ever played; a little too simple and sweet for today’s audiences, maybe, but I liked playing as a naively, earnestly good prince who just wants to help people, save the woman he loves, and find out if just maybe she could love him in return.

    I’ve been playing a lot of horror titles lately, but it’s actually been research for work—though I’ll admit that the Amnesia titles were good for their day and What Remains of Edith Finch is strangely gripping as an experience...

    Gosh, I’m ranting, lol. xD Like I said, I could go for days talking about this sort of stuff.

    Mmm... Marvel, mostly; they seem to have a lot more fun with their characters. I think DC tries a little too hard to be grimdark in the movies these days—which is almost baffling considering how ridiculous some of the comics are, you know? I mean. It’s canon that Batman has a pet cow and has online consultations with a monkey styling itself after Sherlock Holmes. x3 “Why so serious?” indeed.

  • Fantastic, @PinkLipstick22. I love your description of platonic cuddling.

  • I'm loving this series and getting to know other cuddlers. It's interesting how we are all different and all the same in the end.

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    Loved reading this interview of you @PinkLipstick22 :3 Great questions and great interview @respectful !!

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    Interview with Sideon

    @Sideon is a male non-professional in the East Bay outside of SF, California. "Hippy parents (love child from the summer of love, yo) and a slight misspelling of a black volcanic rock: obsidian."

    Sometimes you can see colors when you hear music (synesthesia). What is that like?

    I thought everyone knew the sight and sound of their mom calling their name when it was time to come home: my name was a bright dot that spread out horizontally the longer she called my name. I figured out as a young child at a musical field trip that I was experiencing things that my friends weren't: I was sometimes seeing shapes and colors emanating from the stage or orchestra pit.

    Over time, I realized that the more involved or connected I felt with the music AND how relaxed I was, the more I tended to experience sound and sight together. Sharp and discordant sounds are jagged and spread out like fireworks. Harmonies and clear notes rise and fall in waves, dissolving and reforming. Color-wise, it's all over the spectrum.

    When I saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway in my early 20s, I was a hick from a small town in the Big City, seeing a production I'd only heard prior on CD and having specific ideas of what I thought the musical was about. What was memorable was twofold: experiencing the fractals and literal sound waves during "Music of the Night", and sitting at the end of the play, stunned, tears streaming down my face, realizing that the Phantom was a bad guy and didn't get the girl.

    I do NOT now experience synesthesia as often or as clearly now as I did as a youth and into my 30's.

    How did you get into cuddling?

    I am relatively new to the Cuddle Comfort community as of last June, when at the time I was working and living between two states every week. I'd explored various classes: cooking, yoga, art/paint/drink, but I still felt lonely and isolated, and I wasn't interested/didn't have bandwidth for dating. I wanted to feel touch and connection. Then I discovered this site, which I view as a kind of sanctuary, and I have had positive experiences with both pro and non-pro.

    Your three word description of cuddling was "strength in vulnerability". Could you expand on that?

    I took some eastern and martial arts lessons to heart: it is in our flexibility, not rigidity that truly expresses our strengths. The palm tree in the hurricane doesn't stand immobile, it moves with the wind. For me, it's when I'm emotionally open and vulnerable that I am at my best, not when I'm coming from a place of ego or power or stubbornness. What the hell am I saying? For me and cuddling, when I am strong enough to let go and "be" is when I experience the fullness of cuddling and life in general: connection, intimacy, sharing, and oneness.

    How do you like to cuddle someone?

    Yes, please, and often. Joking aside, I'm not sure there's a bad way to cuddle, given that both parties have showered and brushed their teeth. Big spoon, little spoon, are my favorites though. I'm bi-spoon-ual.

    You have cuddled both men and women in the past. Does it seem different?

    Given an expressly platonic context and intent here, then yes, cuddling men and women is different anatomically because of breasts and penii. Yes, erections can happen, and neither party has to make it an issue (this is where I haul out my favorite Tank Girl quote: “That was swell, but it’s gone down now.”) Emotional responses feel the same for both genders. I’ve cuddled the sexuality spectrum with both genders. I’ve been lucky to encounter the people that I have in my life, but the common denominator is that they’ve wanted to be in my orbit, in my space, and vice versa.

    As an aside, a straight friend of mine likes to joke that he can “put on his gay hat” and cuddle me any time. I tell him that sexuality isn’t like that, but if he needs that crutch to cuddle, so be it: shut up and cuddle.

    What kind of music goes with cuddling for you?

    The last time I cuddled someone I didn't have any music playing. I enjoyed the sound of his heartbeat and his breathing and the way his chest vibrated when he talked. The white noise of ocean waves, rainfall, or an electric fan are soothing. But to answer, I am a sucker for alternative 80's and 90's music, particularly Cocteau Twins, Gary Numan, Alphaville, and Xymox.

    How have you found the cuddling community?

    Overall, I've been very impressed with this community, and I appreciate Mark and his team's responsiveness and openness to feedback and improvements. The forums seem fairly active. I love the interview series that you've created. There are several people I've been messaging back and forth with, and I hope to meet them in person this year when I travel for work, particularly @BlueIris (Queen of Cuddles).

  • @Sideon - You're not a shiny piece of volcanic detritus, but you definitely rock!! Great interview, and I'm looking forward to some quality cuddles when you get here!!

  • I've always been fascinated in how some people see shapes and colors associated with sounds or math. Very cool :-)

  • This was such a fun interview! Great questions, @respectful, thank you for doing this. And, thank you everyone who commented :) I look forward to reading more of these.

  • I loved your answers @PinkLipstick22 (and everyone's for that matter!).

    There are more interviews coming but they might be a bit more sporadic from now on ...

  • @MattCat - I instantly recognized the charizard onesie. Cute. x3 Does it have a tail?

  • Thank you for the great questions, @respectful, and these series of interviews.

  • Interview with HugsFromFei

    @HugsFromFei is a professional (and the Chief Cuddle Officer) at Cuddle Sanctuary in Los Angeles, California.

    What do you enjoy doing apart from cuddling?

    Ooh, I'm quite a geek at heart. I love gaming! My favorites are board games (like Settlers of Catan and beyond), and I also play video games online (League of Legends etc.). Music is also a big part of my life. I love playing the piano, and can't help but sing and dance my way through life -- although I do that with much more enthusiasm than skill.

    What first drew you to cuddling?

    I've always been a bit of an intimacy junkie and have spent so much of my life searching for more closeness in the world. I also knew that I had a special ability to love unconditionally, and wanted to find work that allowed me to magnify that. At first I thought it would be through becoming a therapist, but as soon as I found out that professional cuddling was thing, I knew I had found my calling in life. I have always loved to cuddle, and touch adds a layer of trust and connection that you can't arrive at by simply talking.

    You have a passion for teaching people about cuddling. What motivates you to do that?

    I deeply and whole-heartedly believe in the benefits of cuddling. This is a wellness practice that has changed my life, and I want other people to experience that too! Human connection is a true need. It impacts our emotional, physical, social and mental health. There are so many of us who are thirsty for more closeness but don't know how to navigate that. My goal is to destigmatize the need as much as possible, and show folks how to establish consent so we safely find what we're looking for.

    I count 36 articles from you on the Cuddle Sanctuary blog! Which are your favorites?

    Whoah! Has it been that many already?! Each blog has been a labor of love. Some of the more recent ones that have received the most positive responses are:

    Holding Hands. With Strangers ... Is that Really Strange?


    Help! I've Fallen In Love with my Professional Cuddler

    There is ambivalence sometimes about the idea of certification and training for professional cuddlers, since most pros learn by experience. What are your thoughts?

    I don't give a rats pajamas about certification. But as an educator and a lifelong learner, I do really believe in training.

    Obviously, nothing at all takes the place of experience. And all the training in the world can't make up for a temperament and personality that just isn't the right fit. That being said, while anyone can cuddle, doing professional cuddling well takes a lot more skill than people realize.

    Besides being a caring person, there are cuddling poses and caressing techniques, skills around holding a container, active listening, compassionate communication and boundary setting, safety protocols, sound ethics and business practices etc.

    The best professionals eventually figure this out, but not without a lot of trial and error. So many who come to this work unprepared for what it is end up churning out, or worse, endure harm. If they had training or peer support, they would be much more confident and safe. Plus, a good training program will provide opportunities for hands on experience (so you don't have to use your paying clients as guinea pigs!). In my opinion, a client should be able to expect a lot more skill and attention from a professional they are paying than a mutual cuddle buddy. I think we owe our clients the best experience we can provide, and every bit of training helps!

    You recently started a Facebook group for professionals. What is the aim, and how is it going so far?

    Ah yes! I didn't start this group. My friend and colleague @LisaMeece did and I've been very lucky to be a part of it. I'm a gatherer by nature, and really feel like professional cuddlers are my people. So naturally, I'm trying to get us all in one place. I've personally learned so much and gained a ton of support from my professional cuddler community.

    Anything else you'd like us to know?

    There's so much controversy about paying for professionals, and confusion about what that exchange of money means. When you hire me for this service, I'd like you to know that all you are paying for is my time, my full attention, and my skills. The love and care I have for you comes from the heart. It can't be bought, and is absolutely free -- regardless of whether we ever see each other in another session.

    My hope is for everyone in the world to get the affection and cuddling they need, whatever that looks like. Whether that is in your romantic relationship, with a cuddle buddy, or with a professional. Do what works for you, and don't be afraid to ask for exactly what you want!

    Here are a bunch of big hugs from me ... <3

  • great interview @respectful and i went to read the articles too @HugsFromFei :3 glad to learn more about you <3

  • [Deleted User]EntwinedTime (deleted user)

    Cuddle Sanctuary webinars were a huge help in my decision to go from enthusiast to pro. @HugsFromFei I admire your work as an educator.

  • Aww, thank you for saying that, @EntwinedTime. I’m so glad you came to learn - how long have you been a Pro now?

  • I also enjoyed the webinar I attended. I look forward to the long evening on Friday =) Definitely looking to learn all I can!

  • [Deleted User]EntwinedTime (deleted user)

    @HugsFromFei you're welcome and since the fall of 2016.

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    There are a few more interviews potentially on the way, but if anyone else would particularly like to be interviewed, just send me a message.

    And feel free to suggest someone else -- but maybe not publicly, so there's no pressure on them ... just send me a PM and I'll ask if they want to.

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    Interview with JRose

    @JRose is a professional in North Branch, Minnesota. "Just my first initial and middle name Rose."

    What is your life like outside of cuddling? You've mentioned some art shows ...

    I am lead artist/creative director/owner of Jana Rose Arts. I work as a photographer (conceptual fine art & high end portraiture mainly). I am a hair & makeup artist & designer of things. I also specialize in taxidermy, ceramics, jewelry, costuming and lots more too! I like to say I am "making the most of my ADD one project at a SQUIRREL!" lol -- let's just say I chose a lifestyle that is reflective of my highest joys. It has led me on many wonderful adventures. My heart is full and grateful.

    I often show my artwork at various galleries, shows and events, so I love to invite people to come out for the grand openings to say hello. It's a great time to connect with the community, celebrate creative expression, and of course, give out lots of warm HUGS!!

    What is the best thing about being a professional cuddler? And the most challenging thing?

    Honestly, the best thing about being a professional cuddler is that it gives me a permission slip to openly share love with others. Gah, finally!! :D Love is the underlying motivation for all that I do, in my art, my writing, my teaching, the example I try to set ... cuddling gives me a platform to express this love more openly in one of the most pure, healing and beautiful ways.

    The most challenging thing? For me, it would be maintaining a sense of balance with my schedule and the many things I have to juggle, but I am working on this and getting better!

    How much time do you spend cuddling each week?

    This varies significantly. Some weeks, I am dedicating full time hours to my cuddling business (cuddling up to 20+ hours a week sometimes now that I've been advertising outside of CuddleComfort). Other weeks (especially when I need a break or have an art show/event coming up), I only spend several hours. Hence the need for better BALANCE!

    What kinds of people come to see you? Is each client different?

    Of course each client is different, but there are also similarities most clients share, like physical touch being a primary love language. Many of my clients are highly sensitive and natural givers (check out the work of Dr. Elaine Aron for more information on HSPs). They share a desire for authentic human connection. To be who they truly are in a safe place free of judgment or expectations.

    So far, I have only been approached by men for sessions, though I would love to work with all gender identities, orientations, ages etc. I see young adults, middle-aged folks, seniors and those with disabilities.

    From the comments in your karma, you make others feel very loved! Is there a particular way you approach people that has that effect?

    I don't think that has so much to do with how I approach others, but really in how I approach my relationship with MYSELF. When we make self-love, self-care, self-compassion a top priority, we activate an abundance of loving energy within us. When we actively choose to fall in love with life and ourselves, that energy fills us with so much joy and light, that it's only natural for it to spill out onto others, warming up their hearts too! How cool is that?

    You have described yourself as "a guide - both learning and teaching". What kinds of things do you hope to pass on to the people you cuddle? What have you learned from cuddling?

    Oh my goodness, I have learned SO MUCH, I could write an entire book about it. And I might just do that some day, lol!!

    I do feel like "guide" is a better descriptor for me over "teacher" and here's why: I believe the most powerful way we can "teach" is not through words or lessons, but though the quiet grace of our example. When I take responsibility for myself, do my work to clean up my own energy and feel as good and amazing as I possibly can, that contains a really powerful, attractive vibration in it. When I hold that kind of energy in the presence of another person during a session (or anywhere else for that matter), they can't help but to feel it and be positively influenced by it (to a greater or lesser extent depending on their level openness/readiness).

    By holding myself in that state, I am subtly & gently guiding others to join me there. To help them make a little bit of an energy shift and to feel just a little bit better (often a lot better). By doing this, I am showing the way, I am inviting others to climb up the emotional scale with me to a place that feels better. Reframing our outlooks and attitudes toward life ... like a guide bringing you back to your true self!

    One of my favorite lessons I have found in this work is that unconditional love truly IS the most powerful force for healing and rebalancing a broken soul.

    One of my favorite reminders is that we are all little bubbles of energy walking around out there in the world. We all hold within us the capacity to charge ourselves with positive or negative energy by what we give our attention to. Let's make sure to charge our bubbles with positive energy by focusing on thoughts that feel good! Then go rub that happy positive energy stink all over everyone you come into contact with! Create a ripple effect!

    You've sometimes mentioned self-care. Do you have any general advice?

    I can't emphasize enough how important self-care is. It was the single hardest lesson I ever had to learn for myself, but it was also the most transformative. It will be difficult for most of us to learn and even more challenging to actively put into practice, but it is absolutely crucial that me make self-care a top priority in our lives! The world is starving and dying around us in many ways because WE are starving and dying due to a cultural epidemic of self-neglect, self-denial and self-abuse. Martyrdom is glorified and love is defined by self-sacrifice. This is so terribly backward darling.

    Self-care is intrinsically linked to self-worth, so, for starters, work on understanding your value. Recognize your worth and that you deserve to feel good, loved, abundant and happy. Start catching yourself when that negative self talk starts to creep in. Practice compassion for yourself. Recognize your goodness. You have such a good, beautiful heart -- take CARE of it and oh, how it will serve you! Dare to love the shit out of yourself every day.

    And please be gentle with yourself when you just can't get there right away ... it's a practice that is built with baby steps. All that matters is that we are working to love ourselves better whenever we possibly can.

    Put your phone down. Breathe. BREATHE!! Drink lots and lots of water. Don't eat processed junk. Sleep like you're on vacation EVERY night. Honor your intuition. Say no when you feel no. Say yes to what makes you most excited in each and every moment to the best of your ability. Give yourself permission to put your needs first. Do this and you will have an abundant supply of love to give to others. This is how it works my darlings. This is how it works.

    If you've made it through this entire interview, I commend you. I tend to get wordy with things I am passionate about. I hope most of it made sense and I hope some of it may have touched your heart. There is great love here for all of you ... <3

    And ... "Thank you for taking care of yourself."

  • loved reading all this @JRose and learning so much about you! <3 great job on the interview @respectful :)

  • I consider myself to have HSP qualities also :-)

  • Thanks guys, I enjoyed the opportunity to share a little of my unique perspective. @ubergigglefritz HSPs unite!! =) <3

  • Interview with OhioMike

    @OhioMike is a male cuddler in Ohio.

    Tell us a little about OhioMike.

    So I was born and raised in Ohio. I am the 4th of 8 siblings. I was the first in my family to attend and graduate college. My family moved a lot. We were frequently changing schools. The last move was my junior year in high school. That experience of constantly moving actually helped give me the confidence to meet new people.

    As was the norm then, I married young while in college and somehow managed to stay that way for over 30 years. I have 3 wonderful sons which I'm very close to.

    I enjoy traveling above anything. I've traveled just about everywhere in the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii. Las Vegas is my favorite city. I travel there 3 to 4 times a year. I'm a proficient blackjack player, participating in and winning tournaments.

    My favorite city overseas is a little unusual, but it's Ephesus in Turkey. This ancient 3000 year old city will blow you away.

    I have had many professions over the years, from school teacher, red cross instructor to politician. For the past 25 years I've been the owner of a company that provides various property management services. Our largest customer is the federal government and we provide inspection services to various government agencies.

    I travel 3 to 4 days a week, sometimes more, here in the Midwest. During my travels I like to add to my various collections. I currently collect old currency, vinyl record albums, elephant figurines, electric toy trains and various sports memorabilia.

    When did you first start cuddling, and what led to it?

    I've been on the site a year now. Somewhere on my travels I heard a radio spot about cuddling and when I got to the hotel I found this site on the Internet. I was so excited I immediately signed up and ...... waited weeks and weeks for anyone to respond lol. That was a wake up call for what I was getting into.

    You've often been called a gentleman by those you cuddle, which is a lovely compliment. What does that mean to you?

    Alright, so some people may call me a gentleman here, but believe me I've been called other names besides that. One of my first messages I got on the CC site was to tell me I was not thoughtful towards women and I was a red flag to them. This was all due to my profile pic I put up on that first night back in that hotel when I originally signed up. I had a reflection of me in the hotel bathroom mirror, and I was told that was a big no no. Oops sorry, didn't think it through and changed it.

    I guess I should feel good about being referred to as a gentleman, but I'm concerned that it sounds like more of an exception than the norm anymore.

    Do you do anything special to prepare for a session with someone?

    To me it's all about her comfort. A woman is going to walk in my hotel room to meet a stranger from out of town! Yeesh! How does anyone prepare for that?

    I usually schedule a few days ahead so I try to communicate, text, call, etc. Sometimes I communicate with them even longer than that before meeting. I send them a copy of the hotel reservation which has my full name, etc. When they tell me they have arrived at the hotel I usually prop the hotel room door open so they can walk right in (or leave right away I guess lol).

    If I'm hosting at home which is rare (darn) I meet them outside at their car and give them a tour of the house where all the doors are opened and lights on.

    How do you usually like to cuddle?

    I take all cues from the other person. I try as much as possible to hold hands and have her place my hands where's she's most comfortable. As long as she is comfortable, I'm enjoying our time together.

    From your karma feedback, you are clearly a good cuddler! How can people improve as a cuddlers?

    You tell me! I'm still trying to figure this out after a year here. Honestly though, I don't think there are any secrets about this. Isn't it really about just being nice to someone else?

    Have you had any especially memorable cuddling experiences?

    I have cuddled people from 18 to 70 on here, different races, religions, etc. I recently had someone 70+ years old tell me I was too young to cuddle with her. That made my day!

    Everyone and every meeting has been memorable to me. We are all different and that's what makes this kinda neat to me. There are so many nice people here. Someone once told me I was trying to meet everyone on here .... hey, sounds pretty good to me!

  • I love reading these interviews. You're one of those on here I would love the opportunity to cuddle someday :-)

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