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  • Ubergigglefritz, thank you. You never know when I might be in town :-)

  • Gee I wonder if it was me that said that last statement? Lol. Nice interview Mike. :)

  • Yes it was as a matter of fact. Thank you, AshleyCuddles!

  • Enjoyed you hosting at your house. It's beautiful! Next time... fishing! Lol

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  • Big hugs, Mike!!

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  • I can certainly see the advantage of having a job involving travel since you can get to meet cuddlers from many different places.

  • It's an advantage for meeting people, but scheduling days out in different cities is challenging. Getting everyone's schedule to coordinate can be interesting.

  • Interview with fickleivy

    @fickleivy is a professional in Lemon Grove, California. "There is a fashion brand I enjoy called 'Fickle Wish' and my favorite color is green."

    What is your life like outside of cuddling?

    I am a college student. When I'm not in school, you can catch me grabbing boba with friends, people watching, or being a homebody. I'm an avid fan of makeup and skincare, so I always like to try new things and treat myself when I have the chance.

    What originally got you into cuddling?

    A friend recommended me! It wasn't for her, but she thought I would be a good fit. Year and a half later and I'm still at it. Some bumps along the way, but overall a great experience.

    What led you to become a professional cuddler? Has it been how you expected?

    I'm a big fan of platonic intimacy. I think that in life, many professionals/students/people in general really don't get to indulge in vulnerability all that often. Professional Cuddling is an industry that allows me to provide a comfortable space where people can destress, and be themselves.

    I don't know that I had any real expectations going into it. I've met some awesome clients and some not so awesome clients. Made some not so great decisions at the beginning that could have spared me a lot of grief, but I think I definitely have a much better handle on my safety and boundaries these days.

    What advice do you have about boundaries?

    Honestly just trust your gut always. As someone who doesn't drive, my independence is severely limited in terms of transportation ... often ending in me relying on the client in some shape it form. It also prevents me from dipping in a timely fashion if things go sour.

    Have a network. Set code phases so they know you're safe. Keep your phone near you always. No amount of money is worth the trauma.

    What do you like to do when you cuddle?

    I love laying on the person's chest, head scratches, spooning (more men prefer to be little spoon than expected! A wonderful surprise), and honestly just getting to know someone. While some of my clients aren't super talkative, in general I am a huge chatterbox -- I love making them laugh, exchanging music/memes, and honestly just making them as comfortable as possible. I want both parties to feel refreshed and warm at the end of a session.

    What kinds of things do you talk about while you cuddle?

    Anything! Life, work, niche interests, politics, life after death ... I just kind of let the conversation flow. Learning a little bit about the person I'm going to cuddle with pre-session is always ideal -- just so I can have any idea of their interests.

    Have you had any particularly memorable cuddles, or moments cuddling?

    A two hour session turned into seven hours unexpectedly. We didn't realize the time had flown by. We just felt at peace.

    From your Karma comments, you obviously love cuddling! What does it do for you, and for those you cuddle?

    It's just such a loving, safe environment that I get to create. Cuddling feels awesome, but the therapeutic benefits for both the client and I are something I am passionate about. I will freely discuss my profession if anyone asks -- I think that the term "professional cuddler" definitely has a stigma attached -- a stigma I intend to challenge.

    When you talk about professional cuddling, what do you say?

    "Pro cuddling is super neat! You should Google it."

    "Not for everyone, but for the right person it can be so rewarding."

    "I help people relax and let their softer side show."

  • Another great interview, thank you both for sharing :-)

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    Interview with Tiffaknee89

    @Tiffaknee89 is a professional in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "My name doesn't really have any deep meaning. I am just kind of a silly person and happen to like weird spellings of things and I also happen to like knees ... OK maybe I am a bit strange AND silly ..."

    I see a rabbit in one of your profile pics!

    So that actually isn't my rabbit. It belongs to a friend of mine. I unfortunately cannot have animals right now but I do have a cat that my mom is taking care of for me. She is a black kitty named Ariel. I hope to some day have many animals, including horses (I want to do equine assisted therapy along with expressive therapy). I grew up on an organic dairy farm, with chickens, geese, goats and many dogs.

    How did you first start cuddling?

    Personally or as a career? Personally I have always LOVED cuddling, so much that I have had past boyfriends that have complained of feeling smothered by my frequent cuddles haha. So it is nice to have more outlets for my cuddling needs now. I cuddle with my friends quite often and also have had platonic cuddle buddies throughout the years.

    A couple years ago I learned about cuddling as a profession and was very intrigued but nervous. I recently moved to the big city of Boston (Somerville technically) and decided to finally try it out after feeling burned out from working in home health care for over 8 years and recently losing a client that I had taken care of for 5 years.

    How long have you been a professional cuddler? Are there some things people might not realize about it?

    Since November :). So about fourish months now. And yes of course there are things that people don't realize but I will only share a little because I'm not sure you want a novel from me ha.

    A lot of people say to me, "Wow that sounds like the easiest job in the world", and it certainly is not. Especially if you care about the work you are doing and the quality of service (cuddles) you are providing. I care A LOT and understand that people are being vulnerable and are coming to me for a specific experience and type of nurturing so I really tune into that. I suppose if you didn't care that much it would be an easy job, but that would not be fair to the cuddlers that are coming to you and paying you for a quality cuddling experience.

    How do you prepare for a session with someone?

    I typically make sure I am calm and settled for at least 30 minutes before my cuddlee arrives. I also usually set an intention for my time with them, try to clear my head and ask the universe that I am able to provide what is needed. When I am going to someone and not hosting I bring oil for body work, my cuddle playlist which I have downloaded on Spotify, and sometimes my rainbow Christmas lights (will be posting a picture soon!).

    How do you tend to cuddle people?

    I like to start off by leading some deep synchronized breathing, usually facing one another and chest to chest. If it's with a regular then sometimes they will lead the breathing, it always depends.

    After the deep matching breaths I like to hug while laying side by side facing one another closely and scanning their back/neck with my hands to see where tension is being held. I hear a lot from people's bodies that doesn't need to be spoken about.

    Most folks ask what my favorite cuddling positions are and want to do them. My favorites vary and depend on my mood but I typically love to hold people with their head on my chest while I rub their head and neck. I also get a lot of shoulder knot release requests.

    I definitely have been told quite a few times that I am a high energy cuddler and I am very intuitive and have mastered "going with the flow" and feeling what that flow may be.

    You've done some "double cuddles" with @Phoebe, which sound like fun! How have they been?

    They have been fun! Usually there is a lot of giggling during a double cuddle but we have learned when to quiet down (Phoebe and I) and really tune into the cuddle experience. Phoebe is a good balance for me because she is a more calm cuddler haha.

    Normally the cuddlee is in the middle of us while one either naturally cuddles and I massage, or we have a spoon train sometimes. There are also times where Phoebe and I cuddle more and the cuddlee is only cuddling with one of us.

    This is hard to explain because we are fairly new to providing this service and can vary so much. But Phoebe and I are great friends and also roommates now and love doing double cuddles!

    Have you had any particularly memorable moments cuddling?

    Oh I most certainly have. I cannot go into much detail because I respect and honor confidentiality, especially as a future therapist.

    I've had moments with some clients where they really opened up to me. There have been tears and epiphanies and I also provide resources and let them know I am just a phone call away. At the end of my sessions because they can be very emotionally raw I make sure to have a closing where we reflect on the time we shared together, the good, the bad and what can be improved.

    Closure: I am very grateful to have found this beautiful cuddling community and plan to keep cuddling long term. In fact I recently got a bedroom just for cuddling! I also plan to continue making cuddling/therapeutic touch and healing more accessible by keeping a sliding scale fee. Loving and accepting human touch is so important and is life changing. Cuddle on my cuddle bugs <3

  • Poor choice of questions!

  • @pinkfootball24 I'm open to suggestions! Hit me with your best ones.

  • The 'double cuddle' sounds amazing. You could be the big and little spoon all at once!

  • Interview with Goldengrams1201

    @Goldengrams1201 is a female non-professional in Inwood, West Virginia. "Growing up everyone called me Goldielocks and then when I got married I started using Goldengrams ... as you can tell I'm a blonde so that has something to do with it :)".

    What does your life look like apart from cuddling?

    Well let's see, where do I start. I am a momma of two wonderful children and two fur babies! I work a full time career in purchasing for the HVAC industry and coach a number of sports. So I would say my life outside of cuddling is organized chaos.

    How and when did you first get into platonic cuddling?

    I had read an article about cuddle parties that referenced an app. So I talked to my husband about it and he was okay with it. After being on the app for a few months it was shut down, but I made a few great connections from it, one of which sent the CC site to me to check out. So that's when I joined.

    What is cuddling all about for you?

    I'm the oldest of six children and have always been a cuddly person, a natural nurturer. Through growing up, sick siblings, being my brother's caretaker and cuddling him until he passed, cuddling my friends and then children, it's natural for me to want to give the feeling of security and safety. The transfer of giving and receiving positive energy is great.

    You are married; I guess that makes the boundaries nice and clear for those you cuddle?

    I am, and I state that up front, because I have found that not everyone reads through profiles, even though mine is short and to the point. I try to make sure all boundaries are set and triggers are talked about up front.

    My husband isn't a cuddling person, never has been but he understands I need touch therapy.

    How do you most enjoy cuddling and being cuddled?

    I really enjoy all types of cuddle as long as both myself and my partner are comfortable. I have met up with several partners who I have taught positions to and others who have taught me -- spooning, figure four, face to face and yab yum, to name a few. Generally I'm very easy going and go with the flow and what feels good and natural.

    When you meet someone from this site, do you do anything besides cuddling?

    I have met at quite a few different places for cuddling ... Some cuddlers are wanting more of a companionship so I have had breakfast, lunch and dinners, shopping, movies, walks in the park ... all sorts of things depending on comfort level.

    Your Karma comments are amazing, and you could easily turn professional. What do you value about staying as an "enthusiast" rather than a pro?

    I appreciate everyone who has given me Karma, and I try to make sure I give them love back on their profiles. I could become pro but I sometimes feel that that makes it a little stuffy.

    I have done paid cuddling through other sites and it is a different feeling for me. When paid you are there to provide a service and people generally take your positive energy, but with another enthusiast you are receiving as much. It is refreshing to me to make a connection through Cuddle Comfort and build relationships of all kinds with others who understand touch therapy.

    Any thoughts about the cuddling community?

    I like the cuddling community but sometimes feel people need to understand that not everyone understands the emotional connection it takes for others to feel comfortable. Some cuddlers aren't comfortable with just a quick "Let's cuddle" message, they need more of the getting to know you, emailing, coffee, lunch or dinner, maybe a movie then cuddle -- while others are comfortable just getting right to the cuddle. And I believe some, not all, who are more comfortable sometimes don't understand that it takes others longer to be more comfortable.

    How would you explain platonic cuddling to someone?

    Platonic cuddling is like that safe home feeling. It's not always a place ... it can be a person. Think of a moment you felt completely relaxed, safe, warm and not stressed. Turn your brain off and just be in the moment.

  • Great interview! Goldengrams is one of the sweetest, caring and loving cuddlers on here. She and I have become friends and I can always count on her when I need someone to talk to. I can share anything with her and she is honest with me, even if it’s not what I want to hear. I just text her the other day and told her we are overdue to get together and she agreed. So, Goldengrams I will be seeing you soon my friend! Thank you for being you! Don’t ever change!!! ?

  • Aww @mattybear73 Thank you for the kind words!

  • @Goldengrams1201 - Big hugs to you, my friend! <3

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    @Goldengrams1201 - You sound like a wonderful cuddler. You have the most beautiful blue eyes. My daughter has the same necklace that you are wearing in your second profile picture.

  • The interview is great, loaded with good information. However it only touches the surface of this wonderful woman. Simply put, GoldenG is a beautiful person in every form and manner. I have been blessed with her caring and honest friendship. One suggestion GG.....You should change your name to Golden Diamond!

  • Great interview but better person:-)
    One of the best things about this site is her!
    hugs and cuddles:-)

  • Thanks @UKGuy @BlueIris @tall180 and @OhioMike thank you all for the kind words and thoughts. It is always great seeing amd cuddling with you all.

  • Amazing. Well done @Goldengrams1201. Love to know you and cuddle with you!

  • I love these interviews. It's so much fun to get to know the persons behind the names.

  • Thank you @Thellie. It can be tricky coming up with questions! It's easier if they've posted on the forums a bit.

  • [Deleted User]OzVisitor (deleted user)

    Yes, @respectful, these are terrific and really help bring the community closer like a big family. Very interesting to read and bravo for thinking of the idea and doing it.

  • @respectful that makes a lot of sense. That gives you something to go off of when they've posted a lot.

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    Interview with AlexBabyBoo23

    @AlexBabyBoo23 is a professional cuddler in Baltimore, Maryland. "My sister used to call me "baby boo" when we were kids."

    Tell us a bit about yourself.

    I absolutely love being a professional cuddler, but it is only a small part of my life. My full time occupation is Medical Student in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences. This week, I get my White Coat which is the official start of the second year.

    Moving to Baltimore was a major change for me, I've made it a personal goal to get involved in the community to help out where I can in my limited free time. I volunteer at two after school programs that service kids in the West Baltimore area. I am also involved in two area theatres as an usher - I love meeting other creative individuals and seeing talented performances on the stage. I also have a performance based arts business in Pennsylvania - I just celebrated the 11 year anniversary of the business I started when I was 18.

    How did you get into cuddling?

    I read the book about the 5 love languages two years ago, and I learned so much about myself and my relationships with my close friends and my family. I grew up in a household that was very hands off and physical touch was always very awkward. As I became an adult, I realized how powerful platonic touch was, although it is not my primary love language, I discovered I am a giver. I get a physical high when I have done something that I know has impacted another individual in a positive way. That is why I love working with the children at the centers twice a week, and why I love cuddling. When my client expresses how much the session healed them or touched them in some deep way, I am on cloud nine!

    I loved the statement, "Cuddling is the most effective way to get to know someone on an emotionally intimate level". Why do you think it works that way?

    I completely agree with this statement. I will contrast this to going on a blind dinner date. On the date, you sit far away from each other, you don’t touch the other person for fear of being "too intense", the physical distance between the two of you creates a wall that takes a lot more dates to break down, and build trust. With cuddling, that wall is rarely present. When you are physically close with a person and remain spatially close, you build that trust very quickly, and without the wall, people are way more open.

    Because of this, I greet everyone with a hug. Being in a warm embrace opens people up emotionally, and because of the physical (but platonic) intimacy, it feels more natural to talk about the things that are near and dear to your heart.

    You've been studying physical therapy. Does that relate to cuddling in some ways?

    It absolutely does! However, practicing as a Physical Therapist requires a Doctorate Degree. People see their family doctor once a year never feels very personal, and you don't really build a relationship with them. If you need services of a Physical Therapist, you see them several times a week and build a relationship with them, and they treat you in a very hands-on way.

    When I was a patient, I felt like my PT team were my friends, and I was sad when I was discharged. Many people come to this site because they are lacking a real connection with others, because they seek healing through touch therapy, or they want to spend quality time with others. Cuddling covers all those things wrapped up in a sweet little package.

    Do you find that clients pour out their hearts to you? How do you see your role when they do that?

    Several of them have! I feel honored and blessed to have that level of trust, sometimes it is even during our first session. I think my role varies, depending on my perception of their needs. For some, I am just the arms to hold them; for others, I am the ears that listen; others still want my advice. I think my role is to offer support in a loving, non-judgmental way.

    You have had some difficulties in your life sometimes. What has helped to maintain a positive outlook?

    There are two ways to live your life; use difficulties as a crutch and be miserable, or as past experiences to grow, look on the bright side, and be happy! I made a conscious effort to choose the latter.

    Of course, I have not done it alone. I have a good friend/support group, a great therapist, and a long list of uplifting, encouraging books and talks that I return to for inspiration and guidance. I wasn't always a happy person, but I've been working on myself for several years, and it was the best choice I ever made.

  • Great interview, enjoyed reading it and learned a few things. Thanks.

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