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  • [Deleted User]kinny (deleted user)

    Sup. New to the site from southern Minnesota. Lookin for female cuddlers to watch movies or listen to music.

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    I'm Ray. Im nonbinary. I live in a dda home that is a group home for adults with developmental disabilities. I live in Troy,NC. I collect stuffed animals. I'm a pagan witch. Currently going to college haven't passed any classes with anything under a 97. In a couple weeks I'll finish this semester and earn my early childhood instructional certificate.

    Im hoping to find a cuddle buddy on here

  • Hello to my fellow cuddlers! My name is Eric, currently residing in Houston. I'm into sci-fi, fantasy, anime and THOWs. Hoping to find someones (yes plural) to cuddle out under the 🌌 and be awed! Ready to take my hand and lean on my shoulder?

  • Hello! ^^ I'm in Tiel (Gelderland) in the Netherlands, looking to get to know people and find some cuddle buddies. I just love making people happy and loved, and I know cuddling is a great way to do that.

  • [Deleted User]Evalinnrose (deleted user)

    Hi I'm new. My name is Evalinn

  • Good morning to everyone outside on the US area. I’m Jasmine mainly in Moreno Valley. I’m skeptical about this site but tough times call. I feel I’m a pro-cuddled mainly because my daughter is always in the mood to cuddle, be hugged, loved, and such. I love the energy one gets and not to mention the de-stress it brings along. 🙏🏽 Hope everyone get a cuddle buddy or bff. Safe cuddles, xoxo.

  • Hello everyone newby from

  • [Deleted User]tootalltechie (deleted user)

    Hello from Devon, Alberta, Canada
    Looking for any ladies nearby. Not sure about ladies that have not been on for awhile.

  • Hi, I’m new here. Tried to upload pic but error message! Looking for a cuddle buddy to help with life :)

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    I don't know where else to post this. I am a serious true cuddler. I have a graduate degree in Child Development and Family Studies. I am certified to do pre-term infant massage from the University of Miami Medical School. I have studied with the Touch Research Institute, most notably with renown researcher Tiffany Field, a psychologist famous for her decades of Touch Research. Now I get a message from the administrators of this site telling me that someone recently reported me for "asking for money". I am shocked by this accusation, and quite frankly, I feel hurt. I asked for an explanation, and never heard back. If they had at least read some of my communications on this site, they would clearly see that I am a strong advocate of pure cuddling, and try to help guys learn how to get their first cuddles. I ask them to fill out their profiles, tell them to try to get a couple of professional cuddles and ask the cuddler to post a karma (I won't cuddle someone without good karmas and communicating with the writer of the karma). Has anyone else been disappointed by the scuzzy direction this site seems to be developing? I'm tired of guys who have been on here for years yet have no profile and no karmas asking for cuddles. Nope.

    Reported for not being relevant to the thread. I have messaged SoCambria privately to discuss as it seems the flag against her was not legitimate. [Charlie_Bear]

  • [Deleted User]RJ40 (deleted user)

    Hey ,
    I am Ram from seattle , 38 male and feeling little alone but not weird . looking for nice female of any color and Race. Just a good talk cuddle and nice human ! : :)

  • Hey y'all! My name's Rashad. I saw this site recently and wanted to give it a try. Been feeling a lot more tinges of loneliness and want to get to know more people, but am a bit shy. I like to read and write stories, enjoy listening to music,and watching movies.

    I'm from Brooklyn, New York. Specifically in the Flatbush area.

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