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  • @Sela_Zzz welcome back! Very happy to see you are getting back to normal. :)

  • [Deleted User]Starlost (deleted user)
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    Hello. I'm new to CC.
    Science nerd introvert in need of physical touch and a friendly personality. I went for a divorce in Nov 2019 and then COVID came. Then moved across country to this strange, strange land. You get the idea.
    I'm just south of Ashville NC in hendersonville.
    If you want to see if we click as new platonic cuddle friends then drop me a line.

  • @Starlost With that description we could be related :o - welcome!

  • Hello 😊 I am brand new professional and happy to be here.

  • Hi iv always been a huger and cuddler but thought I would share with others. Inside or out in the fresh air. I'm in florida and new to this. Hope to meet you and change your life forever. My thing is to say , you just been touched by love.thanks you.o come out for free paddle boarding and add a snuggle.

  • I'm open to advise and meeting others that have been doing this for a while. Thank you for your time.

  • Free paddle boarding lessons with a cuddle.:0)

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    Hey @loverob321, for safety purposes, we don't allow users to post sensitive information in the forum, or in profiles (email, phone number, social media, etc). But you're welcome to share this information in private messages! Thank you. -squeakytoy

  • Thank you

  • I’m back on here after a long break. I’m looking for someone to cuddle with (preferably on a long term basis if we’re both comfortable with each other). I can host, be a guest, or meet in public and I’m located in Portland, OR. Good luck everyone!

  • Excited to join the team and start spreading some love. Virtual hugs to everyone for now!!!

  • Morning all 🤗 I'm Gracie, a 36 year old professional cuddler from London, UK. Although I've been doing this for over a decade I only joined this site recently and just wanted to say what a warm and welcoming community it is. Thank you all so much for that and I wish everyone happy cuddles!

  • Hi everyone! I'm new here and looking forward to cuddling ☺.
    Don't be shy to say hello and/or share cuddling tips with me.

  • Welcome and happy cuddling, Newbies! ❤️

  • Thanks so much @MelanieL and hope you get off to a great start @Eviee ☺️

  • Hello. I’m new to CC. I’m from Boston and I hope to find someone to cuddle with regularly. I can be a guest. I currently live on campus at school so I might be a host depending on the guest policy.

  • Hello, cuddle from PA here! I'm new to CC but not to Cuddling! I'm excited to get to share the gift of touch with everyone, and I really love how wholesome and kind everyone seems to be in this community. I'm looking forward to plenty of wonderful cuddles! 🥰

  • Hi! I'm new to CC as well, but have plenty of cuddling experience. I'm open to traveling, especially now that summer is almost here and I'll have seven more flexibility in my schedule.

    My primary love language is touch, and I just can't get enough of it. I'm looking forward to sharing that with others along with all the good vibes. Cuddling is very therapeutic and I'm looking forward to sharing this with you. 🥰

  • Hi y'all, I'm new here and wanting to learn more about cuddling, and to see if it's something I would like!

  • Hi guys, now that covid is somewhat coming to an end. I would like to introduce myself as a cuddle buddy. I'm based in the West Midlands, UK. I travel to clients and welcome them into my home also.

    Happy cuddling xx

  • Hey there! I’m a new pro-cuddler member for Sacramento, CA ☺️

  • Hey everyone, I’m Janelle! I’m a new pro on here located in the Central PA area. I’m not able to host just yet, but I’m willing to travel. I welcome any advise or tips from other pros.

  • Hi I’m Pamela from selma cali,
    I’m new to this site.. after my brothers passing I been suffering from depression,ptsd, anxiety and panic attacks. Since I’m single and and a workaholic I have no time to take care of me, I come home to an empty nest and it’s extremely difficult I been waking up having nightmares lately and I am in dying need of a human touch , to feel someone’s arms around me as safety.

  • Hi y’all! I’m a new pro based in central Alabama. So excited to join this community, and to feel and spread the warmth! ☺️

  • Greetings! I’m a pro in the Baltimore area just getting her start. I really love holding and being held and making people feel genuinely safe and cared for. Looking forward to building a core group of cuddlers who I can see on a regular basis and developing quality friendships with them.

  • Hi I’m Mel in Farnborough, UK. I’ve recently graduated with Cuddle Professionals International. Accredited and insured. I love cuddling and making people feel good. Touch is such an important human need!

  • Hi! I'm a trained professional cuddler since February 2018, originally from NY. I relocated to Midlothian Virginia August of last year. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I was unable to offer in-person cuddle sessions since March 2020. I've been in hiatus from the cuddling world for 15 months. But now that I'm fully vaccinated, I'm now resuming in-person cuddle sessions for those who are also fully vaccinated. I host my cuddling sessions at my place. Happy cuddling 🤗!

  • Howdy! I'm a new cuddler in the bay area. I'm a full-time college student studying CIS/Database Administration. I love reading, coffee, playing with pets, and the rain.
    I'm also interested in helping around the house if you need it- I love to help! Nice to meet everyone!

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