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I'm BunnyBear and I just wanted to introduce myself as a new cuddlebuddy in the Chicago area. I like a variety of music and shows (particularly anime and cartoons), I have a cat whose just as friendly as I am but she's not always home, and I don't own a tv atm so please don't mind that >.<

 I'm looking forward to meeting you!


  • Welcome to the site.
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    BunnyBear wrote: "Hi,

    I'm BunnyBear and I just wanted to introduce myself as a new cuddlebuddy in the Chicago area. I like a variety of music and shows (particularly anime and cartoons), I have a cat whose just as friendly as I am but she's not always home, and I don't own a tv atm so please don't mind that >.<

     I'm looking forward to meeting you!"

    Hi, Bunnybear, welcome to the community.
  • Hello! Thanks for jumping on board. 
  • [Deleted User]BunnyBear (deleted user)
    Thanks for welcoming me^^
  • [Deleted User]iPandaP00 (deleted user)
    Hello, I'm iPandaP00.
    I would've chosen a less embarrassing name, but its my go-to name... anyways I live in the So-Cal area, as I have my whole life. My hobbies are anime, cooking, and cuddling. :3
    I'm new so I would LOVE for someone to show me the ropes. I hope to be snuggled up with someone real soon. ^_^
  • [Deleted User]iPandaP00 (deleted user)
    Also @BunnyBear: Is that a panda kigurumi?? :0
  • Hello everyone! 

    I am here for the same reasons you are :)  I am hunger for cuddling... Cuddle cure emptiness, loneliness, it gives confident, motivate you to pass the days and wait for someone to cuddle... I am waiting... :)
  • Hello everyone, I am a professional cuddler from Peoria IL. I join this site help people with the needs and comfort them. Check out my profile. I hope to hear from you. 
  • [Deleted User]ThePurpleWiggle (deleted user)
    Hey all :)
    Had an account for a while but never really used it. Thinking I could do with a good cuddle. I'm on the Central Coast of NSW Australia.Hoping to hear from someone soon, not many active cuddlers on the site around here though.
  • [Deleted User]Janae (deleted user)
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    Hi. I'm Janae , a professional cuddler in Florida. I like being around people and de-stressing their day. My profile says a lot but I love anime,manga, writing, painting and etc. Nerd yes. Cool yes. Great sense of humor....check check haha. I pretty much prefer being a home body unless its for a great live show I've been looking forward to for sure. Don't be shy to hit me up for comfort, care, and some awesome cuddle time.
  • Hello my name is Brian. I'm from North Jersey, was told about about this site from from a girl who does this and claimed I would be great at it due to being handsome, charming and funny. Profile says a few things about me. I enjoy being indoors and lounging with a movie or video game, and have always enjoyed cuddling in all forms. Hope to see what this site is all about~
  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
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    Hello!   I am located in the SF Bay Area. I am touch deprived! and hoping that this may be an answer to something that I have been searching for.  Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  • Welcome to the community. i think that you are well on your way. Let us know about your experience.
  • This is an answer.  How can one function in a healthy way if they have hunger or thirst? Treat touch like a nourishment and try to add it to every transaction u have. Make a game of it and you will be surrounded by a new beavy of friends.

  • Hi.

    Just joined the site. I'm a gay bear in Edinburgh, UK.

    For me, this site is really amazing find. I've always wanted to find guys that I could cuddle without it being intensely sexual. I mean, I do like sex, but there are times when I want to just wrap my arms round a nice guy as a friend, and relax together in each others warmth. When I try and express this on gay dating sites, the guys just don't get it. To them, it has to be full-on sexual or nothing. So its brilliant to find this site. I really hope I can find some new friends to snuggle up with. :)  

  • I'm glad that you found this site. Now the job is to make it work.
  • Good for you ScottishBear! Spread the news!
  • [Deleted User]CuddleMcGee (deleted user)
    Hi I have an all round sense of humor and happy, soothing vibes to share with my cuddling. I'm currently in the east Texas area and don't mind traveling one bit. I can't wait to be there for your next cuddle experience. I just love to snuggle up close and chat or just rest up. I have a love for life and I want to share it with everyone!
  • So hello im mimie aka miss giggles i love to cuddle i swear if it could it would be the death of me. ~chuckles~ i'm in the wv Parkersburg area on north side. im actually just completely down to earth. i love anime and gaming. i have so much affection and cuddling its bubbling from underneath my skin. i cant wait to actually cuddle someone
  • hello i am claire kindsvater i am an overweight women who loves drinking hmu to play some pong 
  • [Deleted User]JenSky (deleted user)
    Hi everyone,
    I'm Jennie and I'm very curious about this website. I joined because I do like being hugged and hope to at least make a few new friends. I'm a bit shy but it is nice to hear others like cuddling too  :D 
  • Welcome to the community and thank you for introducing yourself.
  • [Deleted User]Gearz (deleted user)

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Mark. Joined this site yesterday. I was searching my area but I don't think there's enough users of this site. Hopefully this site will get more users soon. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

  • Hello Mark, the users are spread out over the entire earth, we need to draw in more local users, spread the word and such. Good luck with your endeavors.
  • Hi
    I'm Sam from the Southampton are of UK.
    I've gone through quiet some dilemma's over the past couple months realising how lonely I am outside of the internet with no real reason to be so. I've been browsing r4 reddits for a couple weeks with no luck, but I've now noticed CC and it seems like an awesome idea. The problem is however that I'ma  guy and the male to female ratio seems pretty start most everywhere. But I'll be damned if I don't give CC a try. So here I am! Cuddling is an amazing feeling, just hope I can find people to enjoy it with.
  • [Deleted User]Kuddlebunny (deleted user)
    Hello cuddlers,
    I'm kuddlebunny (looks like I'm not the only bunny here!). Always looking to learn how to better my craft. I am from Los Angeles and have been cuddling professionally for almost a year now. I have learned more about intimacy (into-me-i-see) with cuddlers than any relationship I've had before.

  • [Deleted User]cuddledingo (deleted user)
    Hi all,

    I'm cuddledingo in Los Angeles.  Non professional looking to meet new friends and share non sexual cuddles :).  I recently moved back to town and left my cuddler on the East Coast.  Highly depressing.  But I'm anxious to meet new cuddlers on the West Coast.  Message me anytime!

  • Good evening, 
    I live near Rolla mo. I was super excited to find out there was a site to find someone to cuddle with. I didn't know such a thing existed. I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and  being outdoors. If anyone would like to know anything else about me feel free to ask.  

  • [Deleted User]LadyV (deleted user)
    Hi Everyone,
    Brand new to this and just wanted to connect with like minded individuals in the D.C. - Baltimore area.
    I enjoy dining out, plays, movies, long walks by any type of water and site seeing. Looking to make new friends!
  • Hi, my names Rob. I joined this site very recently, as it seemed to tick a lot of boxes for me. Realistically, I class myself as Asexual, as I have no interest in either gender. But if I have to be labelled, then it's Homosexual.

    The biggest issue I've found in the gay world is trying to find a "cuddle partner".

    Are there any other gay cuddlers on here?.

    I'm based near Birmingham, UK.
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