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  • [Deleted User]Paul73 (deleted user)
    Heyo! I am Paul. I hail from the Seattle area. I am a very caring, empathetic and affectionate guy. Let's cuddle
  • [Deleted User]shy_bookworm (deleted user)
    Hello, names John and I am from Alpena Mi. Extremely new to this site in hopes of finding someone cuddley 
  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)
    Hi! Just signed up and checking in from Sunny South Cali here.  I've already learned quite a bit from the forums. Looking forward to making some nice connections with like-minded people. ^_^
  • I'm a 40-something male from Stockton, CA, looking for a woman(preferably local) to cuddle...
  • Hello all, Im James and am from north VA. It's been quite some time since I've been close to anyone but my brother and am just looking for someone to share some time with :)
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    I want to introduce myself I am Deaneane pronounced. DEE-NEAN currently an awesome open-minded polyamorous love bunny who FEELS STRONG about the power of llove from cuddling snuggling and awesome music and Piggin out I like to consider myself a modern hippie I am 420 friendly I can see myself bi Coastal what do I mean by this I was philly born Cali bred an Jersey living I currently live my life as a lesbian and have been for a little over 10 years open minded and non-judgemental and I don't discriminate so all are welcome to snuggle with me looking to meet new friends on here so talk to u soon
  • Hello my name is Jimmy. I live in Bakersfield California and i am looking forward to my first cuddle buddy....when that happens....
  • [Deleted User]Fluffymamabear (deleted user)
    Hey ya'll. I'm new to this site and cuddling professionally. My family and friends have always said that I give warm and comfortable hugs. I'm 6' and around 250 lbs and gasp,a female. Oh,I reside in Mid TN.
  • Hello peeps, I created this profile today and figured I'd say hello. I am 5'10, 28 year old male from Miami FL. Figured I'd give the professional cuddling thing a try and earn some spending money while helping people make it through a tough time or make someone feel comfortable. 
  • Hi(: I'm new to this site and just wanted to say hi to everyone, especially those in Texas! Just a chubby girl ready to provide grade A snuggles.
  • Hi, I'm Kathy young 51, in Naugatuck, CT.   Anyone want a session with me, let me know!
  • Hello everyone
    I am a new professional cuddler in Las Vegas, NV. 

    You'll enjoy a relaxing cuddle session with me ! 

  • Hello. Recently read an article about cuddle buddies. This was the first site I came across so I'm learning how this works. Currently living in Fort Worth Texas.
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    I'm Alana from Philadelphia, and I'm new to the site, I love to meet new people and snuggle up.

    Let me know if you would like a session.  :)

  • [Deleted User]rocky209 (deleted user)
    Any p.cuddler near Dublin,CA?
  • AjaAja
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    I signed up with this site last week sometime but finished my profile about section & photos. 

    Don't mind the extras on my photos, I was just trying to have some fun with photoshop.  Didn't change anything in my pictures though.

    Wish I could find more people in my area.  I SERIOUSLY want to cuddle as a business. I would SO L♥VE to cuddle up with people (male OR female)

    I live about an hour to an hour and a half from Chicago but that's kind of far to go for a hug.

  • Hello cuddly peoples!! My name is Jana and I am a new pro member. The idea of platonic, loving cuddling and companionship has been on my radar for years. Thrilled to see sites like these popping up, let's keep growing this community together! I am an artist and dreamer with lots of love to sprinkle around. My background is in ballroom and latin dance, so I am very familiar with sharing closeness and intimacy with all types of people. Can't wait to meet you, talk with & cuddle with you!! ♡ :-)
  • [Deleted User]Renee233 (deleted user)
    Hi everybody! New pro here! My name is Renee and I just moved to South Carolina. I enjoy meeting new people, and I'm a *big* softie, so I love to snuggle. I'm here to hopefully help people that just need somebody to hold. I know what it's like to need a cuddle fix! If anybody might be interested, come say hi! :)
  • Welcome to our community, Renee233!
  • [Deleted User]PlusSizeMadam (deleted user)
    MadamNena from Palmdale California 28 bbw  just wanted to greet everyone any southern Californians here ? 
  • Welcome to the community, PfusSizeMadam. Are you trying to scare everybody away with your profile pic?
  • Hi! Dimitri here. Cuddler from Austin, TX :)
  • [Deleted User]msuperwmn (deleted user)
    Hey guys, I'm a new professional cuddler out of San Diego. Mother of two kids .. I'm naturally a queen of cuddles but I also found my niche for it during college. Besides cuddles, I enjoy fitness, fashion and being fabulous. I look forward to meeting your needs
  • Why have so many of the female cuddlers who have commented here left or been removed from the site?
  • Please clarify, i haven't noticed any leaving, but I'm in a different area than you.
  • I clicked on the profiles of many of the women who have taken part in this discussion thread and many have either left or been deactivated.
  • Remember that this discussion is for people to introduce themselves. Many women and men might change their mind within a short period of time while others will keep their accounts active for years and never check in again. I think that you would see the same thing on Facebook if it wasn't so hard to discontinue your account. This site will allow anyone, at anytime, to delete their account and I am thankful for this feature.
  • Hullo! I'm Rei, and I'm in Louisville kentucky. Never really done this whole cuddling with a stranger thing, but I'm a massage therapist so I'm willing to give it a shot! I'm enjoying the posts in this forum so far.
  • [Deleted User]Victoria92 (deleted user)
    Hello! I'm Victoria! I'm a new professional cuddler in Northern Utah. I've never cuddled with a stranger but I cuddle my friends and family all the time! I was pleasantly surprised to find this forum! Nice to meet you!
  • Hey everyone, I'm new and kinda a heavy introvert trying to get back out in the world. I've been told I'm easy to get along with and I listen very well and know lots of advice. Feel free to message me and hope to have a good experience here.
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