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  • Welcome new friends!! :D
  • Hello everyone! Pro cuddler here in Maryland.
  • [Deleted User]dpd1998 (deleted user)
    Hi everyone, I'm new on this site but not to cuddling. Hope I get approved for Pro listing soon. 
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    @dpd1998 Be advised that we have paused male cuddler applications until we revise our model on how to manage that part of the website. You'll receive an email once that is complete.
  • Hi everyone, I'm new to both cuddling and this site. I'm very excited to meet some nice people and cuddle. :)
  • Welcome saypal
  • Hello all :) new to the site but always love a good cuddle and chat.  Feel free to message me!  
  • [Deleted User]dwalker27 (deleted user)
    Name is David, I currently live in Nevada.  I actually got referred to this from an article I read that my psychologist gave to me.  She said it might help me with my loneliness and 'skin hunger' issues I guess.
  • Hi guys. New cuddler from Columbus, Ohio. Looking forward to new experiences.
  • Hello everyone! I am a new professional cuddler out in San Diego.  I got my degree in elementary education so I'm naturally prone to loving on and cuddling people.  If you want to know more about me I listed a lot in my profile. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to message me! I look forward to hearing from you! HUGE HUG!!!! 
  • Hi everyone! I joined this site because I work a tough job, and cuddling is the distraction I need from all the stress and anxiety. It is the best, safest way to boost my mood, relieve the pressure from work, and make me happy again. :)
  • [Deleted User]CasLynnMay (deleted user)
    Hello! My name is Cassandra and I am an artist in San Diego who wants to promote love and support in all aspects of life! I'm a huge nerd who goes to San Diego Comicon every year. I am interested in computers and baking as well! invite you to stop by any time and join me any time you need someone to listen.
  • Hey everyone,
    My name is Autumn and I'm from Pasadena, California. I'm a professional cuddler who LOVES cuddling. On my days off, I enjoy going wine tasting, cooking, baking, and watching movies. I love meeting new people. I look forward to meeting some of you soon! 
    Cheers! :) 

  • [Deleted User]Unknown (deleted user)
    Hello . I have read the cuddle sutra , and started "cuddling around "
    I have also invented a few positions of my own such as the " paperweight "   , the " strawberry shortcake ", the " hostage ", the " prisoner " , and , the ever so firmly embraced , all eight limbs together laced , the " God I hope the fire alarm doesn't go off "
  • [Deleted User]apheliadecays (deleted user)
    Hello! I'm alyshia and I'm a cuddler in Philadelphia, pa. Cuddling is by far my favorite thing to do, simply because I love the affect it has on others. I love being able to feel connected to another human being; cuddling is such an intimate experience. :)
  • Welcome to the Philadelphia branch of CC
  • [Deleted User]james28909 (deleted user)
    howdy ;)
    im james and live in a small town called Warne in north carolina. i work my ass off and dont have alot of time to go out and meet people. this site seems great so far! today is my first day and i hope that i meet some awesome people and more importantly someone to spend some good nights with :)

  • Welcome james28909, you're in beautiful country, but a bit underpopulated, you might not find many members down there. The good news is you're probably in the path of the total solar eclipse coming in August.
  • [Deleted User]michael_j (deleted user)
    hello. I'm michael. New to this site but long time cuddle lover. I'm in the Seattle area. Not always available but love being able to relax fully around people. Always nice to be able to cuddle and sit quietly or watch something with someone else :) looking forward to future cuddles
  • Hello everyone,
    The name is Rei (on the site) and started today as a pro cuddler in the Cincinnati area (Tristate OH/KY/IN I guess works too lol). I like to think I am a kind and sweet person, just horribly shy (spent my teen years as a recluse playing video games and watching anime lol). But I happen to be an amazing chef, so if ya need me to chop something up for ya (food related) I can be your gal then hehe. I also love to draw, manga style and realism on also digital format. Also...really good at martial arts c;. And really good as a rambler, as is obvious. So, if ya need someone to talk to or hang. Let me know :)
  • [Deleted User]xdriver60 (deleted user)
    Hello, my name is Pete and I live a little south of the Eau Claire WI area. I am very new to this site, just finished my profile this morning and I do love to cuddle. I'm not looking to be a pro cuddler. I'm hoping to find some new like minded friends in this area.  Take a look at my profile and dont be shy about saying hi.   Thank you and have a great day..
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    I posted this in the wrong thread, sorry. Sorry for the duplication.
    First off, I'm just outside NYC, semi-retired, fit professional.
    I'm trying to wrap my head around this cuddling thing, something I never heard of until the other day. I haven't tried it so maybe I'm in the wrong thread. On the one hand, I'm intrigued. And then, on the other, I wonder if there's something fundamentally wrong with the modern world. People need to pay for intimacy? Or seek it out with a stranger? Yet, I find my world is sorely lacking in this area after a divorce and breakup. Hence, my intrigue. Yet, I can't bring myself to try it. Maybe one day. 

  • Welcome Jook!

    I can relate to your hesitations/ reservations. ..

    There are also different ways to look at it; we are become more accepting of our vulnerabilities regarding lack of touch, affection..
    How that human needs becomes neglected in this increasingly fast paced world, where everything is virtual... So most of us are using this site as a form of self care.

    This could be a negative reflection on the state of our current society.
    Especially if there was less need for this a few decades. Or perhaps similar needs did exist, we're repressed or met in other interactions.

    One thing I like about this is site is that it gives people who (can't)/ not looking for relationships an opportunity to met their needs for affection.

    If you do / when you decide to have a buddy, hope it goes well and you find it helpful. :)
  • Dear Annie.
    Your words are so true and you are a very caring person, so many of my aged friends are in soooooooooo much need of human contact, there whole lives change once they have felt the touch of energy a cuddle gives.
    My thoughts to JOOK, all people need human contact, at the hospital where I work, the staff/ candy strippers/ helpers are encouraged and trained to touch and cuddle in a respectable way, holding hands, shoulder cuddles, full arm cuddles, with in a few days you can see the change, as the days go by different people appear.
    Life is different today but human energy and the gift of it is paramount to all people, no matter there age, impairments, or damage.
    A good start is to find a group in you area, these are generally run by experienced,thoughtful cuddlers who can help with shyness and concerns and of course safety in numbers.
    A big welcome to the site to all of you and lets make it work it is sooooooooooooo important.
    Love you all John.
  • [Deleted User]cindydewolfe (deleted user)
    Hey Everyone!

    Im from Edmonton, AB. There's not many requests for cuddles here but I'm sure it will become more popular :) Can't wait to help others feel affection <3
  • Hi John.
    Thanks you;)

    Welcome Cindywolfe. Hope your area picks up soon.
  • [Deleted User]Dekooning (deleted user)
    Hi everyone. Recently joined as a cuddled from Salt Lake area.
  • Hello. I am new to this. So I am 42, live in AL, and I suppose I am interested in cuddling because I don't really want the responsibility of a relationship right now. Just working on my own happiness, and don't want too much on my plate. Between work and being a single dad to a teen with autism, my plate is full, believe me. Cuddling feeds my need to give and receive affection without muddying the waters too much. I have a pro who I have seen a bit which is really great, but I would love to be able to expand on that with someone who wants to cuddle to cuddle, not because they are being paid to, the concept honestly makes me feel a little awkward because I am essentially paying to do something for a limited time when there are many people out there who would love to cuddle for extended hours on end without money being involved. Sort of like why buy a pet from a breeder when there are so many in need of adoption, if that comparison makes any sense at all. Anyway, heres to getting my feet wet.
  • Welcome Jook, Cindydewolfe, Dekooning and Pmvines. HUGE HUG!!!! 
  • thanks snuggle554321 !!!
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