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    I'm from Chicago. If you need some one to cuddle with and want to watch movies, listen to music, or just cuddle in silence that's fine. If you also want to cuddle and vent to someone, maybe get some advice, I'm here for you.

    I enjoy cooking, baking, swimming, boat riding, and playing games. I'm pretty open to new activities. I'm a "pro cuddler" but I wouldn't mind making new friends out of this. Feel free to message me with any inquiries.


    Roxy ❤☺✌

  • Hey Everyone,

    I am new to this site as a "professional cuddler," and I wanted to introduce myself.  I love people, and I have a warm heart.

    Music is my passion. I have been in dance productions, in a large bay-area christian dance group, and I have been a dance director at church as well.

    I'm easy to get along with and a great listener. I have been cooking since I was 9 years old. I enjoy festivals, comedy shows, and poetry events.

    If you are interested in my professional cuddling services message me, and I will reply back.

    Ursearchisover :)
  • @Urseachisover and @roxypelagio333 welcome to the site hope you have fun. Hugs and cuddles John.
  • @sparky_forhire. I am very very interested in your new Positions, can we get some diagrams. Paperweight,Strawberry shortcake,Hostage,Prisoner and last but not least Embraced, If you have to get because of a fire and are all tangled up may be it is an out doors job.
    I love new positions and will try most things.
    Have fun love you all John.
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    funandadventure if you can wait I'll upload them  I just have too many things going on right now 
  • @Sparky_forhire Dear Sparky, I know the feeling, you have fun and when you are ready I will look forward to seeing them, drop me a line.
    Love John Auckland NZ
  • Dear @mark and all our friends in London, our thoughts are with you and hope you are not caught up in such a mess.
    Keep up the good work, it is working for me.
    Love you all John Auckland NZ
  • There are too many new people to individual give my condolences and welcome to the site. A huge hug and I sincerely hope you have a good time not only on this site, but your personal lives too. Life is too short to not make the best of it.
  • I guess I forgot to introduce myself.

    I'm Robby, from the Kansas city area, and a disabled vet with PTSD. Fortunately, nonviolent.

    Cuddling is my third favorite thing to do with a woman, behind kissing and that other one. It has a profoundly calming and reassuring effect on me.

    So, that's me and why I'm here. I look forward to making new friends and helping as I help others.

  • Hi,

    I just want to give a shout out to all of the cuddle family. I feel so welcome here and thanks to all the experienced professional cuddlers for taking the time out and helping a newbie get on board. I am super excited. I love people, and helping in anyway that I can. Positives vibes to all the cuddle family.

  • [Deleted User]InNeedOfCuddles (deleted user)
    Hi there, I'm Adrienne and I live near Minneapolis. I am looking for someone to cuddle with but I'm not entirely sure how to go about it. I'm pretty shy and quiet at first but after a bit I'm more open. 
  • @inNeedOfCuddles, Welcome Adrienne, it is nice to see you use your own name, a nice photo will help. see if you can get into a group in your area these can help break the ice and make contacts.
    You have fun. From John and the trees Auckland NZ.
  • [Deleted User]InNeedOfCuddles (deleted user)
    @funandadventure thank you for the welcome and advice, I appreciate it.
  • Hi! I am new to this site and am looking forward to some cuddle therapy. I am not sure how to find people in need of cuddles in my area, but I am definitely looking forward to bettering someone's day with human touch. So nice to meet all of you!
  • @enfold. Dear EN welcome to the group and you words are soooooooooooooooooooo true.
    Love all John and his trees. By the way I just got a new cuddle buddy, she is 100,000 years old tall with very long arms.
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    @funandadventure Thank you for your earlier post :)
  • Hello everyone!  New to the site but not to cuddling.  I am delighted to find this site as I have long thought it a great tragedy that so many people in the world don't realize the difference between sexual and platonic touch, and as a result are all to often touch starved.  (including myself more often than I'd like)

    I am a nomad, traveling the world.  I hope I get a chance to meet some of you in my travels!
  • @selcouth. Dear Selcouth. Welcome to the site, your words are so true about touch and perception. Your profile is clear and photos are well presented. I wish you well in your travels, I have met many cuddlers from all over the world, this site is new to me but it is building, do keep in touch and let the friends on here know how you get on.
    If ever in NZ do make contact.
    Love to all John and his trees, Auckland NZ.
  • Hiya Everyone!!
    My name is Monique and I just joined the site. I love cats(I have one too!!) and manga, maybe to much lol. But nothing beats comforting others and being comforted. A hug a day could do wonders I think!
  • @funandadventure, I definitely plan to visit NZ one day, your country is high on my list of places I still want to explore!  Perhaps when I arrive we will have a chance to get in touch!
  • @MangaandCats. Dear Monique, nice to see you use your true name, welcome to the site, your profile is uplifting and fun to read, nice photos.
    Love you all John and his trees, Auckland NZ.

  • Hello, 23 year old cuddler from Vancouver Canada. I work on my own so I really could use all the benefits of physical touch.

    I like to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy many outdoor activities, but also love to stay in with movie and snuggles.
  • @Led23, Dear Led, Welcome to the site, and welcome to all our friends in Canada, Hope you have fun on the site and make new friends.
    Pease and friendship, John Auckland NZ
  • Thanks for the warm welcome @funandadventure
  • [Deleted User]ManilasInParis (deleted user)
    Hey everyone,
    Another new cuddler here. I live in Southern California. Orange County to be more specific. Still trying to get the hang of this site and I'm looking to get my feet wet soon. Hello to all and I look forward to cuddling with someone someday =).

  • @Manilasinparis. Dear Man, Welcome to the site we hope you find new friends and get into cuddling.
    love from John and his Trees, Auckland NZ.
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    Hi everyone! I recently signed up a few days ago and still navigating the website. I started on a different website and was told about this website by one of my clients. I am a pro and truly consider what I'm doing to be therapy. Prior to my first ever cuddle I extensively researched the idea of touch therapy and how it affected the brains of humans and overall psyche. The first question I ask a client is "Why have you chosen to hire a cuddler?" It helps me understand their physical and emotional needs.
    I am looking forward to meeting more professional cuddlers and growing my client base. If you would like to schedule a cuddle please do not hesitate to message me.
    Have a wonderful day!
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    @JazzyPants Welcome!  I'm looking forward to meeting you and the other local cuddlers in the next few weeks!
  • @JazzyPants. Dear Jazzy, Welcome to the site, we all hope you have fun and make new friends.
    Love from John and his trees. Auckland NZ
  • @FireAndBlue yes, I too look forward to that.
    @funandadventure thank you!
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