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  • @chayachaos you seem really nice but you don’t seem platonic. You have an onlyfans, and you offer dances in lingerie for an extra cost. These things come off as non platonic.

  • Hello my name is Greg I’m kinda new to this

  • Hi, just joined in Texas! Learning how all this works. Happy Monday everyone!

  • @houston_dude I just joined a couple of days ago also. Looking forward to meeting some nice folks

  • Big Bear looking for some safe platonic cuddles :) Hope all is well!

  • [Deleted User]lovelyhumanwifi (deleted user)

    Hi my name is Ro and I enjoy cuddling while watching stuff! I'm in Texas in the Houston area!

  • Hello! I’m Larry, just joined in Houston. Still trying to get used to the idea of this, seems like it’ll be interesting though! There’s a 99% chance I’ll fall asleep while cuddling even if I’m not trying to lol

  • HELLO friends ! I am very understanding to PTSD and anxiety. Meeting new people can be complicated. I would love the opportunity to get to know you. I LOVE TO CUDDLE ! hang out play games or just talk

  • Hello,

    My name is Peter, and I am brand-new to all this. The concept of cuddle therapy was an unknown to me since Tuesday. I look forward this new avenue of therapy. (btw-one foot is mine, the other my son.

  • Also, relatively new.. looking for a personal connection first-- friendship.
    38 white female- average build- 5'8 +
    Have a ton of interests and things I do... To much to list!
    Mother of 4, Career Driven, Christian- Seperated- Aquarius woman
    I don't have much on my profile but would be interested in chatting

  • Fun outgoing Gemini from Sacramento here 🙃 if you want a 6'6" bear, I'm your guy

  • [Deleted User]bongeorgeo (deleted user)

    I am new to this and want to know how to start . Someone asked me do you wanna be big spoon or small spoon? I told her I don't know because I never did this before, then she apologized for not meeting and she told me it is not you, it is because of someone else that gave her bad experience .

    I noticed also that she deleted her account.(Deleted not banned)
    Is that norm?

    Should I be aware of what kind of cuddle first , but I don't have experience and I was talking honestly

  • @bongeorgeo , my 1st cuddle was with a pro, we agreed to meet at an ice cream store, we chatted, I told her that I was new at this and we set a date, not the same day. She was great, showed me many different positions. there is a lot on U-Tube also. I have found if you ask for a cuddle the very 1st. contact or ask for a cuddle the same day, seems to put up a red flag. So now I always ask to meet out in public, ice cream, coffee-etc. I met a great lady once for breakfast and it went very well. Good Luck

  • @bongeorgeo it is unfortunately common. Many people, particularly women, delete their accounts shortly after joining. You haven't done anything wrong.

    Read the Frequently Asked Questions sticky at the top of this board. Hang around the forum for a bit. Consider booking an experienced professional with lots of karma. Read the long, detailed profiles of good professionals. Don't worry about not being familiar with terms like big spoon or little spoon: it doesn't really matter, and you'll figure out the vocabularly soon enough.

    This site, and the cuddling community in general, rewards patience and thoughtfulness. You were talking honestly, and that's a great start.

  • Hello everyone, I got on CC in December 2020 and I'm just starting to pay attention to the forum discussions and wanted to say hi. I haven't formally introduced myself yet. I'm trying to be a travel cuddler. Mostly I've been staying close to home (Rhode Island) (and a few trips to NYC, Boston, Hartford, & Philadelphia), Please send me a message if you want me to come visit your town :) I'll put you on my giant travel spreadsheet and reach out when I' headed your way :)

  • Hello everyone, I am new to CC! I am curious about virtual sessions-- how do those work? I am also interested in finding cuddle partners in the Denver area starting around June!

  • Aloha everyone!

    I’m re-introducing myself as I am coming back to the Bay Area to cuddle again!

    I’m RamanAngel, a pro cuddler from Maui. I’m excited to be welcoming clients to Maui now and to be able to connect with a few new clients in the Bay Area at the end of April.

    I’m a musician, a meditation teacher, and a white tantra practitioner. I love platonic cuddles because they give myself and the other person a chance to experience intimacy without any sexual pressure and we get to bask in the oxytocin high!

    Some of my favorite cuddle positions are where you lay your head on my chest and I sing to you while stroking your hair or face, breathing together while spooning, and looking deeply into each other’s eyes while I guide us through a meditation in the yabyum position.

    So happy to be cuddling again. I have met the most wonderful humans through this site and look forward to new connections!

  • Hello,
    My name is Koralie and I'm a traveling business woman who cuddles on the side! I do energy work and massage (Not licensed, but naturally talented) for those who request it! I am also a great listener and enjoy holding hands! I'm really good at absorbing your issues and sending you love in turn! I'm always happy to cuddle with whomever needs it! As I said, I travel, so I keep my profile up to date as to where I'm at and where I'm going.

    A little bit about me:
    I'm a Transgender Woman, and I enjoy spreading the love I feel for everyone! You may not believe me when I say I love everyone, but its very much the truth! At one time in my life I was so depressed and I was able to pick myself up and grow! I know enjoy helping pick others up as well! As I said, im Transgender and that does scare some off, but I should point out that this site isn't sexual, so why does it matter? I'm still a great cuddle! My status is honestly what saved me since I was miserable being the person people thought me to be... now I'm free, happy, and want to help! I feel like it puts me in a great spot to help those who may be curious or questioning things about their sexuality or gender expression!

    Above all I will always be a warm hearted, loving soul who is here to help those in need!

  • [Deleted User]SnugglePurrs (deleted user)

    Greetings fellow humans,

    My name's Jonny, I'm from Cheltenham, England. I think this is one of the most wholesome ideas for a site I've seen in a long time. Expecting it will take some time to find a local cuddle buddy, so hoping to get to meet some nice people here for an online chat in the mean time.

  • Hello. I'm new to the site. Can someone send me a test message just so I can see if the notification comes through? I'd be happy to return the favor of course if you need me to.

  • @YNCL here’s your test message and now you’re officially a part of this wild and wonderful forum. Good luck! 👍 and welcome to CC😊

  • @SnugglePurrs WELCOME to the site!!! What a fun mask. 😊😊😊

    You will find lots of nice people here so good on you for joining.

    @OhioMike is the PERFECT example of "oldie but goodie" Wait a minute... not because he's OLD..... I mean.... SHEESH! There's a LOT of great people around here who have amazing experience and history with the site. The epitome of FABULOUS fellow cuddly humans.

  • @sillysassy , YEESH! NICE ONE! ;)

  • [Deleted User]SnugglePurrs (deleted user)

    @sillysassy Thank-you so much, already been lucky enough to interact with some of those nice people. It's a very warm and welcoming commuity :3

  • [Deleted User]DBenevolence (deleted user)

    This is the place.

    To those women who have cuddled with me. Thank you for the new perspectives in life and the wonderful KARMA that you left. I am truly humbled by your comments. However I have yet to cuddle a woman who just wants to be cuddled without a fee. Are you there? Are there any brave women out there who trust men anymore? This is a precious time of healing as the world awakens to the possibilities of opening up again.

    Boundaries are important to women much more then men. It is important to recognize a woman's boundaries when she is in your presence.

    I do not cuddle men. This is how God made me.

    I went PRO for two weeks thank you to those women supporting me in my decision. Honestly there is not much of a market out there for a man.

    It will matter when a woman just want to be held.

  • I thought billionaire philanthropist Mr Wayne lived in Gotham. I’m probably thinking of another one though now that I think of it

  • Hi (again).... I’ve been away for quite a while, but back again. Cambridge, UK.... good to be back.

  • Hello! Not entirely new here but put a pause on things due to the lockdown and some health issues. :)
    Pro-cuddler on here but overall a very touch starved human now XD I'm happy things have opened up again, gotten to see friends and family after ages!! Survived COVID twice, and I'm grateful for that!! I cannot wait to start cuddling again! I would love to make new friends on here, so please don't be shy.

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