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  • Hello! I hope all is well. My name is Dahlia and I’m currently an artist based out of NY. When I’m not working on art, I’m usually doing yoga or I’m out hiking with my dog trying to find new scenery to work with. I also work at a horse rescue on weekends and it’s one one of the most rewarding places to be. I love cuddling. I’m usually little spoon, but there’s nothing better than someone laying between your legs while you’re watching a movie and you get to play with their hair. Cuddling is one of the most personal things you can do and the comfort it brings is lovely. I hope to hear from you soon! Stay safe and healthy! xx

  • Hello all. Very new to this idea but am very open minded to it. This has been a tough year for all of us especially those that thrive on physical touch.

  • Hello, I'm looking for a cuddle as well, London hmu

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  • Hello and welcome. :)

  • [Deleted User]Duryea (deleted user)

    Hi and welcome to CC!

  • Hi New! Lol just kidding 🤗 welcome 😁

  • Hi everyone

  • [Deleted User]BrielleBronte (deleted user)

    Hi there everyone. My name is Brielle and I'm new to the site. I've been cuddling for two years, but recently tried this site and I can already tell the community here is lovely. I'm located in Southern Arizona in the cutest little city called Bisbee. I'm eager to meet new people on here and make friends who enjoy affection as much as I do :)

  • @BrielleBronte "I'm eager to meet new people on here and make friends who enjoy affection as much as I do" :)

    You certainly came to the right place ~ There are lots of affectionate people here... Welcome!

    Hi & Welcome to you too @JulieS927 !

  • Hello cuddle buddies :) happy and grateful to meet you
    I'm looking forward to great cuddle connections and sessions...and who knows maybe some great new friendships. I'm in the Miami area and open for bookings from late January on...also for bookings in Cancun since I'm going to be there in for a couple weeks.
    gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation don't matter to me at all...feel free to message me =)

  • Hello just want to say hi from Puerto Rico

  • Hello peeps! I’m Raven from Alabama but I’m now in Fl. I’m interested in having deep conversations while cuddling. Race ,sexual orientation,etc doesn’t matter to me as long as you’re kind .


  • Good morning, I’m Quia and I’m new to Cuddle therapy! I’m from the Kansas City area, and I travel between Topeka and Kansas City!

    I’m 420 friendly, bubbly, easy going and would love to connect with you 😊 just shoot me a message!

    I look forward to cuddling with you 🙏🏽

  • [Deleted User]blueirish88 (deleted user)

    Hi my name is Chris, I'm a new professional cuddler. I'm a open minded guy who has always loved affection and cuddling. Sometimes you need that platonic connection of intimacy and acceptance. To be held by someone while you vent, relax, sleep all the while feeling and knowing you matter. This feeling is important, and why I wanted to do this especially now.

    I'm based in Toronto, Ontario and just wanted to introduce myself to like minded individuals.

  • Welcome All! 🤗

    @blueirish88 ~ Hi Chris, Welcome! You have such a nice intro, and I love the Rupi Kaur quote & image (now saved in my 2021 Growth Mindset file). 💓

    Best wishes for heaps of Happy Cuddling! 🫂

  • Hello all new cuddler from South Florida (West Palm Beach). Glad to be apart of a community that helps people in ways certain professions aren’t allowed to with physical touch. Used to work in detox as a technician and heard about licensed therapists not being allowed to hug (physical touch) , which is sad but understandable.

    Looking forward to helping people loving their unique selves that much more each day

    Message me when interested or when you get tired of the cold. We got plenty sun down here 🏝☀️

  • [Deleted User]LoveLikeAnEwok (deleted user)

    Cuddling in the Greater L.A. area and OC(with travel fee)

    See profile for more details

  • Dave from Simi. Just separated after 23 years and it's weird not having someone to talk to.

  • Hai there I'm new here and I am here to help cuddle you in your time of need. I am in the Austin area. I am new to cuddling but I want to be respectful and just platonic. I'm here for you. 🤗😊

  • [Deleted User]gentlehands71 (deleted user)

    Hi everyone - As soon as I heard about cuddling like this I was intrigued. I'm in northern Colorado. Would love to meet some fellow cuddlers.

  • [Deleted User]Ebow87 (deleted user)

    I'm kind of new. Still working out the kinks here a little bit.

  • Hey everyone my name is fluffybunnii I’m 26 years old and new to the site I live in the Chicago land area feel free to add me as a friend and share any tips or advice you have also comment your name so we can get acquainted with one another I look forward to meet you

  • Welcome and happy cuddling, new Cuddlers! 🤗😊🤗

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    Welcome and happy cuddling, @FluffyBunnii ! 🙂

  • Hello everyone!! hope everyone is well. Im new here so i just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, I go by Penguin even my mom calls me that lol its a nickname from high school that just stuck. anyhow i look forward to lots of cuddling and touch therapy.

  • Hi Y'all!
    Donesia here, super new to the site, but excited to see like minded people just looking to get some cuddles in. This past year has been one for the books, and we can all use some support. Las Vegas area is where you can find me, and I'm a yoga teacher, so if you wanna cuddle and get some stretching in, I'm a 2 for 1 special 😂. I encourage you all to just be kind to yourself and others. 🙏🏾💗🤗

  • [Deleted User]Duryea (deleted user)

    Hello Penguin and Donesia! Welcome to CC!

  • Chell-o! New cuddler here. Searching for fellow cuddlers in the Nashville, Clarksville, Ft. Campbell and all areas in between. Enjoy mysic, binge watching tv shows, movies, etc. Only preferences 40-50.

  • Welcome to the community all and may you find cuddles and peace 😊😊😊

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