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  • Welcome to the site! Happy cuddling!

  • Well I suppose introducing myself is a good place to start. :)

    Hello all I'm a nerdy Night Shift worker currently in St. Pete. Fl.

    I've always been a big fan of hugs, cuddles, snuggling, and pretty much any activity in the cuddle adjacent vicinity. I am beyond excited to find a community like this. :) :) I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been frustrated that people don't seem to understand that a cuddle is just a cuddle and can be the end goal and not just a means to one. Looking forward to getting to know you guys :) Be safe, happy, and well!

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    Welcome @Ralyr @TuesdayKitten @cspencer27 @ShutUpHeather . I hope you have a good experience here

  • Warm welcome to all of you new cuddlers!

  • Hello ! I’m onna!☺️ Happy holidays!!

  • Not sure if my post goes here. But hello everyone, I am heart_mind_soul. I’m a blind professional, and I am majoring in psychology. This site interested me from the beginning. Being that I’ve been isolated in my room for many years, I can understand the necessity for human touch. So, Personally, I stand behind what this website is trying to achieve. Being a psychology major, I can see how therapeutic cuddling can be. Whether you do it for therapeutic reasons, or just because you want to cuddle with someone, it doesn’t take away from the effects it can cause. Like all things, there’s two sides to it, however, those with good intentions, I can see, benefiting majorly. I know a lot of people here seek cuddling out of enjoyment and that there is a struggle balancing our professionals versus those who are enthusiastic. I just want everyone to know, that I am someone with a caring heart. I’ve always wanted to help mankind in this wicked world. We need more love spread. I joined, to achieve that goal. However, being visually impaired, I’m not one who makes a lot of money currently. Thus I decided to try the professional side of things. That does not mean, I do not wish to enjoy cuddling. So, don’t let my professional tag scare anybody away. My rate is clearly on my profile, but I’m always willing to work around it for those who can’t afford it. Because I understand what it’s like, Too yearn for another warm body, a strong embrace for safety, and just being held, and being expressed love. Thank you for those who read this, may you feel love love and my embrace, have a wonderful day!

  • My name is Ryan and I am a new cuddler! I would love to get to know the community better! Just also wanted to know what more I can do to help the people in need of cuddling!! Haha please don’t hesitate to reach out and help me with any tips!

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    Welcome, Ryan @rpad710! Yes, as it happens I do have some advice. :)

    Add a couple more photos to your profile.
    Read the FAQ sticky at the top of this board.
    Explore the links at the bottom of the site's home page.
    Spend a day or two getting to know this forum, then start contributing to it. If you feel like messaging somebody as a result of something you've seen in the forum, that's cool as long as you are nice.

    Once you've done all that, you will want to rewrite your profile text. There's nothing wrong with it now - don't change it. But once you know the community a little better, you'll want a new one.

    Finally, once you know what you are doing, start sending messages to people that you might like to cuddle with. Pro or enthusiast, in person or online. Most female enthusiasts (and some pros) will not reply to you - don't take it personally.

    And if you do all that, you will have some truly happy, wonderful experiences with some amazing people.

  • I advise you to be ready to laugh out loud at your phone, some of these awesome wonderful people crack me right up 🥰

    Definitely stop in the forum, your thought and opinions can go a long ways toward helping people decide if they might be compatible with you. It will also let's us all get comfortable interacting together and that's important for cuddles. I hope your time here is happy and fulfilling 🙂

  • [Deleted User]noahbradshaw (deleted user)

    Hi! I’m pretty new to this. I enjoy cuddling and think that physical touch is so important. If you have any tips to having good experiences let me know! Excited to get to know the cuddling community!!!

  • @noahbradshaw, welcome! Look at my post, a couple above yours. Also @NightShift39's in between. I look forward to seeing more posts from you.

    @Heart_Mind_Soul, that's a lovely post, thank you. Welcome to you too! I wish you all the best, the more so because my understanding is that male professionals find it hard to attract clients. Anyway, looking forward to seeing some more posts from you.

  • [Deleted User]lilslothiee (deleted user)

    Hi I'm lilslothiee and I'm new so I thought I would just say hi :)

  • [Deleted User]Valerie20 (deleted user)

    Hello everyone! I just started today! Im a pro cuddler from Alabama! Im glad to be a part of this community! Its beautiful!!! ❤

  • [Deleted User]cuddlingcat (deleted user)


    Taking a minute to introduce myself. I'm a professional cuddler in Dallas, TX. I joined just recently and I can't wait to start cuddling. 😊

  • @lilslothiee

    Welcome! All the very best with your new endeavors. Come and talk to us here on the forum, we like company.

  • Hello friends,

    May i call you friends? I suppose it does not matter because i did already. Hahaha! I prefer to go by middle name James. I am mostly a construction and maintenance man. I am new to this community and enjoy the deeper meaning in cuddling with someone over a period of time. I was a bit of a late bloomer as far as understanding the nuances of the dating game. So much so that when i was in college and women would be flirting with me or inviting me over for a good time i had no idea until well after the fact. Unfortunately I never really had anyone to show me the ropes. Even so i never really wsbted sex that badly. My fantasies of the time were more about having a special someone to snuggle and cuddle with on the couch or in bed. I finally found a few over the years which was fine. Hope to find some more. At least 1 anyway, lol.

  • Hi I’m Jonathan and from Los Angeles. You want to cuddle or talk hit me up

  • Welcome to all of you new cuddlers!

  • Hi I’m Camilo from Miami.

    I’m new here and I can’t wait to meet people and build great relationships! Anything you need let me know.

  • So, I am new and a bit confused. I am not sure how everything works, tried to contact company to no avail. I
    don't even know how to set up, payments, or really how to set limits on my site. Anyone want to mentor me?
    I can give my email for advice? Thanks, Valerie

  • @a1nanny you’ll have to apply to be a professional before you start charging. So go to the homepage at the very bottom.

  • [Deleted User]JaydeCarebear (deleted user)
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    Hello Everyone, Im jayde just started last month in Atlanta but just getting into the forum part, excited to chat, hope everyone s having a good night. <3

  • Hello everyone! :) I just thought I would introduce myself, my name is Adaline and I am a professional cuddler in the Lansing, MI area. I absolutely adore cuddling (so this site seemed perfect lol) I am excited to get to know you all, feel free to reach out to chat <3

  • Warm welcomes to our new members :)
    May your time here be fun and filled with cuddles.

  • [Deleted User]JaydeCarebear (deleted user)

    Thank you NightShift39 :3

  • You're most welcome @JaydeCarebear nice profile btw :)

  • Hi there c: My name’s Mashiyath (much-she-ith) but I go by M. I’m new to this site and local to the Austin, Texas area. When I’m not working, I like to draw and have a small but active following on Twitter for my art! I also have three dogs (two Shibas and a Husky) as well as two elderly hedgehogs! 🦔 I’d love to make some friends as I don’t have very many in the area yet.

  • Hi! My name's Alexis. I'm local to the johnson city area. I love rewatching old comfort movies, hiking, and hanging out with my friends in a safe manner. I'm an avid plant mom as i like to call it. I have a cat, a toad, and a little beta fish. Very excited to hear from everyone!

  • Welcome and happy cuddling to all of you new cuddlers!

  • Warm welcomes to you new people.
    May you find cuddles and joy in your time here :)

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