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  • @CuddlySweety
    You should probably mention that you are a "Pro pending approval".

  • [Deleted User]CuddlySweety (deleted user)

    Thanks for the advice

  • Hello there :) I am from cen cal. I travel to the LA area twice a month. Always looking to connect with locals!🤗 Im 420 friendly and thats always an option to break the ice🤘Dont be afraid to shoot me a dm!

  • New & unsure about this, don’t see many ppl from Indianapolis on here... can I hear some good experience stories?

  • I'm pretty sure you're a mermaid.

  • Lol I wish I was

  • [Deleted User]creedhands (deleted user)

    As a "pro pending approval", I'm sure you cuddle all the time with people who are almost strangers. I would think your best and worst experiences would be similar to the rest of ours. And I'm sure the classes you took on being a professional curling prepared you for all sorts of people.

    That said, my personal best experiences come out of first getting a response from someone. On those rare occasions, we strike up a long conversation that may last weeks. When we finally get together for a cuddle, it is like meeting an old friend, and the energy is high for the first hour or so, and the rest is just euphoric.

    But as I'm sure you noticed when you transitioned from non-pro, it is probably more frequent that you will get people who will want to set up a cuddle right away without all the familiarizing first.

  • @aqueen1984 I'm going to continue to believe that you are. I've added a lovely blue-green iridescent fish tail to you in my imagination and even if you post a pic of your whole body, I will still think you photo-shopped legs onto it.

    Mermaid cuddles!

  • Haha I love that!

  • Here's my evidence that you are certainly one. Maybe you left your silkie skin with a local fisherman.

  • [Deleted User]CuddlySweety (deleted user)

    Hi all. New and pending pro approval. Hope everyone e is doing well and getting Lots of cuddles!

  • edited September 2020

    Ciao!|Aloha!|Hey!|Hello! My name is Jaxxs and I'm so new to cuddling professionally. Super excited for this new journey of helping support others. I think cuddling is beneficial for both people involved. Looking forward to getting to know each of you....developing new friendships and collaborating with all of you phenomenal people!🥰

  • New here lol:) anyone want to chat about their experiences on here definitely curious 😃

  • [Deleted User]Zundar (deleted user)

    Welcome to CC!

  • Welcome to CC doll!💗😊

  • Welcome

  • [Deleted User]Simplethingz907 (deleted user)

    Hello, I just joined and am here in Alaska, although I’m a little sad to see there are not very many people near me here..

  • [Deleted User]mikew2177 (deleted user)

    Hi. My name is Mike and i am also new to this. Hoping to make new friends and some money on the side while maintaining healthly relationships on a professional level. In the Paducah, KY area. Im a home body and love cuddling up and watching a movie or eating but enjoy the outdoors time to time too.

  • :+1: :) Hey Y’all
    I’m Lyssa (Alyssa) in Miami
    Pre Covid ; Loved festivals /concerts /restaurants
    Nowadays trying to work on being a better version of my self and further my goals .
    Just thought I make a introduction for once.
    Hope everyone is doing okay 💕

  • Hello everyone! I signed up to this site a few days ago, and I'm now a professional cuddler :)

    I'm looking to meet people on here, and to connect with the community!

  • [Deleted User]Cuddlysue (deleted user)

    Hi sunshine654! my name is CuddleSue262 and I am a newbie too. Have you completed any cuddles yet? I've done 2 so far and both went swimmingly!

  • Hi @CuddleSue262 ! Nope I haven't. Could you please give me any tips on how to find people or what to do when getting started? And I'm glad to hear that, awesome :)

  • Hello and welcome newbies! You might jump on a forum thread or two to get to know some of us anyway. <3 Happy cuddling!

  • Hello everyone! New from LA.

  • Welcome to the site everyone! Happy cuddling!

  • Good morning - I'm overdue on introducing myself! I'm SixFootRedhead (Cara) and I'm in central NJ. I have a regular full time job in the healthcare industry which means I never stopped working in all this madness. But live music, dancing and an active social life has, for now, gone by the wayside. I find myself craving company, activity, touch.

    Been cuddling for a few years, joined CC about a month ago. Mostly positive and welcoming experiences on here. Glad to be part of this wonderful community!

  • @SixFootRedhead
    There was a thread a while back, about how people chose their usernames. I guess yours is pretty obvious. 😀

  • @geoff1000 lol. I actually had three friends working on it, had a list of possible names, then this one came to me and I was like - duh! There it is. 😁

  • [Deleted User]Madeupname91 (deleted user)

    Hi Guys!
    My name is Laura and I am so excited to start this new journey! :) :) :)
    I love to meet new people and just make people feel good in general!

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