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  • [Deleted User]brotothenight17 (deleted user)

    Are you a 12?

  • Welcome to cuddlecomfort!!

  • Hello to all new cuddlers! Welcome!

  • Hi just signed up. I'm Ed in the North Bay and am currently suffering from mind-blown-itis from discovering that there is such a thing as organized platonic cuddling. I NEED THIS, NOW.

  • Awwww, hi! Best of luck to you in finding the nurturing contact you need. <3

  • Just joined, female in Kansas, cuddling enthusiast who’s hoping to make some new connections.

  • Joined a few days ago. Also from KS. New to this concept. Exploring how it works.

  • Thank you

  • Welcome to all who joined the last few days!

  • Hello! So glad to have found this site. Looking forward to meeting like-minded new friends here :)

  • [Deleted User]cuddlestogive (deleted user)

    Hello everyone. I joined the site a while back, but didn't have much luck finding cuddles close to me. I found a couple and both were great! I'm in the Lansing, MI area.

  • Hi all :) ...not sure but...on impulse just joined. Movie watching cuddler here :)

  • [Deleted User]ImajenMoon (deleted user)

    Hello Cuddlers! I've finally taken the jump, after lurking for a few days! I'm aware that my timing sort of stinks, with everything going on right through now, but I figured I'd take the chance to learn more and make a few cyber-friends, while we're riding this out!
    I'm looking forward to honest, compassionate interaction with some of the cuddlers in my area-- even if I have to wait for a bit! :)

  • _New here, available to be your guest cuddler :) _

  • Hi ya'll! I just decided to sign up for fun! This sounds super cute!!!!! Love the idea❤️❤️ I'm south of Rochester, NY

  • [Deleted User]plushabunndance (deleted user)

    Hi, I’m new here! Based in CT

  • I've been a lurker on here for a couple years now. Thought I would finally introduce myself. Cheers from New York.

  • Hi Im Rory Valentine! Brand new to the site. Not even fully sure how it works yet but hoping to meet some nice friendly people. Im fun loving and adventurous but terrible with technology lol anyways message me and we can chat :)

  • Hello from calgary :) I hope you can find some people you work out well with :)

  • Hi! 😁 What a great name! I'm still pretty new too. I've been messaging a few people on here off and on.

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    @RorieV35 @MichelleBelle Welcome to this site! 😎

  • [Deleted User]acer12 (deleted user)

    @RorieV35 Welcome to CC and lots of cuddle luck.

  • @GEmart
    "Cuddle luck"

    Isn't that what "Marco from Trepoya" says to Brian Mills, after kidnapping his daughter ?

  • Hello everyone,This is Masima from Toronto, hoping you are all happy, healthy, and safe 😊
    I'm here because I love cuddling and I hope to meet some nice people
    I love cuddling because it gives us that feeling of oneness and connection to each other

  • Am new here anybody care to show me around

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