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  • [Deleted User]RyanRyan (deleted user)
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  • Welcome ☺️

  • Hello fellow cuddlers!

  • [Deleted User]decentshah (deleted user)

    Hi Everyone,

    I am from Houston, Texas.

  • I'm Uyen, from VietNam, just a small Asian country

  • [Deleted User]eolive (deleted user)

    Hi I’m Erika from Southern California!

  • Hello from South Carolina everyone!

  • Hello how are you doing? I am a new member on this site. I just wanted to say hi!!

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    Well I guess them healing powers were so divine they got you banned in one day flat

  • Hello from the UK! 🤗

  • [Deleted User]bme822 (deleted user)

    Saying hello from Phoenix, AZ... 😊

  • Hi all, Becca here. I live in London and can't wait for the virus to pass. Lockdown seems to be easing but I think i'll continue to stay indoors for the time being. Starved of a good cuddle though!

  • hello guys, I am new to this? I made my profile what do I do next? do I look for people who want me to cuddle with them or do they send me a request?

  • Hi @syme
    You can do both, although now is probably a bad time to be starting, with so much restriction on moving and meeting.

    I'd start by reading some of the recent forum entries, as you might listen in to some pub conversations before pitching in.

  • [Deleted User]SanFranResident (deleted user)

    There aren't many non-pro women here. They're very unlikely to contact you first. You might also find it difficult to get a response from them... because, again, there aren't many of them.

    You can always book pro cuddlers though.

    Except all of this is purely theoretical at the moment since you shouldn't be meeting anyone right now.

  • @syme your question as well as your profile read as though you might be asking as a pro cuddler . If this is the case you have to sign up on the site to be one , you are not automatically one by default from simply joining the site .

  • Hello everyone! I'm a Professional Cuddler here in Louisville, Kentucky. I look forward to making new connections. I hope everyone is being safe! Life is definitely interesting right now!

  • @shutterbuggirl hey! Welcome! Just so you know, to be a professional cuddler, you have to apply and be approved first before you can charge

  • [Deleted User]chameleeon (deleted user)

    Greetings, I'm Leeon! I live in London England. I'm here because I like the idea of cuddling and making new friends. 😊👋🏾

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am new here but look forward to chatting it up and getting some nice cuddles

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    Welcome all

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    Welcome all

  • Hello everyone,

    I am from Germany and I would love to share some cuddles with someone with a lovely personality who truly likes and respects me. :) I enjoy dancing, writing, reading, swimming, acting, ride my bike, nature,...

  • Hello from Mississauga, Ontario! I hope to meet some interesting people on here :)

  • Hello everyone! I joined this site last night. I 'm here because I'm asexual but I am an affectionate person and would be open to a relationship with the right person but cuddles are the most important thing to me. I'm looking for male cuddlers around the Swindon area. South West England. 😊

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    Hey everyone. I'm new here. If any one wants to help me out and guide me through what to do that would be amazing. Hope everyone has an amazing day. =)

  • [Deleted User]Powiecakes (deleted user)

    Hi there, I wanted to introduce myself. Powiecakes new to the website and looking forward to meeting new people. I am usually down to earth and simply would like to make new friends. Cuddles are awesome! So let's have fun.

  • [Deleted User]Penny1366 (deleted user)

    I've just joined here and was soooo excited to find this site, perfect for me.
    Filled in everything, completed details etc etc. Then put in a search ... :/ :'( ... What is wrong with people in the UK, or more importantly, Suffolk?!?!
    I don't drive so limited to area, but never thought it would be so hard to find a cuddle.
    Hope you people are having better luck. All the best to you all

  • [Deleted User]Mdoesnotloveme (deleted user)

    Hello everyone, I am Peter new to this forum. I am a 56 years old in Grand Rapids, MI. How all are dealing with the pandemics? Starving for human touch in this situation is really awful... how is your experience?

  • [Deleted User]Moxytocin (deleted user)

    Good morning! I signed up on this site quite a long time ago out of curiosity but just revisited the idea and became a pro cuddler in June. I'm in the Bangor Maine area and there are only two Pros on the site within a hundred miles of me and less than 50 enthusiasts. I'm not sure how well this will go, but things tend to take a while to gain popularity in Maine so maybe I'm in on the ground floor here. I actually have a couple of out-of-state potential clients yet to schedule.

    Do many of you promote your pro cuddling by having a business Facebook page or anything like that? I've been thinking about it, but I don't know if I want to put myself out there. That may be a good way to drum up some clients though, especially with some cheap Facebook ads and posting on the marketplace. Thoughts? Does anyone else do this?

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