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  • Hello from Wisconsin!

  • [Deleted User]MidlifeCrisis (deleted user)

    Good afternoon from a breezy but humid Edinburgh, my name is Keith currently living in Scotland's second largest city, I thought it would be courteous to introduce myself to all you cuddlers and cuddlees out there so hello everyone.

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    Hi, everyone! I'm so glad to have found this community! Especially living in New York City. I'm a kind, loving guy who's real and down-to-earth. I work in a helping field and I run programs to build kindness in children. I'm like a puppy: rub my back softly and I melt onto the couch. I like to hug and to be hugged. I like meaningful conversations, but I also like to make jokes and laugh with other people. I love to play and listen to music. And I cry at Golden Buzzers!

    I'd love to connect!
    (I'm happy to share pictures of myself, but I'm not quite ready to post them on my profile yet.)

  • Hi everyone! I'm just a socially awkward nerd that loves to cuddle and never really cuddled complete strangers before, but I as I read into this community, the more I felt like I can do this, that it's right for me. I have so much love to give, so much warmth and care to give. Im really a person that people have just passed out on contact lol. I'm nervous but I hope to be a great help someone. I'm an open book, love listening to music (favorite thing to cuddle to is chill music), just melt into a person and where the troubles flow away. Hope to make friends and help someone melt away 😊. #NewYork

  • I’m an African American woman who has been craving affection. Cuddling is therapeutic, in a way. But overall, the closeness, hearing another person’s’s amazing. If you don’t mind bigger woman, feel free to message me. I like animal documentaries, Disney and home improvement shows. I can be a guest for now. But hopefully I can host when I’m on my own again.

  • After a few months absence, hello from S. California, Arizona, and Las Vegas. I travel all 3 locations on a monthly basis and would love to make some good connections with a few good people. Thanks!

  • Greetings and cuddles from Oklahoma City, OK! I am new to this site, so I thought that I would introduce myself. I am the Mama Bear that all of my friends go to when they need solace and warmth. If you just need to chit chat, I am here for you too. Hugs!

  • Hey everybody, my names Bongo and Im from bellingham, wa. In socal till sunday though, hopefully I can find a cuddle buddy back home aswell, didnt look to be many there

  • Welcome new peeps! Welcome back @MrFirefighter <3

  • Hey guys I'm from NYC and I just moved to top 2 love languages are physical touch and quality time.. I'm 6'3 , into hip hop r&b and reggaeton i like holding and I'm vulnerable enough to say i like being held :)

  • @ilovelove911 there’s certainly nothing wrong with that ☺️ Welcome welcome 😁

  • Hi guys! & ladiez!😁 Ive been in alittle while and have had nothing but positive experiences! I enjoy several different types of cuddle positions and love meeting new people, although i can be shy sometimes....

    Im from Central cali. Fresno/merced and travel when i can :)

    I look forward to connecting with like minded individuals in my area but i have found that distance doesnt discriminate when you find a solid supportive cuddle partner.

    Hope to have more positive experiences here🤗

  • Hello there all I'm Tommy from the Bronx. I love touch and was recommended this site by a pro and I'm looking forward to meeting and chatting with you all

  • Hello, my name is Yuri I love to cuddle I prefer cuddling with women up to the age of 48. I am a student in school and I plan on going into the medical field and open up a non-profit organization. I love trying to get out of my bubble of anxiety and stress also despair I would like to talk to a lot of people and not get ghosted because it makes me think the worst for who I am as a person when I'm trying to make new friends/ cuddle buddies. I use Instagram "Yurimohan95" and I use Snapchat "StephYuri" those are my usernames. I don't mind travelling since I live for travelling everywhere it's so fun!!

  • Welcome Yuri! <3

  • [Deleted User]MrFergnaut (deleted user)

    Hello! My Name is Conner. I live in Michigan. I love cuddling and meeting new people. I hope I can help others feel safe and comfortable! I am open minded, so your religion or anything else for that matter, will not scare me. My favorite cuddle position is big spoon, but I am versatile!

  • Hello there,

    I'm Ethin and I'm in the Minot area (in North Dakota). I'm a Computer Science major at Minot State. Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

  • [Deleted User]theojthomas (deleted user)
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    Hey new to this site! Love meeting new people and cuddling to wait while this whole Covid thing blows over. Love shows and movies/laughing about the plot holes. Hmu for a chill time and good snacks.

  • [Deleted User]kindnessfirst (deleted user)

    Greetings from Seattle, Washington 🤗I am new to this site, so I thought that I would introduce myself. Happy Cuddling 🥰

  • "Can I offer a cuddle in these trying times"
    Austin cuddle buddy new to this and would love to bring some good vibes to any female looking for a cuddle or whatever it is you need I may be able to provide. HMU!

  • Hey guys! I’m located in Southern California. Feel free to reach out to me

  • [Deleted User]Serenaa (deleted user)

    Hello! I’m new here and would love to provide a great platonic cuddle experience! I’m located near the Tampa FL area but willing to travel a little!

  • heya, my name is matthew and im just new here today. my natural tendency is to not display emotions- and many times to not even process them altogether! displaying emotion can expose one to unnecessary vulnerability and can result in a cumulative, 'downward spiral' type effect. ...arent i just a treat! yes, i understand this is not considered to be normal- nor healthy and, so, im working on it. thats partially why im here. somebody help fix me! ;)

  • Hi everyone! I’m pretty new to this , and still trying to get the grasp how it works , I live in the Oldsmar area. Definitely looking forward to meeting other Cuddlers and many sessions ahead ! Would love to hear from people how you’re experiences have been

  • Hey everyone.
    Just joined and new to this experience. I'm from London UK.
    If anyone wants to say Hi just PM me .

  • [Deleted User]CuddlySweety (deleted user)

    Hi all. Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m new to the site. Sweet, fun loving and affectionate. I’m down yo earth and love to cuddle. I’m a great listener and can’t wait to meet you. So come on and send me a message me and feel free to ask me whatever questions you may have! Hugs

  • [Deleted User]simone825 (deleted user)

    Hi all,
    I’m a new Cuddler in Florida! So excited to start meeting everyone.

  • Welcome @CuddlySweety! I hope that you get oodles of cuddles. :)

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