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  • Hi new cuddle peeps! Wlecome! <3

  • I’ve been on here about a year, but haven’t really utilized this site much until a few weeks ago, so I’m really new to all of this LOL.
    I really like meeting new people, but still learning how to use this LOL.

  • @MGKelly63
    I'd recommend following the forum posts for a while. You'll get a vibe of how people think, including the "statistical outliers". 😀

  • geoff1000 thanks I’m gonna try that.

  • @MGKelly63 welcome! I hope you're enjoying this community so far!

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    Thanks so much so far I have enjoyed this community, and I really enjoyed the conversation we had the other day, I found it really interesting about all the places you have been. I love to travel too but don’t get to as much as I like.

  • @MGKelly63 for me, aside from missing live music desperately, not being able to freely travel and visit friends, family and completely new places has been really difficult to accept. I can't wait to start traveling again

  • @SixFootRedhead
    I really miss live music, being able to travel freely to see family and friends, and go where I want to.
    I’ll be so happy when things get back to normal.

  • [Deleted User]Cudcuddler (deleted user)

    Hey everyone.. My name is Gopal, so much excited and glad to be part of the cuddling community. I, very much look forward to getting to know people here, I would welcome any tips from the members here.
    Happy cuddling!!

  • Welcome all new folks!!

  • @CuddleStella
    Thanks I’m new to this. I’ve talked to some people on here, they’ve all seemed nice hopefully I’ll get to know a few people.

  • Hi new to this. Have a great day

  • Welcome 😁🤗

  • Welcome new cuddlers!

  • Welcome noobs! <3

  • [Deleted User]Rochananique (deleted user)

    I’m new to the site!

  • [Deleted User]screenscribe (deleted user)

    Greetings everyone. I am Michael and live in Chicago. I am new to the site and just reaching out to say hello. With the pandemic on, I am totaling missing human touch and human connection so thought I might give this a go. I hope everyone is healthy and happy.
    Looking forward to learning all about cuddling.

  • I dont know if anyone in Louisiana knows of this site. I'm giving it a whirl and hoping something happens. Normally I'm quiet in chats but im trying to break out that and be more open. So here's hoping something good happens.

  • Hey Everyone!

    I am Kiki, & pleased to become a member of the site. Thanks for welcoming me.
    I have done 2 cuddles thus far & its something I can get used to!
    Cuddling is healing to the soul 💜
    Touch is a necessary human experience.
    It feels nice to know you helped someone. & I do not hold my tongue when I benefit from it too!

    Thanks for reading!

    <3 Kiki

  • [Deleted User]PATSchick (deleted user)

    @littermate @MelanieL @CuddleStella @Sashamcgee

    Thank you for the welcome. I am so glad I found this group I remembered seeing it some time ago but was leery 😟 however with the Pandemic and everyone being so adverse to any contact with people it seemed to only intensify the need for human touch, the comfort in the warmth of a hug or the care expressed by two people wanting to connect in a platonic form. Self isolation has been hard even on introverts that prefer alone time... for the record "I" am NOT an introvert 🤭 I am learning from the forums the do's and don'ts and to be prepared for communicating what I like in regards to touch... something I have never been particularly asked before 😐

  • Hello everyone! I’m from the Atlanta area and I’m technically new but I signed up for the site last year. However, shortly after doing so I did some traveling and then changed jobs. So I wasn’t able to book any sessions. I’ve booked my first appointment for this Sunday. Hoping it goes well!

  • @CC99 good luck!!! ☺️☺️

  • Hello everyone! My name is Kristen and I am a newfound cuddler. So far, everyone has been so kind

  • Yay! Another Cuddler from the Buckeye State! Glad you are here -@ShutUpHeather

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  • Welcome new cuddlers!

  • [Deleted User]phinapple1 (deleted user)

    Hi there, my name is Phi (fee), and I'm currently attending Iowa State. I joined this site because I like to cuddle a lot. I'm fine cuddling with anyone; I identify as gay.

  • Well with Covid and all that I assume the website hasn't been as active.

  • Hey you, I’m new on this cuddle stuff. Anybody wanna talk to play video games HMU or needs some pointers and tips for Warzone HMU ASAP.

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