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  • Some people are cuddling @JayP97 and many of us keep chatting it up on the forum, or meeting each other for socially distant tea while we check each other out for future cuddling...

  • Hello I'm Zaya!
    Cuddle bug in Philadelphia 💕

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    Welcome, Zaya, and all new Cuddlers!

  • Hey. How are you? My name's tyson

  • [Deleted User]DarrenWalker (deleted user)

    ...Direct messaging the entire website. Bold.

    Hey, Tyson! I'm Darren, and I'm doing pretty well. Being as I'm a night walker who lives in North Dakota, I'm just coming up on the end of my day. Considering supper. How are you?

  • [Deleted User]DarkLordChungus (deleted user)

    Hello. My name is Jisanthapus. I'm doing moderately well; I am home, staring at the walls and screaming from time to time.

  • Welcome Tyson!

  • [Deleted User]iamkimmyp (deleted user)

    Hi Tyson😃

  • I am fairly average today thanks for asking . Hi and welcome to the site

  • Good Evening,

    I am new here and excited to find my first client as a Professional!

    My name is Phil, I’m 41, from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia (imported)...😉

    I am a 6’5” 300 lb. gentle giant and former college football player.

    I am super affectionate and am very confident in my ability to provide a stress free, safe, and comfortable environment to those in need!

    Don’t be shy, come check me out and give me a try! You won’t be disappointed!

    Thank you for having me!

  • Welcome to all the new cuddlers!

  • I'm new here as a customer looking for some cuds. Recently lost fiance.

  • im in LA, i go by moo or cinn. have ptsd and that kinda makes it hard for me to go out and meet people. i feel like it's better for me to befriend someone online before i meet them so i generally prefer nerds. i have a lot of issues so im not trying to settle (settle as in meet lol) for someone i'm not compatible with 🧐 pls message me if you care for the company of a severely traumatized hobbit :)

  • Welcome to the site!

  • [Deleted User]Ecuddle (deleted user)

    New here.. Houston

  • Welcome to CC ! Hope you find a perfect cuddle buddy ! Where ever you are !☺️

  • Welcome! Hugs to your heart. <3

  • Single male in Indianapolis, IN. 59 years old. Looking for a single female cuddle partner who can host.

    I would be happy to meet in a public place, prior to our first cuddle session, so we can both feel comfortable and safe.

    Pics available upon request.

  • Hey guys im Mark and am a pro-cuddler. Im also a self defense instructor in the Rochester NY area. I just happened to find this site recently and decided to give it a shot. Feel free to contact me


  • WOW! Welcome to all the NEW!!!! SO many hugs to you all!!!!!

    AAAAAAAAnd yay to @Sideon for being a NEW MODERATOR!!!!!! 🥰💖💓 So much NEW!!!

  • Hello all!

    I am so glad to be here from Orlando! This is such a great place, as a huge advocate for platonic affection it really feels like we are making the world a better place one cuddle at a time

  • Hi :) just signed up today

  • Hello! I'm Miguel (: Does anyone here like music? If so, what music do you guys like

  • Heya,

    I'm Ralyr. I moved to the Ohio area not too far from Cincinnati about 2 years ago. I got involved in something way more important than myself and just never left.
    I have a wonderful dog, L.C. but the lease I signed onto doesn't allow animals over 25 lbs. and L.C. is a Norwegian Elkhound so I haven't seen her much. My friend suggested this. I know more about cuddling with a dog, than I do about this type of community. I'm open minded enough to try something a few times to see if I like it and am comfortable with it.

    ~~~Just checking in.

  • Hi All, I just joined this week. My name is Tuesday. I live in Dayton OH. I love animals and have a lot of pets, including a mini pig who isn't so mini lol. I am a bit of an introvert but I can't wait to meet some locals.

  • [Deleted User]cspencer27 (deleted user)

    Hi I’m Cecilia I’m new to the site I’m originally from New York just moved to Montgomery Alabama. Loving 🥰 here . Just wanted to me myself know 😇

  • Hello! I am a brand-new professional cuddler on this site. I love video games, fashion, and cuddling (duh!)

  • @Goofypineapples





    Welcome to you all! I hope you find what you are looking for here.

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