Cuddling experiences

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How is everyone finding Cuddling and what has everyone's experience been thusfar?



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    Have you ever had a cuddle buddy? Any cute cuddling stories to share?

    Where did you meet? How did you organise it? What was it like?
  • I had one! A friend and I accidentally slept together; we both actually wanted to cuddle but figured the other expected sex. It was awkward for a bit, but we talked about it and ended up as cuddle buddies!

    We'd sit around all day in our pyjamas, watching cartoons, eating candy and snuggling. When tuckered out from that, she'd stay over and we'd hug all night long. No pressure, no complications -- just cuddling.

    It was an amazing experience and I'll cherish it always <3
  • wow! its nice u cud move away from the awkwardness. sounds perfect...sitting around in ur pj's all day snuggling...bliss
  • In my home school choir cuddling is generally accepted as a common thing, I remember the first choir party I went to everyone ended up in bunches outside in the cold air next to the fire, it was really nice just laying down on top of friends, on top of friends, on top of friends laying zig zagged in girls laps while they played with your hair, I've never felt so comfortable and calm before, finally I felt confident that I had a place I belonged.
  • [Deleted User]TallTom4U (deleted user)
    No, I've never had a cuddle buddy who wasn't a girlfriend. That's why I've come to this site. I don't have a girlfriend and I'm here to find a girl who just wants to cuddle.
  • I once had one. I am Asexual and my gal-friend knew this. One night, we were hanging out in my dorm room. It was rather late and we had been watching a movie. I was under my covers and reading while she went to the restroon.

    She came out, turned off the lights and climbed into bed with me. Neither of us said anything, after a while we just started cuddling.

    From then on we cuddled every time we hung out late at each others place. A night of vidya, Magic:TG and capping it off with snuggled. It was awesome.

    Sadly she failed out of college. The only other person who wants to snuggle now has a boyfriend, and he is all jealous and won't let her ;_;
  • [Deleted User]epohon (deleted user)
    I'm so lonely and need to cuddle, that's why I came to this site. Hopefully I can cuddle someday. I'm just too lonely I can't concentrate on anything.  :'(
  • I have never had a cuddle buddy, but I really want one... Sometimes I feel really lonely or homesick, I am in deep need for a cuddle buddy...

  • [Deleted User]celebriticat (deleted user)
    What can make all the difference is communication. Make sure both parties know what is expected, what is okay, what the boundaries lie. You can relax and just enjoy one another if no one has to fear the other taking liberties or overstepping boundaries. If by some chance either of you ever want to take it to another "level", just make sure that is communicated, and that it is acceptable to ask, even as it is acceptable to say "no". 

  • I know the feeling Candy...deep need to cuddle...I think i might be cuddle-sexual... It is that good to me. :">
  • My cuddle buddy is my best friend! We're not even awkward (:
  • [Deleted User]Kaylaboo (deleted user)
    I am asexual too and hoping to find a girl to cuddle with. Sometimes I have the urge to cuddle my bestie and hold her hand but she is straight and taken and would never be into that. So I feel even more touched deprived because the only person I wanna cuddle with is not interested. It does make me lonely sometimes.  :-((
  • When I was young and dumb. Well just 5 years ago, so I'm still young but not as dumb... I went through a horrible break up I was dating my first boyfriend and he was 10 yrs older than me am took my innocence away and broke my heart. The way I got through it was the dumb part. I invited a complete stranger off the street to come in, I made him take a shower and told him all I want you to do is hold me through the night and keep your pants on, anything else.. I will kick you out. He agreed and did his best, and had a hard on, but did not take advantage of me and tried to kiss me a few times, but I was hurting so much missing my ex... I didn't kiss back and he would force his lips on mine and tell me too, though I couldn't. We made it through the night and I found out that this guy was affiliated with a gang. He said I was so much different than the girls he is around all the time and just expressed that I'm a really good catch... I kinda freaked out, he kept coming back around 2am to my door knocking while drunk and I told him to go away and then the next few weeks I moved to another apartment complex. My mother told me I was lucky I didn't get raped, but when I'm desperate enough for affection I will throw myself at a complete stranger just to feel loved. I will never do that again, but it was an experience.
  • Lol! Songbird, you'd be my perfect neighbour! Not only could you drop in for a cuddle, we could jam too!
  • Sometimes I'd be rejected when I used to offer hugs in the past.  So I guess I've always been a "huggee" for that reason.  It would be nice to have some physical contact (cuddling) once in a while.  Songbird, I'm sorry you had to go through what you did.  That sounds horrible!
  • Meh, I've learned from my stupidity... I look back and wonder why I thought it was a big deal at the time. It's not now. ;)
  • I had a cuddle buddy about 20 years ago before the big boom of "cuddle buddy/party" in these recent years. I had been recently divorced and my neighbor started coming over just to see how my kid and I were doing. We would cook, watch movies, made popcorn and found ourselves cuddled up on the sofa each time. It was very comforting and relaxing, completely platonic, and no expectations. It was a great experience, we remained friends for a couple years until I moved away. Looking back and missing those days.
  • My experiences with cuddle buddies have been... slightly romantic or sexual? I don't know. You decide...

    It starts off cuddling with all the playful fluffing that happens because of me (tickle fights, biting, raspberries, slight wrestling, etc...) and it's great!

    Then over the course of a few weeks, all this leads us to just us being in our underwear. We may sneak a kiss here and there, but other than that, nothing.It's just cuddling with less cloths on which is great for me because I get caught in my clothing a lot no matter how tight or loose it is, PLUS I have long near butt dreads that gets in the way sometimes!

    Romantic, sexual, both or neither?
    But no matter what, it has always been pleasant. =]
  • I'm a bi guy who has mostly been in relationships with guys.

    I have a straight guy friend whom I cuddle with occasionally. Actually, we cuddled briefly the day we (formally) met. (The "formally" is to indicate that we'd seen each other at the coffee shop and stuff before we actually met.) I was quite surprised that any straight guy would be willing to cuddle with me! Especially on day one! But he was very close friends with a friend of my partner and I. I guess he felt comfortable with me on that account.

    You know... I think this friend was the first guy I've ever cuddled with other than lovers. I'm old enough (48) that it's possible that I've forgotten an exception to the rule. Hmm? But it just seems weird to me that platonic or non-sexual cuddling isn't much more common than it seems to be! It seems so natural! And beneficial.

    I just read some articles on line that said that m/m non-sexual and platonic cuddling is quite common in England. I had not known!
  • in fact i did not have girl fr yet
    i didnt see sutable one or i didnt searched well
    i want this thing so much
  • [Deleted User]Seekingsame_12 (deleted user)
    I'm new to this. I would live a cuddle strings, just there when we need each other and feel comfortable in each other's arms..
  • I used to know a guy who lived in the neighborhood but his family moved away over a decade ago, but his parents had divorced and now only he and his mom came back, and Chris (was now all grown up, well into his 20's) had shot up to an impressive 6 feet, 4 inches tall. And I simply melted as he towered over me, and would hug me so warmly. We hit it off, and became instant best buddies (although he was originally my brother's friend) and while he was totally straight acting, he was also extremely eager to hug me as often as he could. I mean, this dude was so affectionate! He wouldn't JUST hug me; he would freaking HOLD ME, caressing my hair as i happily snuggled my face on his chest (I'm all of 5 feet, 7 inches tall) so It felt absolutely wonderful to have his large arms wrapped around me, and I simply wrapped my arms around his waist in return. So it felt good because I felt little, very protected, and cared for inside his arms. But of course, these hugs became awkward because if anyone caught us hugging, IT WAS ME who pulled away out of embarrassment. But that was how we hugged standing up, now when we went somewhere to just park and was a very different story. HE would ask me to hold him in my arms, and cradle him because HE felt safe and secure in my arms, and he would even call me his "real life Teddy Bear" and all this cuddling felt good and natural, simply because we both needed those moments of male bonding and affection. We NEVER even kissed, or touched each other's genitalia at all! It was unbelievably sweet, but eventually he started feeding me sad stories (and OF COURSE) began asking for money. Now, I didn;t mind treating him a meal or paying for his ticket if we went to the movies, because after all...he would drive and pick me up all the time. But by now I had already been scammed by male friends with sad stories, so I wasn't gonna fall for his crap. And once he realized I wasn't about to PAY HIM MONEY for his friendship? He stopped calling or answering my text messages. He TRIED to rip me off, but since I wouldn't let him? he left me. 
  • [Deleted User]Lizbap89 (deleted user)
    Someone help me. I need a cuddle buddy. I'm lonely in Philadelphia.
  • [Deleted User]lonelycuddles (deleted user)
    It was a disaster thats all i can say!

    It was very difficult to find a cuddle buddy in this part of the world where culture and religion is strongly held to heart. When i finally saw a mesaage from this guy I laid down some ground rules. We met for coffee to get to know each other. He was an extremely shy and introverted person, which is ok. However, when we headed to my home, my nervousness was amplified tenfold seeing his nervous body language. He looked really scared to touch me. I tried putting some music, getting out the photo album etc to soothe the nerves (I know right, it's just cuddling not plotting a murder!). Finally he touched my arm and went like are u ok, is this ok etc without moving his hand like a robot. I think this was the most awkward situation I ever put myself into. I told him we can stop if this is weird. He said should I stop or do you want to wait a while. I said no let's stop. He projectile leaped from the bed in relief and left, and mumbled something about can we be friends. Wow. Terrible. A little funny too. My cuddling rules should have confidence as mandatory.
  • Lonelycuddles– I wonder if your own nervousness my have fed his. I've never had a cuddle buddy that wasn't already familiar to me, and I can see where it could be a bit awkward at first. His reaction as you described it went beyond awkward straight in high-strung and wound w-a-y too tight.
  • I'm looking for a cuddling buddy in the woodlands Tx. Anyone out there?
  • [Deleted User]celebriticat (deleted user)
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    What can make all the difference is communication. Make sure both parties know what is expected, what is okay, where the boundaries lie. You can relax and just enjoy one another if no one has to fear the other taking liberties or overstepping boundaries. If by some chance either of you ever want to take it to another "level", just make sure that is communicated, and that it is acceptable to ask, even as it is acceptable to say "no". 

  • [Deleted User]celebriticat (deleted user)
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    I have actually met two cuddle partners through this site. Both experiences were very positive, and one is a dear friend of almost three years now. We no longer cuddle due to him having a girlfriend. :)
  • I joined tonight because I am a huge fan of the snuggle and I feel starved for touch. My husband does not like being touched other than during sex or occasionally holding hands. I want to snuggle on the couch or in a hammock or wherever. I don't want to have sex, just physical affection. I checked women because I figure at least an erection wouldn't be involved. It would be nice to find a cuddle buddy. Thanks for listening. Peace out.
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