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  • @bratrobert If it's with a professional, it says in the Client Agreement that kissing is not actually permitted (under point 3) ...

    If it was with a non-professional, for me kissing would make it feel like it wasn't being platonic any more (which I think would be true for most people).

  • @respectful - There is not a separate set of rules for enthusiasts that I'm aware of. The rules are the same for everyone.

  • @Bratrobert what was stated by @respectful regarding cuddling with pros is correct. When you cuddle with a pro from the site, you are contractually obligated to follow the rules set forth by Cuddle Comfort which includes no kissing. When cuddling with a non pro however, you are not entering into any type of contract and thus kissing would be allowed. We can go round and round on this all you want but I have found nothing on the site that states non pros are agreeing to a contract. Maybe this is something that members who feel strongly about it should push for. I am not saying all of this because I want to break the contract, I’m only stating the facts.

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    @BlueIris I would go along with the client agreement whoever I am with, but my understanding is:

    -- the terms of service explicitly applies to everyone. It just says "You agree to never use this Website for the intent of meeting another member for sex. You also agree to never attempt to progress a meeting, organised via this website, to a sexual nature."

    -- the client agreement seems to only be officially referred to when contacting professionals: a message comes up saying, "By messaging this member you agree to the Client Service Agreement." That doesn't appear for non-professionals. Point 10 talks about payment, which implies a professional context too.

    @Mark Is this correct?

  • @bratrobert you cant list prices on your profile unless you are a professional. Also a professional on this site kissing a client would be banned immediately because maintaining the boundaries would be more your responsibility then the client

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    Yes, that's true.

    It just so happens that much of the session conduct rules do also apply to the site in general (e.g. no kissing or cuddling in just underwear, etc). This is displayed below the message box to new members but ideally I should have those specifics added to the T&Cs too.

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    @Mark If it's an official guideline/rule (that new members are informed of and expected to remember), then having it somewhere that people can look up and refer to sounds like a good thing ...

  • Indeed. Will get it sorted.

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    I agree with @respectful 100% and I think that adding that would be extremely positive to the site.

  • Hi! I’m a Pro here at CC and I’d like to tell you about an appt with a new cuddlebuddy-I thought it might alleviate some anxiety for someone to know what someone else’s experience was like.

    So my buddy and I chatted before we scheduled but I’m always a little nervous when I meet with a new buddy because you know, Internet + stranger danger beat into my head when the Internet was becoming a thing in my adolescence and young adulthood. Lol When I arrived though, I felt at ease right away. His energy was just kind and there was nothing that made m wary. I met his pets and we held hands and meditated to open our time together-we are both into that so it was a great way to relax and get comfortable in each other’s space.

    We talked a little bit but most of our session was just silent snuggling. I felt the tension leave his body when we first got close and was pretty powerful for me to just participate in. I felt really humbled at have the opportunity to be a part of his healing and refueling his tanks so he can continue to go out into the world and add his light to it.

    When we parted, I got a little emotional actually. I know some people think all this is weird...and I suppose in today’s world where most of our contacts are digital, it is different to instead connect in a tactile way that isn’t about sex. But the fact is that whatever you believe in, we are here in human bodies and human bodies need physical affection to thrive. We know this from the baby monkey studies and we know it because of how we feel when we go too long without it. Women I speak with lose connection with their bodies-we literally feel like we are in a ballon floating over our own heads, driving the body but not actually inhabiting it.

    To me, this is something that I wish every one of us received in our personal lives but the fact is that many of us don’t have access to a cuddle partner that we feel safe and comfortable with, so just like the other healing modalities I serve with (reiki, coaching, and studying hypnotherapy), cuddling is something I’m proud to be able to provide.

  • I’ve been cuddling with pros for quite a few years now and the majority of my experiences have been amazing. I did however have a string of unfortunately not so great experiences that have had me down on pros to the point where I hadn’t seen any in quite awhile. I decided to book a couple sessions though this week, one yesterday and one today with two pros that I’ve never seen before. Each one of the sessions was absolutely amazing and has completely restored my faith in professional cuddling. I suppose if you do something long enough, you’re going to have ups and downs. As I said, the majority of my sessions have been very positive though. For those of you that may have started off with a not so great session, try again, you’ll probably bounce back and have a great time the next time around. Happy cuddling :-)

  • Thanks for the comment, @Morpheus.
    The best experience I've had with a cuddler left me feeling great for a week until I saw her again the next week. I have seen her many times.
    The worst experience I've had was one where I had to grab her hands to keep them from "straying". (She was not from this site.) She was so nice about it though that I got a laugh out of it. But I would never see her again, that is for sure.

  • Hi everyone. Im new here. Ive had a couple of cuddle buddies in the past and it was the greatest thing ever. Ive always been someone who craved physical contact, not in a sexual way but just in a social way? Not sure if i phrased that right. But anyways, one of these cuddle buddies of mine is a very close friend. Unfortunately she has a boyfriend now so we cant cuddle anymore but she was always my favorite to snuggle up to.

  • Hello all! Today I had my first cuddle experience. There is a local meetup group Called the Cuddle Sanctuary here in California. I want to thank my Love, I_am_Polylover for taking me there. I can describe it this way. I was a little nervous beforehand and I was assured that it would go away really quick. Yes, it certainly did. The Meetup group had free cuddle traning sessions today for about an hour and a half. So, we each got 3 sessions each with three different people. The first person I met for my first 30 session was very helpful. Well, they all were and made me feel very comfortable and aware of my surroundings and what they were about to do and even let me know their boundaries. Asked questions. Allowed me to take care of them as well as they took care of me. I learned to positions and I liked the baby bear one the best so far. I know there are more and I look forward to learning more as I continue to get comfortable doing it. Given that I am blind, I have to learn to trust who I am with as well. That to me is very important. One reason why I want to meet someone before I can trust them to cuddle with me. I felt comfortable with each one since they made me feel confortable and I could trust them as well. They let me know if there was something I am not comfortable with, to let them know. I left there feeling at peace and very welcomed frm the beginning to all the way to the end of the day. I wanted to share this and I look forward to doing this again. :-) <3

  • This was also my first professional cuddle sessions. The first two sessions were great, but the third one was utterly exceptional. Hi Keeley!
    <3 Jim

  • Experienced my first cuddle session. Of course nerves played a big role in the first few minutes being somewhat awkward, but after a moment of laying next to my cuddle buddy I knew I had found what was missing in life. Although she was much younger it made no difference. We chatted , I got a younger person's view on life, and got to hear a different opinion. We cuddled for two hours which seemed to fly bye. Twice I almost fell asleep, sleep is difficult for me, but having someone next to me allowed my to relax and almost drift off. I'm hoping to schedule a night session and see if I can finally get some rest. Overall I'm so glad I decided to schedule a session. Might just have saved my life

  • I had a session with a pro from another site recently. We watched the movie, “Wonder” at my house. My pro got emotional and cried. Not like loud balling but there were a lot of tears and she looked a mess (in a cute way) by the time she left. It was kinda sweet to share that moment with her and be able to console and comfort her. Moments like that are priceless.

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    This weekend I got in touch with someone I had never cuddled before, only seen a movie with. She was staying in a town about 5 hours away, but I was missing cuddles (and so was she) so it seemed worth the drive. It was!

    We had a lovely cuddle, and it was great getting to know her a bit better too. It was helpful that trust had already been established with each other.

    When I cuddle, I usually just stick to a couple of positions (face to face or the other person lying with their head on my chest), but we tried a few others too. One new one for me was her sitting in front of me, her back against my chest, my arms around her waist and my legs on either side with knees up. She enjoyed that one I think.

    Afterwards we saw a movie (lots of hand holding but the seats made having arms over the shoulder too difficult), then looked at a few restaurants until we settled on Indian. They only had take away at that time of night, so we took it to a place by the water and chatted for a while, then went for a hand in hand walk to the end of a pier and back.

    Driving in the car I put my hand on her leg, and it struck me how cool it was that that could be platonic. She gave me a lovely neck rub too.

  • @Morpheus, that is so cute!
  • [Deleted User]HealingHugz (deleted user)

    I met a girl here who was 200 miles away. We both drove and met half way In a cinema parking for movies. However, we decided that we want to talk, and be together rather than hold hands only in the movies. We went to Mac and talked a lot then we went back to the parking lot while it was dark and we had our privacy. We cuddled in the back seat of a Ford Discovery ( if I remember correctly). Her legs were in my lap and her head on my chest while I held her so close. We cuddled in a lot of different positions that were so intimate because we had little space and wanted to be together and cuddle. We cuddled for maybe 2 or 3 hrs and they passed like minutes. It was beautiful.

  • Thanks for sharing your beautiful stories!

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  • I have not had any cuddling as of yet!

  • That would necessitate scrolling, @BlueIris. Ain't no one got time fo dat.

  • Nothing has happened yet. There just isn't very many people up in this area.

  • Last time I cuddled was fun. We watched parks and recs then went to bed. Body heat is the best thing ever.

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    A professional cuddler was passing though my city so we met for a cuddle yesterday evening. We left the timing open ended, which worked out just fine.

    We ended up trying lots of different cuddling positions, some for the first time for me. I've never had my head in someone's lap before, which felt very nurturing. I'm enjoying the mama/papa bear thing lately (one person sits in front of the other leaning back on their chest). She has lovely long hair, which was fun to play with.

    Something that I've learned is extremely nice for me, but I've been clear is optional for people who may not want to, is being touched on my back under my shirt. That sends tingles from my fingertips to my toes sometimes!

    She was great to talk to too, with lots of experiences and a different perspective than I am used to.

    As happens for me sometimes, it took some time to let go at the end. She was fine with that (which I appreciate!), and there were several hugs and touches before I left.

  • well i havent had any luck so far but am not giving up, im new to this community and hoping to just find a cuddle buddy who is just looking for the human contact i am, who knows maybe patients and persistence will pay off :)

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