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  • @DarrenWalker yeah sure we can try snuggling. I'll be staying here for at least two more years so I'm sure we can Meetup at some point. What do you feel about karaokes? Hahaha

  • [Deleted User]DarrenWalker (deleted user)

    @snugglekit: Actually, I love karaoke. Sounds fun!

  • I need a woman who wants to cuddle.

  • @sbriggs528 , well pull up a chair!

  • To be honest, I've never had a cuddle experience with someone I've met through online means.
    I have a very small circle of close friends that I can curl up to and don't get judged for it. Usually Sunday bad movie nights are my favorite. We usually just sit hip to hip or someone's head in the others lap and just rip the movie apart. Of the circle, only 2 are really allowed to touch my hair only because there is certification classes you have to pass before touching the tresses.

  • I've had a cuddle budy once. But it didn't last.
    We watched movies together, lying on the couch. It was wonderful.
    But she was expecting a little more. So it turned into sex, than into a serious relationship, which was bad.
    I should have limited myself to hugs. It was feeling so good. (it was actually the best moments i've had with this girl).

  • I’m in the Tampa Bay Area. I spoke to one girl who was looking for a NSA Cuddle Buddy too but somehow we lost touch a week or so n it just didn’t work out to meet
    I thought it’d be great as she drove for Uber n most nites she’d be in my area. And if not no worries
    I’ve had Females wanting to be a live in n others who want to charge like $75 n up per hour lol wtf really NOT !
    Anyway in N. Clw. S. Dunedin Area few blocks from water
    Hope to find Just aCuddle Buddy
    Thank u


    You need to report these users, especially the ones asking for money if they do not have a pink professional tag on their profile. Only approved pros are allowed to charge for cuddle sessions and do business on the site. All others flying under the radar have no business being here.

    I also think a live-in situation is inappropriate.

    What's up with your username though? Doesn't seem very...platonic.

  • I'll never forget the day I cuddled my close friend. We were watching interesting YouTube animations and played Kirby on her old Nintendo 64. She put her head back into my shoulder and I just held her with my arms around her stomach as I played the game. It was the most relaxing experience of my life, I didn't realize how important cuddling was before that.

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    So I actually finally got to have a real physical cuddle at last. And I could not imagine having had my first cuddling experience with a better professional cuddler in Australia, in the fantastic physical and spiritual form of Sarah @CuddleMelbourne

    So, finally being able to talk from a position of experience, I would say that although cuddling is NOT sexual, at least with a practitioner of the Art Of Cuddling as good as Sarah, there is an incredibly deep level of intimacy and connection, potentially available through this unique form of human physical contact.

    The best analogy that I could come up with when talking to Sarah about it was dancing. So, like cuddling, when two people dance together, it is not necessarily sexual, but it is, potentially, powerful. And, in a strange, relaxed rather than excited, non romantic way, for me at least, also potentially, quietly...PASSIONATE.

    In the sense of both of you being intertwined conductors for the potential PASSION FOR LIFE that we, ALL OF US, as human beings, share.

  • I feel so lonely, because it seems that in my country all the people around me left the site, I tried to get contact but no results.. what I should do? When I found this site I was very happy because it was like someone finally understood my feelings but now the dream fell apart.. As you may immagine I can’t go around and say that I want a platonic relationship, it sounds strange and creepy to everyone. But honestly i don’t feel ready and I don’t want to do other things, that’s the only thing I desire.In this instance I wish I lived in the Us or in another country where there are more people that can understand my feelings... I’m sorry my English isn’t very good.

  • [Deleted User]Softsupport (deleted user)

    I think everyone here craves touch or can't get enough.

  • @Damiano It's a shame that platonic relationships aren't typical in mainstream society these days, there's a lot of value to be gotten out of those relationships. I hope you find someone to meet those needs with

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    Cuddles rock!

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  • I'm glad I found this thread since at least I can read on others experiences with the cuddling I doubt I will get to experience this myself.

  • @triskele I totally agree! These have been wonderful relationships that I hope we keep long term! Society wants to say it's not possible to stay platonic.

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    Our current “culture” skews to the transactional, the familial, and of course to the sexual.

    This makes true platonic relationships feel weird, and take a lot of effort.

    It’s worth it, especially as the need for general acceptance and community are baseline instinctual needs, but this “culture” truly distorts such things.

  • I was going more on the fact that hardly anyone responds to any messages that you send to some profiles almost wondering if anyone uses this site other then the pros up until I saw this posting at least I can up on some people's experiences.

  • [Deleted User]rosieglow (deleted user)

    I used to have a guy friend who would come over after work to cuddle (platonic) and watch anime. He always fell asleep. I'd just let him sleep cause I knew he needed it, and I was flattered that he felt that comfortable.

  • Sounds amazing rosieglow ....coming over to someone's place to cuddle after work I would watch anything on tv with a woman just spending time and having some cuddling would be so therapeutic and could talk about each other's day just having relaxing time.

  • hello im keirwin mattew im 30 years divorced with no kids for three years now will like to meet new people if you interested in me i dont play games

  • Darn. I’m on here a lot. But every time one of these questionable users leaves me a message she gets banned before I can get on and read the possibly salacious profile.

  • There's a lot of other sites if you're looking for a salacious profile. This is not one of them.

  • @triskele oh you would be surprised

  • @triskele it’s not that I’m searching for that. But to get the email saying that someone has left you mail, and log on to see the mail, and in this case the email was totally appropriate for this site , only to find I can’t respond, and I can’t read her profile because she has been banned. (And is is very likely she deserved it’). But wouldn’t you be curious what was wrong with this person who left you a nice, totally in bounds letter? C’mon.

  • @triskele I think you will find that mick has been on here for far longer than most and is very well-versed about what is allowed.

  • @FunCartel Thank you friend. I don’t think my critic meant any harm.

  • Thought I would bump this thread as it seems to be at the heart of why we are all here....supposedly.

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    I've been lucky & having great experiences with a masseuse - super skilled massage, lots of skin contact, good conversation, and knows when i need a hug.

    With cuddlers, we try to figure it out as we go (cuddling & chatting), but usually there are awkward moments (had enough of this, move to something else). Any good ideas on requests to get enough contact, make a connection & use time well?

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