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  • I’ve only had one cuddle experience, and if you know Grindr, well that’s where I found him. It was really cute, I really enjoyed it and he was very respectful of my boundaries. Now I’m looking for a cuddle buddy, I feel like it’d be cute!

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    Living in Fort Worth can be dull and very lonely. I'm new to the site and am looking forward to experiencing what cuddling is all about. Two booking requests have been sent to cuddle professionals, but I would like to find someone who is just as interested in affectionate, non-sexual touch as I am. Sometimes the warmth of another human being can be as satisfying, if not more gratifying, as intercourse. Why does cuddling have to lead to other things? (Of course that doesn't mean we don't get aroused on occasion, but let's be adults about it and move on.) If anyone lives in the D/FW area and is interested, drop me a line.

  • I just had one person so far. And he seemed pretty cool. But I been having alot of conversations with other potential people on here..and it just seems like the men are definitely looking for more then just a cuddle! That's for sure! LoSt track of how many guys today I talked to that seem more interested in more then cuddling

  • Am interested in just far some of the messages I receive reflect that the other people want more.
    Guess I'll just be patient and wait and watch.

  • @katwinters38 and @TracyRain It's an unfortunate fact of Internet life that some folks will join the site either a) not knowing its platonic purpose, or b) knowing but not caring. Given the number of cuddle sites out there that are clearly tolerant of non-platonic agendas, it's no big surprise that some people will "test the waters," so to speak. especially after the demise of BackkPage and Craigslist personals and "therapeutic" sections. Men know that a lot of the women who used to advertise there have migrated to other places. Some guys are hoping to find them here.

    That said, there are plenty of men here who get it; we're here for cuddles and snuggles and whatever else one might call non-sexual affectionate touch. You'll find us, especially if you get to know the regular contributors to the forums and pay careful attention to people's karma. Report the people who make inappropriate requests, hold out for the good guys ... and happy cuddling!

  • As a woman who doesn't care if I cuddle men or women because it's about the touch not the sex for me I would like to make a suggestion.

    If you're not here for the other side of cuddling remove cleavage pictures, ass pictures, and for men and women both, any obvious meat pics. I'm guessing just like myself and others on this site you have some very attractive, photo's of just your face, your full body, or a combination but stop making the emphasis the sexual parts of your anatomy and you will find less requests for other services or happy endings.

    Please understand what a PROFESSIONAL cuddler is before signing up. These people are paying hard earned cash for no drama, no intimate play, and knowledge in how to give affirmations and acceptance. Just as @quietman775 suggested READ THE FORUMS, go to the professional category and pay attention to the professionals like pinklipstick, andicuddles, ubergigglefritz, and babichev among the others there who are actually making a living doing it the right way.

    I could easily be a professional at this point. I actually have two men currently traveling to see me who only use professionals. I refuse to charge for my services until I know enough to be nurturing, understanding, comfortable with all ages and sexes, and am experienced enough to avoid any casting into the sexual waters that run deep in me personally.

    If you are here less than a month and are already listed as a professional do everyone a favor and know what you're getting into before signing up. This is actually a JOB ladies, not just a fun way to have some man take you out for dinner and drinks. There are emotions, egos, damaged or tender psyches attached to these men, that's why they are reaching out.

    If you don't like what you're catching after less than 3 weeks as a 'professional' try different bait!!

    End of rant for the moment!

  • Just today I had a pro cuddler do a no show for an 11 AM session that she had confirmed by text at 8:30 am. I waited until 11:45, sent her several texts asking where she was, with no response. This was the second time in 2 weeks that she was a no show, and despite that I agreed to try to schedule a session again. As of 4 PM today still no word from her, although I see where she's been active on the site as recently as only an hour ago.

    Obviously, time to move on, so many other very nice, reliable cuddlers in the NYC area.

    For reference, the vast majority of my cuddle experiences have been positive.

  • [Deleted User]Spoonie (deleted user)

    That sucks. Please give her appropriate karma.

  • This idea of cuddling sounds great in theory, but I just don’t understand how people can keep it from turning into something sexual!

  • @Spoonie - I tried to leave karma but I see she blocked me - she’s still very active on the site - I also reported her - twice - but no response from the admins yet

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    Hello everyone! So I'm new and just signed up!
    How is everyone's experience on here?

    Please take a look at my profile and add me! :)

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    I've had a couple. Most of them were pretty good.

    Except the one ended up being a total creep. He kept trying to kiss me, I was very uncomfortable. I reported him and he is since banned.

  • I recently had my first CuddleComfort connection and it was delightful. We set a timer for 1.5 hours, listened to music, and melted into eachother. A little snoozing might’ve happened. I burnt incense, which I find relaxing. We shifted positions as our limbs fell asleep. I focused on my breathing, which is a meditation tecnique. It helped me clear my mind as the oxytocin engine awakened and flooded my system with good old human chemistry. Thank you @amandajane. Thank you @CuddleComfort. I hope to have continued luck finding cuddle partners when I move to California.

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    I've had 3 free cuddles here in my first month and one from a non-CC friend whose male. This site has really changed my view of the world here in So. California. I feel dreamy, focused and I'm engaging with everyone I meet in a new way. It's having a great all-around effect on everything.

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    I used to be a raver for many years had tons of platonic cuddle buddies over the years. I do miss those cuddle puddles where we’d give each other bracelets and talk about how much we loved each other

  • I found this to be a scam as I lost 80.00 dollars to them and can't get it back or even a cuddle. I sent the money by Pay Pal.

  • @nelsonmartz , Sorry that happened to you. However, I would say you did not find "this" to be a scam, if by "this" you mean the entirety of Cuddle Comfort. It's the Internet, so there are some dishonest types and scammers lurking here just like anywhere else online. But the fakers and frauds are a statistical minority. I've cuddled with quite a few people from here, had mostly positive experiences, and even made a few friends.

    That said, one of my personal rules is that I never, never, NEVER send money to a stranger on the Web. Any pro who asks for the session fee (or any fraction thereof) to be sent before meeting me gets a hard pass. And any non-pro (i.e., someone without the Pro Tag on their profile) who asks for money for cuddling is violating the TOS of the site. Such should be reported, and will likely be banned. Whether pro or non-pro, I hope you reported this to the site, and also left appropriate karma to protect other clients from getting taken.

    If you sent the money via Pay Pal, you might try that company's dispute resolution process. Perhaps you'll get your money back. Unless the scammer talked you into sending the money as a "gift" in order for her to avoid Pay Pal's fee....

    In that case, just chalked it up to expensive lessons learned. Good luck and happy cuddling in the future!

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    This site has been pretty disappointing so far. I have been on here a couple of months now so far, and I am in the one of the most populated cities in the world. I assume that it also has the highest concentration of cuddlers on this site. I have found one woman to cuddle with. It came at a price but I felt better that I didn't give the money to her. This site is for business mostly, which is said to someone like me. But I guess the moderators are okay with it since they are fully aware. They do make money off of people that charge as contractors, which I did not know. My best piece of advice. If you want someone to cuddle with, go out there into the world and pick someone up. Nothing to see here.

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    I typically get my favorite cuddles at home. When I visit my family on Sundays, my three youngest siblings like to pile on the couch all around me. We'll get a nice fleece blanket, and sometimes we'll watch a movie, or I'll read a book aloud, or we'll all read different books quietly.

    For little kids, they're not as wiggly as you might expect: one'll snuggle up to my right side, another to my left—the smallest usually curls up on my lap, with her head on my chest or shoulder—and you could almost fall asleep.

    We're still trying to get all the way through Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, but last week they had a bunch of new Legend of Zelda comics to read (and one of them's going through the Spiderwick Chronicles), so we all read different books, snuggled up there on the living room couch under the front window. It was cozy.

  • For the most part it's been okay. I've had a few try and stalk me on other websites, good way to get blocked.

  • I had good experience in cuddling party.. It was awesome experience..

  • Hey guys, quick q. I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place to ask but here we go anyway: is this cuddle site just a lowkey way to get an escort/paid hookup or is it actually legit?

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    @ChastityLove: This isn't exactly the right place to ask, no, but whatever. Answer: People who try to use the site for escorts/paid hookups get banned. So I'm going with "actually legit" ...which is how it's worked for me.

  • @ChastityLove You are tagged as a paid cuddler, so did you do your research before signing up?

  • Haven't had one yet but is there anyone near Shreveport la or karnack tx?

  • I have always been affectuonate with friends and family. Growing up in a latin community everyine would be greated with tight hugs and cheek to cheek kisses. Moving away from that felt like being deprived of water or sunlight. I missed resting a head on a friend to talk about our day. I had a cuddle friend in high school and we would lay next to eachother and just chat, take a nap. Never felt pressured or expectant of something. It was great.

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    I just had my first cuddle session a few days ago and I realized I'll need to practice setting my boundaries and have everything figured out before we start the session because I'm so easily emotional.

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    @snugglekit: I realized something similar the first time I cuddled with someone from this site, too. I never had to set boundaries with family, so I didn't know how to do it! Practice really does help. One technique I've learned is coming up with something different to replace whatever I'm saying no to. It's trickier than it sounds! Your brain kind of goes blank sometimes. (Or, in my case, pretty much all of the times.)

    I'm planning on taking a trip to Tokyo in June, so who knows—maybe we'll get a chance at practicing the boundaries thing together. Or you might have moved by then, I dunno.

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