Cuddling experiences



  • Yes, what a great feed. I discovered the joy of cuddling about 3 years ago. That is when I realized it is such an amazing way for two humans to get to know one another. It does take trust and open communication. It also helps one become self-aware. I came to a place where I wanted to have my thriving needs met and nurture people (my kids are grown and I do not have pets). I got reconnected to our local cuddle community about 6 months ago and deepened into the experience. I believe so much in the healing powers of safe, non-sexual touch that I become a pro. it warms up our world! It helps to heal the gap between men and women and people in general as I am open to cuddle anyone and everyone who agrees to the agreements. We all need some nurturing touch. I love when one relaxes and just receives!! I was in a marriage for 16 years where my partner was not open to receive. That was painful and in the past. I am so grateful for this wonderful courageous and fun community!!!

  • Someone in my social media circle recommended this site. A friend of her knew a veteran cuddler on this site.

    During my college days I would snuggle with my close friends & fictious sisters.
    Now I have been lonely and touch deprived for years. So I am hoping to meet someone for cuddles.

  • Had my first cuddle session last week. Amazed at how connected I felt to someone I knew nothing about, left feeling as if I knew him on a such a deeper level. I have a deep sense of care attached to him 😊

  • I haven't had any experiences with cuddling or hugging .

  • All the best

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