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  • @Cuddles4Warmth sorry that it's a bit difficult for you mate! But, there's definitely hope for you cause you'er in CA where most of our fellow CC cuddlers are at and (like @Tofindthelight and @sillysassy sassy said) you'll find buddies that you'll connect with that you don't pay in cash but just your own sincere warmth!
    Wishing you all the best mate!

  • I'm an affectionate person.I look forward to my experience here.

  • Hi everyone, I had an unfortunate Cuddle Therapy session just now. In our messages, we agreed upon transferring the price of therapy to be in cash - which was done. I handed her the cash in public. After our session, she sent me a message saying that I didn’t pay. And worst, she asked me after the session if I could drive her home - which I absolutely refused in an instant.

    In response to her message on this website, I stated in my message “The public location we had our session surely has cameras. They likely recorded our greeting, full session, exchange of cash, and departure.” She replied, in which followed me blocking her account.

    This story is by-far my biggest fear regarding this therapy. Having ptsd, I truly think this is the answer in helping me heal and connect with others again. But I fear someone will make false, inappropriate, and perhaps illegal accusations on me. I fear the legal side of this therapy.

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    @stpreacher Sorry that happened to you . There are unfortunately people.out there who will try to swindle you . If you haven't yet please report to admin.

    And just because someone is a pro on this site does not make them a therapist for PTSD. It simply means that they charge a fee to cuddle . Nothing more , nothing less . Doesn't mean that there aren't going to be some out there who have a genuine ability to help you with that . However please do not rely on cuddling as PTSD therapy . Majority of people in any given fee for service field are not trained therapists for PTSD. You could really be setting yourself up for failure , and also are presuming someone has special abilities to heal you , which is an awful lot of unfair pressure on the person you are cuddling with .

  • Absolutely @pmvines . Thanks so much for your reply. In fact,I’ll make sure to stop or cancel the session if things get too emotional for me. And I make it as clear as I can to the Cuddlist that it’s my responsibility and not theirs. Otherwise, it would be unfair for them. They’re not equipped with the tools to deal with PTSD.

  • And this has really inspired me to have all my sessions in public. I suppose you could say it’s paranoia on my part for any legal troubles.

  • Had my first cuddling experience from the website today. The guy was somewhat handsy and rarely asked before proceeding to do something (put his hands under my shirt to rub my back on bare skin, etc.). Altogether not a great first experience.

  • @Salix67 did you cover what was ok or not okay verbally before you cuddled? I find that can help. And sheesh, sometimes no matter how much you cover what's ok and not ok, there are those boundary pushers. Ack.

  • @littermate , we did not. I know that’s partially on me. In my defense, it was my first experience and I did not know what to expect or how to proceed. I do have some framework for next time though. Such as, don’t cuddle with someone who has their genitalia peeping out by the end and is talking about how they’ll have to find time to masturbate once you leave. 🙄🙄

  • @Salix67 there's definitely a learning curve. I was once new and learned quickly how to screen up front. There are threads about that on this forum itf you care to hunt for them!

    And it's not so much on you because the freaking site is platonic and getting handsy is bannable. You could report him. Then he's gone and not going to grab the next one. Peeps gotta follow the rules to make it safe.

    Happy cuddling!

  • Wow...@Salix67. So sorry your "wake up call" was that harsh!
    Your experience is like a cold splash of warning to me as a newbie, too. Thank you for sounding the alarm!
    I guess it's easy, in the first flush of finding this concept, this board, to honestly believe that everyone else is actually here for the same thing you are---PLATONIC cuddling.
    Thank you for sharing your experience, and I'm glad you got out safely!
    I hope you don't let one creep spoil you from cuddling. That really WOULD be sad!

  • ImajenMoon - I know it can sound bad. And I’m not saying I loved the situation. But I didn’t feel unsafe at any point, just uncomfortable. It did help give me a framework going forward on what I would like the experience to be like and how to screen people.

  • @Salix67
    Your courage and warmth encourage me! I agree with the idea that it gives a framework for going forward---I'm glad you're staying the proverbial course!
    You look warm, genuine, and inviting---just what's needed in these times! I'm glad you are giving yourself the care needed to acknowledge that your needs are worth meeting, too!
    Again, though, thank you for having the courage to post about your experience. As much as I want this to be a "happy unicorn and rainbows" experience, this posting has served me--as a newbie---well. My "gut" has been my faithful companion, thus far, and I'm waking her @ss up just from hearing of your experience! lol
    Your warm, kind, beautiful self DESERVES BETTER THAN THAT. Thanks for responding!

  • I am finding it to be great! I am glad I went PRO, have taken training, and learning more about this industry. I want to host a cuddle party soon here in Las Vegas.

  • Are we still cuddling during the lockdown

  • I haven't cuddled in quite some time, but the last time I did, it was great. We were cuddled up on the couch. She was the little spoon, me the big spoon. She wanted to put this sappy movie on, and of course I obliged. Every now and again, I'd say her name so she'd look at me and I'd give her forehead kisses. (We were both into signs of affection) and I'd casually whisper how beautiful she was and how lucky I was.

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