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  • Im available to cuddle in the state of oklahoma.. Willing to travel.. Holla if you want me.

  • The chances of someone in southern Arizona reading this anytime soon are low, but just in case, I’m a kind, thoughtful, good person who just happens to be in need of human contact. I haven’t cuddled or even had many meaningful hugs in about three years. I miss that sublime sensation. Oh, I’m new here, and want to assure everyone that in no way am I looking for any kind of sexual gratification. I know there are people out there who need warm hugs and cuddling as much as I do.

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    Earlier this year there was a female non-pro in my area on here under username @cuddlejjhere. We exchanged messages on-site until she got too uncomfortable with all the creepy b******s who were demanding cuddles immediately from her. At that point she sent me her Google Voice number, told me to text her there and deleted her account on here. When she felt ready to meet in person on 5/16/21, she revealed to me that she's actually my neighbor just a couple streets down and over from me. So I now refer to her as "my cuddly neighbor".

    That day we cuddled for 2.5 hours, then after I massaged her feet for 15 minutes, we went out to eat at a restaurant in our neighborhood. We did meet a second time on 7/11/21, and that time didn't go as well. Both times we had very little conversation before cuddling and absolutely none while cuddling. On 7/11/21 we cuddled for 3.5 hours.

    Me: Will you take a foot massage today, or do you wanna just cuddle?
    Her: Let's just cuddle. I'm not used to it.
    Me: That's fine.

    I was deeply disappointed that she wouldn't take a foot massage. After my 2011 one-night stand with a woman who had smokin' hot beautiful feet that she would not allow me to massage, I pledged to myself that I'd never allow another woman who forbids me from touching/massaging her feet into my bed ever again. I broke that pledge to myself on a one-time basis on 7/11/21 just to not make @cuddlejjhere uncomfortable. I respect that she may not enjoy foot massages, but I won't cuddle someone who doesn't. I deleted her Google Voice number from my contacts and haven't heard from her. If I hear from her I will explain why I don't really wanna cuddle her again as kindly as possible.

    If I'm gonna lay there for hours cuddling someone, I'd rather she be someone who has deep conversations with me and thoroughly enjoys the foot massages I give. See my karma for proof that at least one pro on here has enjoyed them. Right now I'm at a point where I don't feel like I need cuddles so bad. As long as the same female friend is both hugging me for 20+seconds and enjoying the foot massages I give on some sort of frequent basis, I couldn't care less what other intimacy I'm doing without. Right now I have a female friend who's doing these two things with me, so I am not looking for someone to do them plus cuddle at this time. I'll keep y'all posted if that changes.

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  • @APV, you are free to cuddle with whomever you wish.

    AND if your prerequisite to cuddling is that the cuddler agree to foot massage, that starts sounding like a fetish, which is not allowed under the terms of service. Please keep that in mind, treat potential cuddle buddies with respect, and keep interactions with other cuddlers on this site strictly platonic. Everyone has autonomy over their own body.

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    I had the same thought when I saw this the other day and checked out the karma from the pro, but didn't want to be the one to say it. So glad you did, @Babichev

  • Cuddles means life to me, no life without cuddles. when I experienced it last year, I loved life,I never expected I would love life . I had plans and intentions to get rid of this self,I was hopeless and had many failures but ☝️ religion was a wall and stopped me because of going to hell ,I'm already in hell, how can I go to another a permanent hell. Going to hell something not normal,very scary 🤔 you think 100s times before you go to it .I was confused about ,life,God ect I was lost in confusion,not alive or dead.
    Cuddles completely changed my mind,I forgot about hell,healed and reliefed from pains and depression with an amazing pro,she is a carer who was supportive and showed me affection and compassion, I was enjoying cuddleing and call it paradise, when session finishes I release I'm going back to hell ☝️☝️☝️ no no no i don't go back to hell which is life i want stay in heaven add me another 1/2 or an hour🤣🤣 it was a beautiful refuge., also fall in her because I see her as a saviour. and motivated me to choose life.

    What about you? What cuddles means to you?

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    what cuddling means to me? Well, it is a calming , soothing, positive, experience and relieves from stress too, social bonding and enjoying physical contact. Really where are those guys who want platonic relationship? only cuddling ( specifying with clothes on) no kissing, no touching, no sex at all, that would be just awesome!!! Hmm, i did enjoyed cuddling session with girl, she was a close friend of mine, got to spend a night at her house and well, it was just delightful...

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    Very early on, I met one lady that had I had a good rapport with but on the younger side. (20)

    She had two older sisters who insisted on meeting me at a restaurant to vet me, which I thought was odd. They all told her that they didn’t believe I was unattached or not married and it really started to feel awkward on my end.

    So, I cancelled the request and moved on and she deleted her account. She said she still wanted to talk to me and still blows up my phone on occasion. I prefer to remain drama free and steer clear of the sibling/friend nonsense. I told her think it’s great that people are looking out for her but she needs to make her own adult decisions. Plus, that’s not how CC operates and that she should look elsewhere.

    This is supposed to be a way reduce stress and possibly meet new friends, not add stress and immature drama. I imagine much of this drama stemmed from the socially inept idiots who had been sending her suggestive messages and requests during her short time on CC.

  • I saw a professional from here, a few times in a few months, a long time ago after divorce. It was rebirth for my dry and brittle spirit. I then took a long break from cuddling. I found a new person and have been platonically meeting for several years.
    I'm still not interested in committing to any relationship, but I've been at peace with meeting new people and my being at-ease with embracing has helped make meeting new people easier.
    Platonic meeting has not only soothed my soul, it's educated me in subtle ways that seem to attract people.

  • I met the sweetest guy at a cuddle party. He was very handsome and he shimmied up to me shuffling his feet and said hello my name is Tom with an extended hand and his fingers taught. I was like all this cute young man is being very kind to me I’m thinking to myself. Then we ended up having a great cuddle with a bunch of fun fun people. And towards the end of the Cuddles the lady facilitating the Cuddles said if you find anybody here you wanna cuddle with outside of the party you should ask them. And Tom came up to me and asked and I’m like wow he wants to be my cuddle buddy that’s so cool. He travels a lot but when he’s in town we always cuddle overnight and he is the safest most relaxing and fun cuddler. He comes over and makes me dinner with lots of vegetables. And he tells me stories about his travels and then we snuggle in bed. We do a lot of other fun things like go to the cat shelter and pet cats. I met him before professional Cuddling. I’m really grateful for his friendship and Cuddles. This is a great question thank you

  • Wow this decade old thread has some really interesting posts. Its like reading a history book 🤔👍

  • Hello lovely beings!! I am looking for a pro in Vancouver. I just cuddled a wonderful client in Toronto and he is travelling across the country. He wanted to know if I knew anyone in the vancouver area so I thought I would ask here. Let me know if anyone is out that way and Ill confirm where he is headed and ask him to message you. THANKS!!

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    So far my greatest cuddling experience was two years ago, I met this young lady at a Minicon, or cosplay convention, and we hit it off wonderfully at first.

    As the days passed we began hanging out on the weekends. She would arrive at my place and we would cuddle […] and this was around Halloween, so it was cold out; therefore, this was the perfect time to cuddle. We curled up together watching werewolf movies and had dinner as well, and for the first time I had an actual cuddle buddy. Then she ghosted me after Halloween. Haven't had a cuddle buddy since then!

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  • As someone who has always wanted to go to a convention, this gives me another reason to wanna go! Fun cosplayers, nerding out AND a cuddle buddy? Time to book my tickets haha.

  • I had my 1st cuddle session today. I thought it went great. It was in public and lasted about an hour and a half. I had a lot of fun and it seemed she did as well. Now it is hours after the event and I am feeling overly emotional, and i typically do not get emotional. It's not like I regret it, it's more like I feel guilty for enjoying it as much as I did. I feel like I have been needing this connection for a long time. Other than my wife, this is the 1st meaningful conversation I have had in literally decades.

    Is any of this normal? Has anyone else ever experienced anything similar? How did you deal with it?

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    My most recent snuggle session was such a genuine connection. We started on the couch, stared out the window, weighed in on the surrounding architecture and then moved to the bedroom. He was understanding about my aversion to be gazed at, but also tried to quell my insecurity. We eventually got hungry and had food delivered. He entertained my unique YouTube selections (Puppet History and Monstorum) while we ate, and let me make and serve him a cuppa- so important to me as a nurturer.

  • Great experiences

  • Went to see a Professional cuddler at her place couple months ago (off a different site). the girl was bitching about her finances and her job/boss and her rent increase LOL I'm like seriously and I thought I came here to relax. must be me , most people get comfortable with me fairly quickly.

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    Maybe I should bring earmuffs to wear when I cuddle with someone, for emergencies like that ? 🤔

  • @CatGirlColorado where did you find those!? They're perfect!

  • Oof, sorry you wasted your hard earn money on that experience @Sooson How was she when you were messaging? I ask because sometimes how someone speaks with me via messaging or calling will give me a good idea of how we'll converse in person. There's also a difference when you cuddle someone and they feel comfortable open up emotionally on a deeper level. Sounds like she was just opening up to complain.. maybe to manipulate you into feeling sorry for her and giving her extra? Idk but I hope you have better experiences moving forward 🤗

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    I started using this website over a year ago on occasion to see pros. I recognized a need for physical intimacy that I avoided my whole life.

    I made this post here and received a lot of support, but most importantly people telling me I should speak to a therapist.

    I actually did go and see a therapist and identified the reason that caused it which I can now begin to heal from. Everyone here has been so nice and supportive!

  • Such as life I’ve had some AMAZING experiences but also a couple of catfish train wreck stories as well. My biggest problem here is just even getting to someone to respond to my greeting message, and then sometimes they don’t even look at my profile or all my karma reviews. I mean there’s only 10,000,000 in Los Angeles county!

  • I'm one of the members who have amazing experiences here on CC. . I think the most amazing recent experience is the idea and the implementation of the Cuddle Meet & Greet events all around. Just a fantastic idea that has spread and is a wonderful tool in getting all types of members together in a low pressure and expectation way.

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing about those ones already planned and excited to hear about many future ones. Awesome job CC community! 😊👍

  • I’m a pro and cuddling has been an absolute GIFT to me. Like I’ll sit there (lay there) cuddling an amazing human being and think “I can’t believe I get paid for this!?” The best kind of job is the kind you would do for free, but you get paid for it!!! I’m in Connecticut and hoping the cuddle community will grow here.

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    They call me Tiger 🐯. I go NONSTOP!!! 💯 I like to cuddle while Listening to music, watching a movie or just talking.

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    Hi everyone,

    Last time, I was having a cuddling session with one girl in Czech Republic, she was really nice and thoughful. We were cuddling and suddenly she started breathing fast and started crying. I was really worried about her at that moment. I pulled her closer and embraced her fully. I comforted her that everything is all rigth and started to breathe with her to relax her, In a few minutes she relaxed and started to breathe calmly again. I kindly asked If she want to talk about what happened. She then told me [about her traumatic past]. I was speechless. We continued to cuddle and when our time was over, she was smiling even more than before and told me that I was the first person she told this to. I thanked her for her honesty and openness.

    Remember, we have a great responsibility. But when manged with empathy and lot of hugs, we can dramatically change a course of someone's life.

    Lot of hugs

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  • I'm looking for a cuddle friend on a regular

  • What if I a in canada in Montreal and there is none cuddlers woman at all?

  • Every incredible story. I would also like to have a special affectionate friend. Here in Portugal it is not a common practice unfortunately.

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