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  • Im available to cuddle in the state of oklahoma.. Willing to travel.. Holla if you want me.

  • The chances of someone in southern Arizona reading this anytime soon are low, but just in case, I’m a kind, thoughtful, good person who just happens to be in need of human contact. I haven’t cuddled or even had many meaningful hugs in about three years. I miss that sublime sensation. Oh, I’m new here, and want to assure everyone that in no way am I looking for any kind of sexual gratification. I know there are people out there who need warm hugs and cuddling as much as I do.

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    Earlier this year there was a female non-pro in my area on here under username @cuddlejjhere. We exchanged messages on-site until she got too uncomfortable with all the creepy b******s who were demanding cuddles immediately from her. At that point she sent me her Google Voice number, told me to text her there and deleted her account on here. When she felt ready to meet in person on 5/16/21, she revealed to me that she's actually my neighbor just a couple streets down and over from me. So I now refer to her as "my cuddly neighbor".

    That day we cuddled for 2.5 hours, then after I massaged her feet for 15 minutes, we went out to eat at a restaurant in our neighborhood. We did meet a second time on 7/11/21, and that time didn't go as well. Both times we had very little conversation before cuddling and absolutely none while cuddling. On 7/11/21 we cuddled for 3.5 hours.

    Me: Will you take a foot massage today, or do you wanna just cuddle?
    Her: Let's just cuddle. I'm not used to it.
    Me: That's fine.

    I was deeply disappointed that she wouldn't take a foot massage. After my 2011 one-night stand with a woman who had smokin' hot beautiful feet that she would not allow me to massage, I pledged to myself that I'd never allow another woman who forbids me from touching/massaging her feet into my bed ever again. I broke that pledge to myself on a one-time basis on 7/11/21 just to not make @cuddlejjhere uncomfortable. I respect that she may not enjoy foot massages, but I won't cuddle someone who doesn't. I deleted her Google Voice number from my contacts and haven't heard from her. If I hear from her I will explain why I don't really wanna cuddle her again as kindly as possible.

    If I'm gonna lay there for hours cuddling someone, I'd rather she be someone who has deep conversations with me and thoroughly enjoys the foot massages I give. See my karma for proof that at least one pro on here has enjoyed them. Right now I'm at a point where I don't feel like I need cuddles so bad. As long as the same female friend is both hugging me for 20+seconds and enjoying the foot massages I give on some sort of frequent basis, I couldn't care less what other intimacy I'm doing without. Right now I have a female friend who's doing these two things with me, so I am not looking for someone to do them plus cuddle at this time. I'll keep y'all posted if that changes.

  • @APV, you are free to cuddle with whomever you wish.

    AND if your prerequisite to cuddling is that the cuddler agree to foot massage, that starts sounding like a fetish, which is not allowed under the terms of service. Please keep that in mind, treat potential cuddle buddies with respect, and keep interactions with other cuddlers on this site strictly platonic. Everyone has autonomy over their own body.

  • I had the same thought when I saw this the other day and checked out the karma from the pro, but didn't want to be the one to say it. So glad you did, @Babichev

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