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  • I cuddle for free, but only with guys who have had professional cuddles with true karmas because it makes me feel safer. I am not cuddling during this pandemic. It is just too risky. I can't wait for this pandemic to be over. I miss cuddling!!
    Sending you all good joyful vibes!

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    My experience thus far😂... roller coaster. I feel like I am on journey of self discovery. I learned what is intimacy. How to stand my ground in what I want. Developed a deeper sense of what I need in a romantic relationship because I have applied it to my real world. The cuddle world is very private, just for me, and separate from everything else in my life.
    First impressions has taken on a whole new meaning. I feel like I judge less. I have cuddled so many different kinds of people. It’s like upon first meeting anyone, anywhere I know I’m NOT seeing all of them and I’m present in that moment but I can’t judge them... hardly know them. Lol 😂have not cuddled them.
    Definitely still learning to listen to my gut and this cuddle community is helping me. Been lucky that nothing bad happened to me. I joined I think back in summer 2019, left, and then came back September 2020. Well looking forward to many, many more cuddles😉🤗

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    @lovelyhugs what a FABULOUS profile!! I am so glad you are here.... One enthusiast to another I can say thank you for all of your input on the forums as well. :) I can completely relate to the roller coaster because of internal learning that happens in this world. Thank you for coming back and giving it another try. There is BEAUTY to be found here!! I am so thankful that you are honest with yourself and using snuggles as a platform to learn more about YOU!!! It is a fun thing to have a bit of separation from "the black hole that is our world" (as a recent cuddler of mine mentioned).... Its a lovely space that we get to tell our stories or not at all. THE CUDDLES!!!!! We get to have the CUDDLES!!!! Good job you.

    @SoCambria COMPLETELY AGREE!!! Pandemic BE GONE!!!! :)

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    I was gratified to give affection to some straight boys when I was a teenager, and it was good to hear them say “this is nice.” I think for them it was more affection than they had ever gotten from any girl, as they were probably virgins. (I had already had some sex with a girl before I cuddled with the first one, and with both girls and boys/men at the time I cuddled with the second one.) I have to admit I might have liked to have sex with them, but it was an honor that they allowed themselves to be vulnerable with me. It was sort of a pure experience for me, knowing that cuddling was all it was.

    Years later I had a sleepover with a friend I had assumed was straight, but it turned out he was actually bi. He would have been willing to have sex in addition to cuddling, but all I wanted was cuddling, and I maintained that boundary.

    I have been monogamous with my husband for 17 years and do not want to change that. If I had my druthers, though, I would have a male friend — preferably a straight one who only wanted cuddling — who I might have sleepovers with once in a while.

    At this point I would be happy just to have a friend who would love to hug me! I had a friend I dated steadily for a while who wasn’t even willing to hug me when saying hello and goodbye. That friendship didn’t last. Then I had another friend who was willing to hug, but didn’t seem to have any intrinsic desire to do so. I want — and deserve — a friend who loves to hug as much as I do and wants to hug me upon greeting and leavetaking at the very least. I have so much love and affection to give. Somehow I believe it will all work out with my husband and friends with honest communication, tenderness, and boundaries.

  • @nurturingman ~ That's lovely! 💗

  • I love to cuddle and became a professional so that I cuddle with people and make them feel comfortable and relaxed

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    I just got back from a week long business trip up in Northern California. I had 2 sessions with 2 pros which were amazing. It took me awhile to decide on who I was going to see but I was lucky to choose 2 real gems. That’s how I actually discovered cuddlecomfort which was on a business trip back in October 2015. I was in the same room during the entire trip and it’s nice to have that positive energy from a cuddle session linger for days after the session. Good times.

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    Cuddling has been a spiritual journey for me. It's an ongoing lesson in self love and self discovery. An adaptation to new and different norms of communication. And a requirement to be consistently patient and open minded to meet folks whenever, however and wherever they are.

    When I joined this platform I wanted to cuddle. I wanted to make real social friends. Over the past year I've enjoyed many cuddles, fun and not so much. I've made meaningful connections on many different levels with folks who I'll perhaps never be social friends with. But folks with whom I share an appreciation for thoughtful, respectful yet engaging conversation whenever however life affords it. And that's okay. That's enough for me.

    There have been disappointments. I have learned to redefine my expectations of people and experiences. So I go with the flow
    of each moment even as I maintain my own standards. And I've found my own happy medium by holding myself responsible for what and how I feel with each new experience.

    So now there are no more disappointing moments. For me there are only opportunities to do and think things differently. Always staying true to my gut and giving myself compassion even amidst rejection.

    I remain grateful to each and every experience fun and not so fun, fulfilling and disappointing. I see each one as my muse guiding and teaching me. Supporting and coddling me through every moment of self doubt. And even though I'm still the content loner I've always been, I'm still never lonely.

    The one thing being on this platform, meeting folks to cuddle in the past year has taught me is the power of self awareness. And so I've used my experiences with the different folks I've met to grow a deeper awareness of myself. Folks I've only chatted or cuddled with or both. Folks I've never met in person yet communicated with by text or email. Folks whose interaction I'm eternally grateful for. Because each moment of interaction is a gift of time and spirit shared from one to another.

    And this for me is where this platform has been a treasure for me. An experience that will live on in and through me forever whether I remain on here a year or ten years from now. Whether I'm cuddling or not. Whether I'm dead or alive.

  • Just a question, how can people cuddle today with this growing pandemic ?? I would like to especially now feeling isolated, but I just can't understand how this would be safe to do so during today's circumstances. I just don't think it's worth risking your health or somebody else's health that you may also transmit later to possibly a family member.

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    A mother's cuddlestory....

    Have you ever held a new born baby in your arms?
    His head snuggled within your left elbow and your right arm supporting the rest of him.
    He wiggles to make himself more comfortable.
    His smell is a new smell you have never felt before. Something you don’t want to let go.
    He wimpers and cries when he is in his crib and calms down when you pick him up because he knows he will be okay.
    He looks at you and needs you. He needs your touch. He needs you to hold him.
    His weight on your arms and instead of you providing safety to him, he makes you feel safe.
    He yawns opening his tiny lips and you melt in that second.
    He closes his eyes because he is safe and content. He doesn’t need anything else at that moment. He needs your smell and your warmth and to melt away the stress of facing a new world.
    And you don’t need anything else at that moment too. You just need the weight of this soft mush resting on your arms and want to hold next to your heart.

  • @taurmar It's a problem. The answer is to be responsible.

    In the UK cuddling was permitted with handwashing and masks, plus all the obvious background rules. We are now in full lockdown so all personal services (which include cuddling) have been stopped. However, many part-time professionals are not aware of this. Others know, but recognise the importance of the social function they perform.

    It is also the case the cuddling is a fairly low risk activity. Yes, there is a high risk of transmission if somebody is unknowingly infectious. However, only one person will become infected, and that person (assuming they have been sensible) is not vulnerable or living with anybody vulnerable.

    I'm not physically vulnerable but I have other difficulties. Lockdown for me effectively means imprisonment with solitary confinement for weeks at a time. That's the same as the punishment for trying to escape from a prisoner of war camp. I don't break the rules, except to cuddle. It's keeping me sane.

  • Just joined the site but I am a bit dubious, how do you cuddle with a woman and not want it to lead to something else? Well it depends on chemistry but willing to try it this way platonic.

  • @Heinzbuck ~ You may want to consider fully embracing it being platonic (vs just trying it out). Otherwise you sound like you'd be a boundary pusher, even if not/weren't intentional in the moment.

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    @Heinzbuck: You might want to start out with people you'd never be even the slightest bit tempted to get non-platonic with. For practice.

  • @Heinzbuck, in fact it is really easy. I mean REALLY easy. The question simply doesn't come up because sex is totally off the table. In the same way as it is when you are cuddling a child, a pet or a dying relative.

    But, I hear you say, what if I get an erection? We're warm and cosy, it could happen. Well, sure it could, but it doesn't matter. You simply apologise briefy (it's not a big deal), adjust your position to that the immediate stimulation is removed, and try to figure out exactly how much you've spent since the last time you knew your bank balance.

    Remember, the association in your mind between cuddling and sex isn't real: there is no such association. What there is, in certain circumstances, is proximity. But there is no actual connection.

    This isn't theory, this is drawn from experience - I have cuddled with some extremely attractive women.

    Oh, and welcome!

  • I find 90% of the time men associate cuddling with sex. I'm glad this site reiterates it isn't sexual. Sadly, many men still feel entitled and push boundaries, leading to them being banned from here.

  • @DrDeb you are correct :) having been without married life for the last 4 years it is the cuddling i miss most. Being able to chat in bed next to someone who actually cares about you. Ive always been resistant to the quick hookup culture that the bars breed. Its kind of awesome to find a place where cuddling is celebrated.

  • @CuddleDuncan thanks for the intel bro!! and your transparency. Great feedback

  • @CuddleDuncan thanks for the intel bro!! and your transparency. Great feedback

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    The story I recently read by @Sideon about a woman leaning her head against his shoulder on a train reminded me of a singular experience I had on a bus when I was 18. At the time, and for a long time after, I thought of it as “hot”— an erotic experience. Now that I’ve learned more about cuddling, I realize it was a kind of “cuddle.” What happened was I was wearing shorts and the guy sitting next to me was wearing shorts, and at one point when the bus was jostling us from side to side our legs touched. He did not flinch or pull his away. I found him attractive and was thrilled by the touch of his calf and thigh on mine— the brushing of the hairs, the warmth of the skin, the solidity of the muscles. I wasn’t “aroused” but just amazed and excited that this was happening. He didn’t seem to be angling for sex; he just seemed not to mind the closeness, and maybe even to prefer it. He kept his leg pressed against mine and I against his. Our legs became each other’s anchor against the jostling of the bus. I got the sense this was no kind of “come on” and that nothing would come of it, so even though I was saying “omigod, omigod” in my head, I didn’t say anything or even look at him. I didn’t want to break the spell. We rode for about 10 minutes this way, like a couple of guys in a three-legged race, until I got off at my stop. It was — and 35 years later still is — one of the most intimate and enduring nonsexual physical experiences I ever had with another man.

    Now that I’ve learned about platonic cuddling, I realize we were simply having a side-by-side cuddle. I think I saw a professional cuddler in a video call it something like “keeping company” [EDIT: Now I remember it’s called “companioning”]. I would now be happy to have this experience with a person of any gender, in long pants or in shorts. It’s the “little things” that can be so comforting.

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    Hola Amigos!

    This a quick 2 fold post. One is a description of a session and the other is a general question.


    When young, inexperienced, and horn, the idea of cuddling of a then young me, was really boring and unnecessary. That's okay. I was learning the ropes (pun intended). As 57 years old dude, everything is different. The physical, mental and emotional changes are deep. I was lacking the connection or connecting with the incorrect partner, who knows.

    Now I totally get it. The 1st time was powerful. So much that I cried. 2nd time was more playful and enjoyable. I didn't want it to end! I'd rather go without sex then no touch or an embrace.


    Have any of you been in a relationship, that seems wholesome and pleasant (to a degree) where you adore the person, but one thing is missing. Human touch.

    Where discussions were made between the two lovers, enfancizing the need to hug and hold each other, skin to skin. No orgasam in the mind. Yet...still no embrace.

    Like when we see masseurs or chiropractors for our pain and stress, even intimate verbal sessions; why not a cuddling session? How then does one, in a commitment relationship, move to this option? Do we share this initiative or just keep it private and go on with it? Lastly, is this a solution? How long can one rent these services and not work on WHAT can be done to fix it it.

    This is of course my issue. Ah! Yes. A dilemma. Are any of you married or in a committed relationship that has this issue?

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    Over the years I have had several cuddle buddies (strictly cuddling) usually close friends it helps me destress and sleep

    (Ok so that's irritating that picture is focused on my face for me on my profile why on my chest here so inappropriate cuddlecomfort)

  • @Tazman5307 it depends on the situation but, yes it can be a viable long term solution in SOME cases.

    My ex wife just wasn't the cuddley type but our marriage worked on all other levels for nearly 20 years.

    After some serious discussions and thorough explanations of rules and boundries, she was fine with me seeking cuddles elsewhere.

    Of course if you're in a relationship with a non cuddler AND they don't like the idea of you cuddling up with some one else when you clearly NEED that affection/connection then I'd say you have a tough choice to make.

    I wish you the best of luck either way.

  • Cuddling experiences have been really good for me with the platonic experience of touch and calm environment is something very hard to mimic like the face you see babies make after they cry and lay on their mothers after pregnancy. It’s nostalgic to the feeling of when you were held as a child (if you were) and hugs from long time friends after not seeing each other for a while. The good memories and feelings flush in and wash away negativity.

    If you find it hard to find down to earth people in South Florida message me . In west palm beach and willing to commute. Happy cuddles 😁

  • @cuddleexpert101 You described the feeling so nicely! Thanks.

  • I’m new to this site. I read many articles and watched videos on platonic cuddling. It was refreshing to learn that there are people who just want non sexual contact. Human touch is extremely important for mental and physical health.

    I have to admit I am a bit nervous, as I’ve never tried this before. But, the thought of cuddling with someone, conversing or just silence is relaxing in itself. Looking forward to my first cuddle session...

  • @CorazonDulce ~ What a great path to CC!!!
    Welcome 🙂

  • Welcome @CorazonDulce! I think a lot of us were a little bit nervous before our first cuddle session, I certainly was. Find somebody nice (take your time and be fussy!) and it will be fine.

  • I would say that for the most part most of my experiences have been great. As some people have actually mentioned I actually felt a bit hesitant when it came to meeting with a pro. But when I did show up to her apartment for our first session I felt comfortable right away.
    But by far my favorite session was with a pro that I met at a park near where she lives.
    She was an absolute sweetheart. And was very nurturing and motherly.
    If you are in the Southern California area I definitely recommend meeting with @healing laughter. Her user name definitely does fit her personality. Plus she is an absolute sweetheart.

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