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  • I cuddle for free, but only with guys who have had professional cuddles with true karmas because it makes me feel safer. I am not cuddling during this pandemic. It is just too risky. I can't wait for this pandemic to be over. I miss cuddling!!
    Sending you all good joyful vibes!

  • My experience thus far😂... roller coaster. I feel like I am on journey of self discovery. I learned what is intimacy. How to stand my ground in what I want. Developed a deeper sense of what I need in a romantic relationship because I have applied it to my real world. The cuddle world is very private, just for me, and separate from everything else in my life.
    First impressions has taken on a whole new meaning. I feel like I judge less. I have cuddled so many different kinds of people. It’s like upon first meeting anyone, anywhere I know I’m NOT seeing all of them and I’m present in that moment but I can’t judge them... hardly know them. Lol 😂have not cuddled them.
    Definitely still learning to listen to my gut and this cuddle community is helping me. Been lucky that nothing bad happened to me. I joined I think back in summer 2019, left, and then came back September 2020. Well looking forward to many, many more cuddles😉🤗

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    @lovelyhugs what a FABULOUS profile!! I am so glad you are here.... One enthusiast to another I can say thank you for all of your input on the forums as well. :) I can completely relate to the roller coaster because of internal learning that happens in this world. Thank you for coming back and giving it another try. There is BEAUTY to be found here!! I am so thankful that you are honest with yourself and using snuggles as a platform to learn more about YOU!!! It is a fun thing to have a bit of separation from "the black hole that is our world" (as a recent cuddler of mine mentioned).... Its a lovely space that we get to tell our stories or not at all. THE CUDDLES!!!!! We get to have the CUDDLES!!!! Good job you.

    @SoCambria COMPLETELY AGREE!!! Pandemic BE GONE!!!! :)

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    I was gratified to give affection to some straight boys when I was a teenager, and it was good to hear them say “this is nice.” I think for them it was more affection than they had ever gotten from any girl, as they were probably virgins. (I had already had some sex with a girl before I cuddled with the first one, and with both girls and boys/men at the time I cuddled with the second one.) I have to admit I might have liked to have sex with them, but it was an honor that they allowed themselves to be vulnerable with me. It was sort of a pure experience for me, knowing that cuddling was all it was.

    Years later I had a sleepover with a friend I had assumed was straight, but it turned out he was actually bi. He would have been willing to have sex in addition to cuddling, but all I wanted was cuddling, and I maintained that boundary.

    I have been monogamous with my husband for 17 years and do not want to change that. If I had my druthers, though, I would have a male friend — preferably a straight one who only wanted cuddling — who I might have sleepovers with once in a while.

    At this point I would be happy just to have a friend who would love to hug me! I had a friend I dated steadily for a while who wasn’t even willing to hug me when saying hello and goodbye. That friendship didn’t last. Then I had another friend who was willing to hug, but didn’t seem to have any intrinsic desire to do so. I want — and deserve — a friend who loves to hug as much as I do and wants to hug me upon greeting and leavetaking at the very least. I have so much love and affection to give. Somehow I believe it will all work out with my husband and friends with honest communication, tenderness, and boundaries.

  • @nurturingman ~ That's lovely! 💗

  • I love to cuddle and became a professional so that I cuddle with people and make them feel comfortable and relaxed

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